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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 2,936/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Rainbow Pride *
58938,081 / 1,303,164
Scatterbug335 / 37
Scatterbug317 / 37

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About Me


(That is suppose to be the gender neutral icon, but it doesn't show up on this color.)

I'm kinda quiet and don't talk too much. I'm mainly just collecting things on here.

(Yeah, I took the quiz. I was curious. Actually it was a bit more accurate than I thought it would be.)

I've only played the old games.

If you don't like the group of people that an event celebrates, just don't participate in it. Let the people who enjoy the event enjoy it without having to deal with meaningless whining.

My time zone is about five hours behind PokeHeroes time. When it is midnight on server time, it is 8 pm in my time.

Some Pokemon I Like

Emera Only


Some Pokemon I Like


Canon Pokemon


Game Records

Trainer ID: #901580087
Registration: 19/12/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 715:49 Hours
Total interactions: 735,565
Money: 252,217
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I may not check my trades as much for less valuable Pokemon or may accept less than I ask for since I'm not good at pricing, but I'm not stupid enough to fall for any tricks that people try to fleece me out of something more valuable for almost nothing. Gloweon is not worth an Exploud alone, and Purrloin is not worth $3000 pokedollars. When I put up a trade for Pharraloin, I will notice if you try to give me Purrloin in its place. I'm not that stupid.

Yesterday, 23:150 comments
I also ended up simply ending the trade bid thing with Gloweon and accepted the only offer that qualified so far. If people actually read, it wouldn't be such a headache a do trades.

Yesterday, 22:580 comments
I am buying. Uncommon events (any evo stage and gender is fine): Snowling, Nightmare Munna, Sad / Jolly Jr., Festival Ralts, Dirndltank, Driflamp, Sandwebble, Clawfa, Princess Smoochum, Zomppet, Gomaseel, Dr. Crazee, Ferrerocoal, Mikofoo, Pumple, Rudolph, Zombeagle, Easter Skaloth, Flirty Minun / Plusle, Hippopotain, Tendenne. Common events: Pharraloin.

Yesterday, 22:560 comments
Gods, people! Give me what I ask for and not random lab Pokemon! I want an event Pokemon on my event buying trades and not their non-event counterpart! Don't try to give me Purloin when I want the Cleopatra cat! Ok, I'm taking down my trade threads. If you want to sell me an event Pokemon, message me.

Yesterday, 22:540 comments
It amazes me sometimes how people can't take directions at all. I ask for a min bid of $2500 for Gloweon, and someone tries to give me a random lab Pokemon without any kind of bid. It sometimes gets annoying.

Yesterday, 22:520 comments
I put up some trades to buy common (I'm only missing one evo line) and uncommon event Pokemon.

Yesterday, 22:440 comments
I put Gloweon up for trade for pokedollar since people keep on trying to give me Pokemon from an evo line that I already have. I will check on the offers tomorrow.

Yesterday, 22:190 comments
People keep on trying to offer me Pokemon from an event evo line that I already have (happened around 3 - 5 times already) for the Gloweon in GTS. I may just end up selling it for pokedollars since this isn't getting me anywhere.

1 Day ago0 comments
It cost around $106,000 to get a chain of 40 in the Safari Zone this time. I hope it doesn't take too long to find the shiny.

1 Day ago0 comments
I finally got a chain of 40 Vivillion in the Safari Zone.

1 Day ago0 comments
I've figured out that what level Oak's Pokemon ends at may not be as random as I thought it was. So next time I'll know what level I need to get Rowan's Wailord up to. (And how many rare candies I'll need.)

2 Days ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 23 Seconds ago. Congratulations! A shiny Scatterbug hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #50)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

2 Days ago0 comments
I can at least get the relic statue part of the crown trade done.

2 Days ago0 comments
My Pokemon love Nebula Stones right now. I'm getting another.

2 Days ago0 comments
I ask for an event from an evo line that I don't have, and people have been trying to give me stuff I already have. I tried to put in a list of the evo lines that I don't have, but I hit the word limit before I could finish it...

2 Days ago0 comments
I put some Alolan and Safari Zone only Vivillion, along with a couple of a bit more valuable Pokemon, into GTS. At least the Alolan Raticates I'll probably release in a few days if nobody shows any interest in them.

3 Days ago0 comments
If you don't count the shinies, Emera Pokemon, and retros, I seem to be missing only about 100 from my Pokedex.

4 Days ago0 comments
I got Rowan's Wailord again.

4 Days ago2 comments
I got a hard rock from a mystery box.

4 Days ago0 comments
I've finished my non-shiny Cosmog set.

5 Days ago1 comment

Shiny Hunt

Nightstooth is currently hunting Scatterbug.
Hunt started: 13/10/2018

Chain: 37
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Unofficial Shiny Hunts

Since there are no shiny chaining for these, it can't be an official shiny hunt like above.

Missing shiny plushies (and missing plushies in general)



Meloetta 0/2

Safari Zone - Vivillion sandstorm (Shiny has a white body.)
Vivillions: 1/17
Rotoms: 0/9

Game Center Pokemon
Hoopa 0/2 (I've lost track of what number I'm at.)
Concentration Game: 1/5
Prize Exchange: 0/4
Lottery: 0/1

Route 53 Pokemon
Full evo lines: 0/14

Fishing Pokemon
Full evo lines: 2 /35

Royal Tunnel 0/4




It is less of a diary and more of my notes for myself and guides. (Please don't comment on my diary thread.)

Buying, Selling, and Trading Guide
(These links only seem to load the thead itself instead of going directly to the post so you may have to scroll to find it. And please don't post on my diary thread. Message me instead.)

Buying / Selling / Trading
My store of sorts. What I'm looking to buy / sell / trade.

I am trying to get him into ranklist for level:

My Rowan quest: Wailord in my party.


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