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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 74/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,3579,059,288 / 20,841,774
Lurantis46547 / 6,487
Lurantis432,933 / 5,677
Lurantis402,282 / 4,921
Fomantis12346 / 469

Note to Self

Save money, plz.
This is serious matter.
Your monthly diet can't be always rice.

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Mikleo is currently hunting Fomantis.
Hunt started: 23/12/2018

Chain: 165


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Trainer ID: #151931111
Registration: 02/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 2353:04 Hours
Total interactions: 224,907
Money: 17,471,158
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Looks promising to far!
He just came, leave his clothes and a few things and sleeps tonight here.
Tomorrow on the early morning (i won't even be at home at that hour) he departs to the sea campaign until mid-february.
And he has people searching for a home for him here, he might even just return on february to pick his things up.

9 Days ago1 comment
At the end, he's coming

Thanks for being able to ruin my life even without being near.

10 Days ago1 comment
The best part about my uncle getting a divorce is my mother offering him to use my house without even asking me.
We already discussed this same matter, she can't actually offer the house where I live without asking me.

ME, who lives in the house and sleeps during daytime.
ME, who lives in the house and pays for gas and all the things that are of common use.

Like, he has 4 siblings living here and his mother, it's not like he will be on the streets.
She had just to offer to be the good samaritane and throw my uncle, who is almost a complete stranger to me, into my lifestyle with no leaving date.

*sigh*I love my mom.

18 Days ago0 comments
Me: *stomach growls* I'm hungry.
Also me: Go to the kitchen and make food.
Me: NO, too hungry.
Also me: Make food and you won't be hungry anymore.

20 Days ago1 comment
Me: *gets new year themed Meebo avatar*
Me: *can't think on a new year's pun to make a feed about it*

21 Days ago4 comments
#HappyBirthdayLoketoke Felicidades anciano.
Recuerda incluirme para llevarme la mayor parte de la herencia (puedes dejarle las deudas a los demás) e ir empezando a ver solares en los que pueda haber obras para ver durante tu jubilación.

21 Days ago2 comments
So... they made a sweet sweet song for pokémon Let's GO
It gave me cavities, Japan stahp

25 Days ago0 comments
*cries* (Writting Stuff)
After 3 years, I've finally come with an actual title for my "Project Keera", this project is now called "What we saw at the end of the World"

I'm feeling like a proud mom, this story that laid abandoned on the back of my mind made a serious comeback on the last weeks and quickly changed from an idea I had to an idea I'm willing to actually write.

27 Days ago1 comment
"Never played the videogame but I ship X with X really hard.
This dude just keeps looking for fanfiction when it's bored.
I've read this fic like 20 times."
~The FBI agent associated to my computer.

30 Days ago0 comments
An accurate resume of Fire Emblem Heroes book 3.

Hardcore animated video with hardcore music.

King Gustav: Hey, is the Alfonse brothers!
Sharena: Father, why you never remember my name?
King Gustav: I am sorry, female Alfonse.

1 Month ago1 comment
*checks clock*
Exactly one year ago I was hanging downhead on a overturned car.
After a +120kph crash with 3 rollover in the middle of nowhere.
My whole body beaten by the impact and my weight and seatbelt trying to suffocate me to finish the job.

Kinda fearing that when I wake up in the morning I will get the "Your one year free subscription to Life has expired, please register to continue using your living benefits"

1 Month ago0 comments
*puts amiibo to play on smash for training*

Robin: It has been a while, my nemesis...
Lucina: It sure has been...
Corrin: Sup girls? Wanna bully the newbie?
Chrom: ...

1 Month ago2 comments
Me: *unwraps the Smash Ultimate Limited Edition*
Me: *puts the game on the console, updates it and start*
Persona Dancing Endless Collection: *arrives*

1 Month ago0 comments
My favorite thing about tv-series, films, etc is when involves timetravel.
If they're going to the past, there is a 90% chance they meet one or two of their parents.
(restant 10% is when they travel to crusaders time or prehistoric)

And then they go like "I'm [protagonist name], I came from really far away"
And then, their future father/mother goes like "[protagonist name], I like it, I should use it on my future child"

1 Month ago1 comment
Me: "Christmas should be banned as it promotes consumism".

Also me: *crying because I suck at gift-wrapping and everyone that receives a package from me should feel personally attacked*

1 Month ago1 comment
Me: Wait for it.

Me: Wait for it.

Me: Wait for it....

Me: NOW!!

Chestnuts are on their best price rigth now, nobody wants them anymore and the supermarkets have a lot of stock they need to get rid of.

1 Month ago2 comments
(Regarding last feed)

At the end I choose both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Nier + a micro SD for my Switch.

I'm picking The Witcher and Octopath Traveller or TWEWY on my birthday in a few months.

The ones I've already played (Okami, Child of Light and WOFF) will have to wait a bit until I find a good offer for them or I get enough golden points on the switch since the three are digital only.

1 Month ago0 comments
So, I got more money than expected for christmas at work.
I'm planning to get an extra videogame (besides smash) for this month.
But I'm unsure of which one. Care to help?

Nier (ps3)
Loved Automata too much, I want to play the original one. But I'm a bit unsecure if I'm going to like or if something is going to make me unable to enjoy it.

The World Ends With You (switch)
Haven't played the ds one for longer than 8 hours, people complains too much about the controls but love the game story.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima (switch)
Already played the normal one on ps4, I want the switch version to prevent the downloadeable content to saturate my ps4 memory.

Octopath Traveller (switch)
People praise it way too much, trailers seemed interesting, but I'm not really a friend of the graphics or the whole "play it again x8" parts.


1 Month ago10 comments
Me x My favorite Choices books as reaction gifs
(In case you don't know is a phone app)

The Crown and the Flame: Beginning of it - From the next chapters to the end
It Lives in the Woods: How I was told it was - How the last chapters felt
Endless Summer: What I tought seeing the book cover - But then - At the end

1 Month ago1 comment

Meebo's Wonderland

I DON'T give away/sell my things unless I'm offering them, don't even ask if I'm not doing so

27yo from Spain, will fite you if need, shy AF, tells bad jokes, loves drama too much, Agender (sometimes feels genderfluid), asexual, aromantic aromatic and automatic, identifies itself as plant.
But stills too gay for this world...

I don't care about gender stereotypes, feel free to call me sis or dude if you want
Server time +1
Totally a Tales of/Final Fantasy freak

Registered user #69, any other username that Isn't Mikleo is temporal until I can change it back.

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(Not all my "First on site" pok


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May the might umbrella of the magnificent Edna Ojou-sama shields you from the other impure Sorey (or Mikleo) based ships.

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