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About Me

Nezumi | 22 | | she/her | rat mother | agnostic | <3


Avatar by PkMoon.

Art Commissions

1. Finish reference sheet for Draconifaux
2. LeChatBox - free custom Draconifaux - not started
3. Pengu - free custom Draconifaux - not started
4. Muse - free custom Draconifaux - finished
5. Noir - free custom Draconifaux - not started
6. AuroraNightshade - free custom Draconifaux - finished
7. Emil- - free custom Draconifaux - not started
8. Denied - free custom Draconifaux - not started
9. Liirah - free custom Draconifaux - not started
10. Crys - free custom Draconifaux - not started
11. Hibiki - free custom Draconifaux - not started
12. Tapioca - free custom Draconifaux - not started


13. Xylophone - Fey - lines started / on hold
14. StarChild - Sylveon Shaymin - on hold

Prized Pokemon

[center]Proud owner of the first OS Lycanroc (Midday), shiny Rockruff, shiny Lycanroc (Midday), shiny Shadow Mewtwo, and Retro Rattata

Charcoal is not and never will be for sale, so don't even ask. The same goes for o look its me, Sapphire, and Kyanite. The only Pok

Quest to get Closed Species

I want a Jolleraptor, but they are heckin' expensive. I'm hoping to keep a record of my efforts to obtain one here~

Goal Traits (and Rarity/Price):
Neck Fur: Leo (Common)
Tail: Long Scruff (Common) or Rat (Rare - add 3000 Points)
Horns: (Short) Unicorn or Icicle (Uncommon - add 2000 Points)
Ears: Dragon (Uncommon - add 2000 Points) or Long Mouse (Rare - add 3000 Points)
Smoke/Eyes: Colored (Uncommon - add 2000 Points) or Glitter (Rare - add 3000 Points) or Chromatic Glitter (Epic - add 5000 Points) / Pond (Common) or Form (Star) (Rare - add 3000 Points)
Perks: Small Wings (Epic - add 5000 Points)

Total Points Needed for Dream Jolleraptor:
Minimum Price ~ Full Uncommon - 20000 Points (Leo, Long Scruff, Dragon, Colored/Pond) = 20000 Points
Maximum Price ~ Full Rare - 32000 Points + Chromatic Glitter 5000 Points + Small Wings 5000 Points (Leo, Rat, Long Mouse, Chromatic Glitter/Form (Star), Small Wings) = 42000

I'm not completely sure I did this right, so if it turns out I didn't, I'll update this to be more accurate.

Working to get myself a Katragoon~
Goal Traits (and Rarity/Price):
-to be updated when i decide-

Total Points Needed for Dream Jolleraptor:

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #661610071
Registration: 28/12/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 18/May/2019
Game Time: 2399:58 Hours
Total interactions: 746,660
Money: 1,093,123
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


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oh o: I only sent in a shiny Charizard ^^;

3 Days ago2 comments
i didnt know it was possible to get nothing in a christmas gift .-.,

4 Days ago4 comments
gots me a new nimbei owo

i'm becoming a hoarder

5 Days ago1 comment
im so sad i missed a day orz

i was even online last night. i forget what the task was, but i was like, i can do it later

never happened

7 Days ago4 comments
pastel rainbows + edgy = nezumi

8 Days ago3 comments
Hm... I wonder who my favorite Pokemon might be...

*stares at my party*

10 Days ago5 comments
MAAAAAAAAN a shiny and a mega... in the same party >^<

10 Days ago3 comments
i want to host an art contest, but i dont know what to make the prizes so that people would actually want to participate

11 Days ago2 comments
omg im going to get my jolleraptor in two days
im going to explode

11 Days ago0 comments
If you could spend one day with any celebrity (this includes YouTube/Twitch/Misc Online Content Creators), who would you pick and what would you guys do together?

13 Days ago3 comments
If you pay for your own internet, how much do you pay and which company do you use?

I'm likely going to be getting my own place within a few months and so I've started gathering lists of things i'll need to buy and one thing is an internet connection.

14 Days ago5 comments

Probably getting a year premium, but it wouldn't have been possible without my amazing friend Pengu!

14 Days ago0 comments
i'm looking to commission some artists, so if you have/know someone who has an art shop, link it? <3

15 Days ago0 comments
Have you watched Aggretsuko yet?

If yes: I love you.
If no: You're doing life wrong.

16 Days ago4 comments
My little brother's favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone. He gets emotional at the end because one time he was so mad at my mom that he told her that he doesn't love her, so towards the end it reminds him of that and he feels horrible all over again.

18 Days ago0 comments
guys i'm screaming

look at my new gorgeous beautiful precious bean child

let me throw PD at you for art of her hng

19 Days ago0 comments
I feel like designing some characters. Going to use F2U bases from DA most likely because I suck at drawing people. Or I could use the base I made.. hmm

Comment an aesthetic you want to see?

19 Days ago1 comment
So, I just saw Ralph Breaks the Internet and I LOVED it! I thought it was very funny. I also have a fan art idea, but I don't want to spoil anything, so that'll be in the comments.

19 Days ago2 comments
I have a Jolleraptor up for swap! Only looking for other Jolleraptors! PalPad me if you're at all interested.

20 Days ago2 comments
Anyone able to lend me 10 DA points? xD I can pay you back as soon as I finish two commissions, but the adopt I want won't be held for long

21 Days ago1 comment

Shiny Hunt

Nezumi is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 29/05/2018

Chain: 1,224
(24 Shinies hatched so far.)



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