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Trainerlevel: 23

Trainerpoints: 1,110/1,609


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Pyroar445,131 / 5,895
Garbodor402,144 / 4,921
Furret241,796 / 1,801

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My lil bro —> Omar123


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #294766959
Registration: 04/03/2018 (4 Months ago)
Game Time: 248:40 Hours
Total interactions: 55,754
Money: 83,367
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I only need 8 more kanto Pokémon!

11 Days ago5 comments
Can someone help me because I really need a happiny with a oval stone or a chansey. Please pal pad or pm or comment if you want to offer.

13 Days ago0 comments
By: Sebastiann
To be an ironic waste of space (and because my boyfriend said I wouldn't make this post)
Share it to enter, ends June 30, 2018 at reset
1- 200 Nuggets and a Shiny Heracross
2- 50k PD and a Shiny Heracross
3- Shiny Heracross
[Please Click Here To Share ]

16 Days ago0 comments
By Moone
Hmm.. I should do a hashtag giveaway... to spread the love >w<

Share the hashtag #ItsJokeBuuBuuDesuWaSmolDemon (I'm in idol heaven right now, as you can see x'D) and you'll get a chance to win...

1st Place: 115 nuggets!
2nd Place: 150k PD!
3rd Place: 50 nuggets and 50k PD!

and... for a 4th Place... a Shiny Aerodactyl and a Mega-Able Buneary! ^w^

This will end on June 30th, at reset! So, one day! Good luck everyone!

16 Days ago0 comments
Can someone help me I really need new Kant Dex Entries so if someone give me a onix, meowth or persain I will pay 2k-3k each

16 Days ago6 comments
Why do people say bump at those shop threads?

19 Days ago6 comments
By kamehameha
hey giveaway time
post #EmoAllmight to get a chance to win a shiny houndoom, shiny absol and shiny delphox this will end tomorrow at reset

20 Days ago0 comments
By arkidog
Hey it’s your friendly neighborhood dog here
I’m starting a giveaway
To enter, share the hashtag


I will be choosing 3 people who share the hashtag to get these prizes

First person will get a:shiny numel
Second person will get a: shiny gengar
Third person will get a: megable gible

I will choose the 3 people on the 26th
Good luck!

22 Days ago1 comment
I need 7 water gems so I will ask some water gems and if you want to sell your water gems then use this form in the comments


I will make the gts trade in private trade!

23 Days ago2 comments
Plushie exchange? If you want to know what a plushie exchange is then look at my last one. (I am to lazy to write it out)

24 Days ago1 comment
Do you get anything from completing puzzles?

24 Days ago3 comments
Yay it is my b-day! (I thought I was going to get something like this " It is your birthday, here is a special Pokemon!" And the Pokemon was a birthday Pokemon, but there is not so I got sad! )

25 Days ago9 comments

By techno314
Alright, raffle time. I am giving away, you can guess it, 800 nuggets. To enter all you have to do is comment on this post and share it. Today is June 21st 2018 and it will end at 1 PM Central time. Good luck

25 Days ago0 comments
I don't know if this is a good way to get pokedex entries but the egg radar and gem exchange are really helping

26 Days ago2 comments
By a23577



I've sent both Solgaleo and Lunala back to their home region: ALOLA!

Let's see who brings back the most recruits and the best items!

This should pretty much end any arguments about who is better: Solgaleo or Lunala.

Please comment who you think will win.
Please also share this.

1 Sharer and 1 Commenter will each win 1 Dragon Gem.
(Both the sharer and commenter must have voted for the winner or prize goes to another player)

26 Days ago0 comments
By TURBO - 29 Seconds ago.

Raffling out 100 nuggets to a user who feeds the wailord in my party!
Nuggets will be given out on 27th of June!

Ways of getting tickets :-
1. Feed it a berry and provide a proof in my comment box.
2. Interact with it as a guest.
3. Share this feed.
4. Send me a rare candy!

27 Days ago0 comments
How do you evolve Sproutlet?

27 Days ago4 comments
I will be commenting some missing Dexter entries for kanto if you have one or more tell me your offers in pal pad or pm.

28 Days ago2 comments
The first to comment gets a minior plushie (Not Core forms) and second to comment gets a 30dp plushie

28 Days ago2 comments


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