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Trainerlevel: 92

Trainerpoints: 14,124/25,483


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Sunkern16486 / 585
Sunkern16348 / 585
Sunkern15422 / 500
15179 / 500
Sunkern16465 / 585

Shiny Hunt

-Oddy is currently hunting Sunkern.
Hunt started: 01/10/2018

Chain: 405
(7 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

Ethan | K-Pop Lover | Spriter |

Hiya! I go by Ethan, Oddy, Kono and Light, but feel free to call me anything you think suites me! I'm a MAJOR k-pop fan (I stan a whopping 14 groups!), my faves being NCT, BTS and Stray Kids. Feel free to send me a message anytime, I don't bite and I need friends lmao

I wanna be like him, I’m jealous, yes I’m jealous, yes I am, I wish I was half of half of him
So funny, so funny, it’s so funny how I compare myself with others
I keep looking at others and then I look at myself, seems like they’re all better than me
Why? Why? I keep looking without knowing

Notes To Self

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2 Shiny Sunkern for me
2 Shiny Sunkern for Mimi
2 Shiny Sunkern for Zarkesh
1 Shiny Sunkern for Mafia

21/150 for Volcanion


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KiRa~ 3 Days ago
Mimi 5 Days ago
Mimi 5 Days ago
Lady_Litwick 17 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #734959577
Registration: 13/12/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Nov/2018
Game Time: 2967:03 Hours
Total interactions: 4,930,996
Money: 1,102,138
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Wtf I just had 14 eggs on dayce, I go and claim 5 and then it lags alot when I try to get the next one. A few minutes later I notice I have 5 eggs on my party and go like ?????, then get another egg and there are now 5 eggs on daycare? Sounds legit

Today, 18:031 comment
Aaaaah is there any artist who can make me a halloween avatar with Ethan? ;o I can pay in PD, Nuggets (Only if I REALLY like your style), Gems, Summons/Maps and more ;D Please pal pad me and we can discuss!

2 Days ago4 comments
Your Mentor Level: 2

Finally *o* Special thanks to Teapout, I got most of the points I have thanks to her ;-;

11 Days ago1 comment
4 of my eggs literally appearead on index page one after another lmao

17 Days ago4 comments
#MarkHasPD Surely Boku No Hero Academia ;D Also, please don't count me in the contest, I just wanted to share my favorite anime lol

17 Days ago0 comments
Idk if anyone remembers this but a few months ago I did a try-to-trigger-me challenge. I wanna do it again but this time make it bigger, with bigger prizes. What prizes would people be interested in? Also, should there be a prize for the ones that triggers me the most or that and a few random ones? Also, should there be a hasthag this time around? I'd really love to hear people's ideas on this ;D

20 Days ago3 comments
New avatar, matching with Mimi again <3

26 Days ago5 comments
For all the ARMYs out there, here's J-Hope's mixtape

I'm melting

7 Months ago4 comments
By PokéRadar - 2 Minutes and 9 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Woopice hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #75)!

And after a minute

By PokéRadar - 5 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Woopice hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #76)!


7 Months ago4 comments
Rip Pokemon Shuffle
It's been a great ride, but the game is close to it's end. There is now an automated cycle for event stages and the main stages are now finished.
Hope to play its successor if and when it comes

8 Months ago3 comments
Matching avatars with her <3

8 Months ago3 comments
Guess whose birthday it is

8 Months ago14 comments
Confession: Sometimes I'm so shy to comment on a feed/make a feed that I write the whole thing and then I erase it because I'm too insecure to post it

9 Months ago5 comments
Happy New Year everyone, although I'm... kind of late xD

Also my last feed's contest is still running

9 Months ago1 comment
Here's a challenge: Try to trigger me.

The one who succeeds (or the one who triggers me the most) will get 50k and a Shiny Gastly ;D

9 Months ago35 comments
I'd like to ask, what's the difference between bisexual and pansexual? :o

9 Months ago5 comments

5 Krabby
1 Shellos
1 Foongus
53 Gastly
1 Rattata
1 Ponyta
1 Pichu
6 Squirtle
2 Charmander
2 Bonsly
21 Magikarp
2 Smeargle
4 Panpour
3 Slowpoke
1 Messenger Fletchling (Chain #4, yay ;D)
1 Fletchling
3 Ekans
2 Tympole
3 Magby
8 Mimikyu
3 Popplio
2 Tentacool
Total: 126

Wow that's a long list, sorry for that ^^'

9 Months ago10 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Krabby hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #133)!

Yay, 3/5 ;D

9 Months ago0 comments
I wanna sprite so comment two pokemon I can fuse

9 Months ago10 comments

matching w/ Mimi


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