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Trainerlevel: 39

Trainerpoints: 3,201/4,601


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,0703,692,160 / 4,093,478

Shiny Hunt

LunaRay is currently hunting Deerling (Spring).
Hunt started: 15/02/2019

Chain: 42

Goals + Shiny Log

-This may take months, maybe years(I’m betting towards the years)
-Aspire to complete a normal Pokémon Pokédex
-never all Shinies, Megas, Shiny-Megas
- meh the Shinies
- geh the Mega Pokémon
- feh the shiny megas
- but exceptions can be made for some Shinies
*1.29.2019. next time I hit 500K PD, buy Garden 3. 2.14.2019 bought
- all normal(non-event) Berries in Berry Garden to Max level(100) 1/63

Shiny Chain hatches:
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11.24.2018 - 12.06.2018 : Finneon -> Lumineon(Ombré Brûlée Ice CreamOmbre Brulee Ice Cream). Chain 184
12.06.2018 - 12.16.2018 : Finneon(Blood Orange Ice Cream). Chain 131
12.17.2018- 12.24.2018 : Lickitung -> Lickilicky(Pink Lemonade IceCream). Chain 74
12.24.2018 One week premium account
12.24.2018 - 12.24.2018 : Lickitung(Lemon Custard IceCream). Chain 83
*for Deerling Sawsbuck names, 1st/2nd month for Sawsbuck. 2nd/3rd month for Deerling
12.24.2018 - 1.02.2019 : Deerling (Autumn) -> Sawsbuck (Autumn). Chain 97. Name: Septober
1.03.2019 - 1.05.2019 : Deerling (Autumn). Chain 20. Name: Octvember
1.05.2019 - 1.17.2019 : Deerling (Winter) -> Sawsbuck (Winter). Chain 83. Name: Decembary
1.18.2019 - 1.25.2019 : Deerling (Winter). Chain 68. Name: Janbruary
1.26.2019 - 1.31.2019 : Deerling (Summer) -> Sawsbuck (Summer). Chain: 41. Name: (Jun Zhu Lai)
2.01.2019 - 2.10.2019 : Deerling (Summer). Chain: 81. Name: (Zhu Lia (Julia) Gust)
2.15.2019 - xxx : Deerling (Spring) -> Sawsbuck (Spring). Chain: xx. Name: Aprimay
xxx - yyy : Deerling (Spring). Chain: yy. Name: Marpril
Future Shiny Goals:
?All 17 Shiny Castform Formes?
Cherubi, Cherrim norm + Sunny
Wingull, Pelipper
Zangoose, Seviper
Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein
Relicanth (potential name: Moldy Cheese)
Just Mothim
Pyroar, male and female
Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash (Fallen Knights)
*find a “regal eagle”


Collecting Shuppet (20 DP) , Joltik (20 DP) and Cubchoo (30 DP) Plushies~

Claim DP

For Ditto + its Eggdex
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LF Normal Gems 1000 PD each
297/10.000 so far away... *cries*

For all 3 of the Legendary Birbs Eggdex
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LF Flying Gems 500 PD each

LF Ice Gems 500 PD each

LF Electric Gems 500 PD each

LF Fire Gems 500 PD each


Pokézodiacs + Etc.


the images in the above and below spoilers don't show up all the time. this bugs meeeee
How I'm feeling:
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Good day:

Normal day:

Bad day:

They couldn’t have done a boar themed event? It’s the year of the pig; so many things could’ve been done: maybe event-ified Spoink and Grumpig. Or for a more general Chinese New Year thing: Litleo and Pyroar(for Chinese Lion Dances)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #694981260
Registration: 09/03/2018 (11 Months ago)
Game Time: 589:26 Hours
Total interactions: 398,866
Money: 154,009
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Yesterday, 16:39
Holy why why is the GTS filled with the same exact trade ???
Yesterday, 14:52
Yesterday, 14:28
Gahhhh. 99/100 Giratina thingymagoos...... that last one barely even showed up for the last 15 seconds!
1 Day ago
Hehe, tho my suspicions have already been confirmed, this makes me laugh: check the url lol
1 Day ago
...when will I get another Rowan task? I did a level up a Pokémon to beat Oak one, I did a hatch x many Eggs one. That’s two, but Rowan isn’t giving me any more? It’s been weeks
2 Days ago
Haha, is the new update based off of the Pokémon:Magikarp Jump app??
3 Days ago
Haaaaaaa. I just need one more darn Shellder!
3 Days ago
Nooooo. I was on the last Giratina tapping mini game at 97/100 noooooooooooooooooooooo
3 Days ago
You being here today means you made it through yesterday. You’re here and you’re here to stay.
Remember that
3 Days ago
New hunt started. Daycare full of eggs. Warm my party eggs!
3 Days ago
Daaaaaang. I’m stocking the Tall Grass for my next hunt by letting Daycare Eggs run out of time. 28eggs in the Daycare currently lol
4 Days ago
6 Days ago
7 hours
8 Days ago
Omg I saw a Butterfree in the Auction House holding a Nebula Stone. I seriously thought that it was mega-able. Sure, the circular icon was on the wrong side, but it confused me so much
13 Days ago
14 Days ago
By arkidog - 27 Minutes and 29 Seconds ago.
another giveaway bc yes
share the hashtag #kokichineedsmoreheadpats
for a chance to win either a shiny zebstrika or a shiny midnight lycanroc
2 winners will be picked tomorrow at reset
14 Days ago
Poo, I was watching this auction... for SO LONG. And then in the final minutes I was away from my device... and I missed it. *cries*
15 Days ago

About Me

Student / 18 years old / CompetitiveCasual MMORPG Gamer / Major plan: Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) / Chinese-Japanese-American / Otaku + Fujoshi / Certified Lifeguard / Chicago, USA / Foodie (I wish to one day be able to eat a lot of Malasadas or be able to make my own or find someone who can, and I will love them forever)

I love Pokémon. I love games. I’ve played a ton of the Pokémon games. I enjoy anime, manga, manhua, manhwa, light novels, fanfics(mostly BL as I’m a proud fujoshi who teasingly ships her guy friends), etc. Obviously I’m an avid reader...
I love Asian food: rice...sushi...uhhh more rice.....I love food in general. I’m not picky at all. I absolutely love spicy food.

I'm on PokeHeroes a lot kind of.
I don't accept random friend requests.
I do block backs.
I like to chat sometimes unless I'm doing something.
My palpad is almost always open if you'd like to chat / talk.
Don't ask for my stuff. Unless for an equal/fair trade/if I’m willing.
I’m willing to let others borrow Pokémon for Pokédex completion only if I get to hold onto one of their important Pokémon, ie, Shinies, Megas, Legendaries, etc, and I’ll return them when I get my Pokémon back.
I don't unblock people.
I am a firm believer that although Pokémon are amazing, they do not belong in the real world. If we ever want to see real Pokémon, we need to travel to the Pokémon world.

Trainer Card + Berry Market ad

~Dream Team~

Interact with my Starter Pokémon! Skipper!


My younger sister also plays this game. Her name is SuzumeAkuraito. She’s an adorable little birb. Call her Suzu or Aku if you’re familiar with her.

Eevee: Jolly and Naive
Vaporeon: Bold and Modest
Jolteon: Timid and Hasty
Flareon: Adamant and Calm
Espeon: Modest and Mild
Umbreon: Impish and Relaxed
Leafeon: Lax and Impish
Glaceon: Quiet and Calm
Sylveon: Timid and Modest