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Trainerlevel: 82

Trainerpoints: 16,050/20,253


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Shiny Hunt

Klepto is currently hunting Easter Buneary.
Hunt started: 17/07/2018

Chain: 168
(6 Shinies hatched so far.)


About Me

[.:Current Goal:.]
25/30 egg storage - always looking for pd
10/19 Shiny Vivillon

Any lake trio vouchers - palpad me if selling
Passively collecting - light rocks [31/?]


Game Records

Trainer ID: #734089527
Registration: 04/11/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 11/Nov/2018
Game Time: 2785:02 Hours
Total interactions: 4,461,044
Money: 682,454
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


if anyone wants to see new event palpad me tho will be slow responces

3 Days ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Easter Buneary hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #157)!

7 Days ago0 comments
just occured to me XD today i had cake for breakfast lunch and after dinner XD

7 Days ago0 comments
By Professor_Mac

Hello everyone. I decided to give away 2000 nuggets to one random person.
So, if you want to be that person, all you have to do is share this.

8 Days ago0 comments
By Ayase - 37 Minutes and 25 Seconds ago.
Buying Nuggets!

Since this stupid shiny mega isn't popping up any time soon ¬¬

Buying Nuggets at 1,500 PD each!

Also selling male combee (x4) for 170 nuggets each!

12 Days ago0 comments
Thanks thanks for all the support on the suggestion so far ^^ dont recall the last time i seen so many votes on a suggestion aiming for atleast 100 ^^ only 33 more to go

1 Month ago1 comment
o.o i wonder who didnt understand my suggestion i know i can be very confusing with my words at times :s

1 Month ago2 comments
A new suggestion i dont usually post on forums but this would be helpful

1 Month ago2 comments
got my event <3

1 Month ago3 comments
"Total Mentor Reward Points: 1" so we can buy stuff? or ranklist kinda thing?

1 Month ago1 comment
By GetsugaTenshou - 45 Seconds ago.

1) Shiny Darkrai (up in GTS with things i'm looking for)
2) Darkrai (hatched) : @350k pd/233N/7 dragon gems each
3) Vitamins : @5k each
4) Shiny Poke : negotiable (pp)


1) Shiny Retro Mew
2) Maps (Full Moon, Sky, Spooky, Vortex, Marine, Terra)
3) Gems (Dragon, Ice, Fire, Electric, Flying, Rock, Steel, Normal)

Paying in Nuggets

PP/PM me if interested .....

1 Month ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Easter Buneary hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #100)!

First one for sale

1 Month ago1 comment
nothing yesterday then This happens

1 Month ago2 comments
anyone selling lake trio vouchers ^^

1 Month ago0 comments
Thanks Judgement for my new profile picture ^^

1 Month ago3 comments
since when was the friends list limited to 750 o.o

1 Month ago9 comments
interaction exchange please :3

1 Month ago4 comments
First mega able of the chain <3

1 Month ago3 comments


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