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Trainer ID: #197590014
Registration: 13/11/2013 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1016:07 Hours
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Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


so i adopted two rats like 2 months ago and i named them Edward and Alphonse (bonus points if you know where that's from kek)
took them to the vet today, Al has like a pre-pneumonia :< my poor bby

3 Days ago8 comments
what username did you meet me as?


---oh wait

7 Days ago5 comments
SO HI. idk anyone anymore rip
to those who dont know me either, i used to be an artist here, yadda yadda. i'm the original plushie artist. !
so ye nice to meet y'all

8 Days ago42 comments
i might start playing again for a bit. owo who knows.

12 Days ago10 comments
my name was mentioned in the same sentence as one of the best artists in Brazil. That means Im officially part of the elite group of artists in the whole country :'D NOW ONWARD TO BEING PART OF THE ELITE ANIMATORS

8 Months ago6 comments
Dont mind me
Just chillin in barnes and noble with kasu and kit
3 nerds doing their nerd thing

11 Months ago7 comments
welp, i officially got nothing to do here anymore.
which means, this is farewell. >: i will not be logging into PH again.

if we've talked before, you know how to find me. if you dont... tough luck. :v

thank you for the amazing time ive had here with all of the amazing people. ♥ TCHAU

1 Year ago14 comments
So today I came to a decision.

I'm quitting PH.

I'm not gonna disappear all of a sudden, but I will be showing up less and less. I have things to do and places to be, and PH isn't as appealing to me anymore. I even tried starting something challenging (like the Ditto hunt) to try and get me more interested again, but eeeeh. It's just not my priority right now.
I could go on and on about why I decided to quit, but it's really nobody's business. :v [...]

1 Year ago27 comments
1pm: ill just watch one episode of that one series and get to work at 2
2:05: dang its already past two and i havent done anything. ill just watch one more then and start at 3:30
3:47: oh oops i guess it wont hurt to watch one more. i know ill watch more so ill start at 6pm
4am: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1 Year ago7 comments
okay my brain just thought of a pun and i had to share this with the world

Etch Sketchum, from the city of Palette

*ba dum tss*

2 Years ago16 comments
i gotta work on somethinggg and i need suggestions because i was up all night again and i cant think properly.

SO. gimme 3 words, preferably unrelated to each other :v for example "fish", "paintbrush", "glasses".
(you guys can gimme as many as you want, just put 3 words per line/comment please)


2 Years ago26 comments
Omg i have a shiny artist banner ;A; <33333 I COULD STARE AT THIS ALL DAY

3 Years ago13 comments
i need book recommendations. does anyone know a good book? owo im into fantasy stuff.

3 Years ago34 comments



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