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Trainerlevel: 17

Trainerpoints: 57/883

Game Records

Trainer ID: #694981260
Registration: 09/03/2018 (1 Month ago)
Game Time: 91:41 Hours
Total interactions: 43,598
Money: 86,193
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I don’t know what got over me. I just blew 100 K worth of game chips. I lost it all in a gambling fever. I lost some, and then I tried to get it back, but I just kept losing game chips. I’m really upset now.

Today, 05:280 comments
Take the chance to win Ditto, Articuno or Zapdos
For more Information please check: Ditto Lottery
Get 1 Ticket for sharing <3

1 Mystery Key / Box = 15 Tickets
1 Fossil = 15 Tickets
50 Nuggets = 75 Tickets
Maps = 200 up to 650 Tickets

1 Day ago0 comments
Hatch my Eggs. They are cluttering my Party. Interaction Exchange pls

4 Days ago2 comments
Hello everyone! I want to do a small giveaway just because IDK so here are the prizes:

1st Light Stone

2nd Shiny Riolu

3rd Wreafki

Way to enter is just to share

Good Luck! I'm very happy with this share it!
P.S. This giveaway will end on the 20th of April

Also so i can see the people who shared #IDKYbutimdoingagiveaway
||{||{[Share it Button!!!!]}||}||

6 Days ago0 comments
Can you breed 2 gender-neutral non-legendary Pokémon together? Ie, 2 Electrode

6 Days ago0 comments
By Solaire

Hello, all!

I have decided to shiny hunt Zekrom, and in return, I am setting up a HUGE raffle with nearly 8.5 million PD worth of rare Pokémon up for grabs (this includes a Ditto and an Articuno in the mix!).

I have set up a page for this shiny hunt and raffle. You can find all information regarding my hunt on this page here!

Sharing this working post is also worth 2 tickets for the raffle (you can find a working version on the shiny hunt page, at the very bottom of the first feed). So get to sharing! ^-^

We are currently 5 Dark Stones away from the next prize!

See y'all around!

10 Days ago0 comments
By GTS -
quartztheriolu has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Karrablast <=> Shelmet
....why did they not evolve?

10 Days ago1 comment
By 3vilwolf -
I've decided to extend the prizes for the #DragoPlushies contest!
Not only will you win a SHINY MAWILE, but you will also win a SHINY RIOLU and 75K PD!!!
Make sure to share THIS post to enter this giveaway with the #DragoPlushies and make sure you give me a plushie I don't own yet in order to enter!!
Anyone who shared the last post is still in, so don't worry about that! Just share this one from now on!
The announcement date has also been extended, TOMORROW'S reset I will announce the winners!

Good luck!

10 Days ago0 comments
By ~Nightmarewolf~
to enter send me a ghost plushie 50 tickets per dp spent
each entrant will get a plushie they want up to 50 dp for every 5 plushies sent
please put #ghostforme in the message box so i know its for the raffle
1 shiny retro ducklett
2 retro ducklett with a mespirit egg voucher attached
3 lugia egg voucher plus 5 random plushies

11 Days ago0 comments
By Lannister
I am looking to buy Fighting Gems
Paying: 500 PD each
Help a man in his quest for a Shiny Mega Lucario. And share this feed please

15 Days ago0 comments
Sign the Petition: Let’s get this to 100 signs (Shares)

I just realized that the Egyptian flag isn’t in the Country Settings, as an Egyptian I felt hurt by this, as I saw other flags which I’ve never seen before that are on it!

Share it! Let are voices be heard!! ||{[Share it Button]}||

15 Days ago1 comment
By dcas:

To celebrate and appreciate the vawwidity of woom, we will be holding a raffle
Special thanks to Tidepod for the donations //eyes


Make a feed with #woomyourevawwid in it
Only one feed from each user will be counted

Winner will be chosen via RNG next reset
Prize: 10 dragon gems, 10 rare candies, 5 star pieces, and any 3 shinies from this box

good luck!

16 Days ago0 comments
By Great_Days
It's oficially my birthday! So I want to prepare something for you all, guys :p

The thing is, I was searching in the internet, and I found out a few hilarious memes I won't be able to forget from now x'D, so my day started quite good :'D.

I want you to send me a meme. Anything is valid, if you find it funny/interesting or just curious, don't hesitate to send it to me! You will enter in the raffle just with that. It can be an image/gif, video or audio. The winners will be taken randomly.

There will be 3 prizes, given out in a random order:
- 1,000,000 PD
- Shiny Easter Slaking
- Shiny Jesterig

Everyone will have the same chances of winning a prize. You can double your chances by sharing the hashtag #GreatsBirthdaysMemes (how original xD)

17 Days ago0 comments
Wow. I just reached Level 15 and the Royal Tunnel is INSANELY FUN. Honestly. I love Pokémon and riddles

17 Days ago1 comment
Does anyone know what the differnt Ducklett Event Milestones are?

18 Days ago8 comments
What is the highest Ducklett Event milestone someone has gotten today?

18 Days ago2 comments
Now that I have a crepe ton of money from interacting to get Ducklett feathers....I can actually decently afford to dump pairs of Pokémon in the Daycare to get Eggs...also with this 3x interaction thing is very helpful for hatching them quick and getting them out of my Party

18 Days ago0 comments



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