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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 1,326/2,913

Game Records

Trainer ID: #992664734
Registration: 07/08/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 06/Aug/2018
Game Time: 258:43 Hours
Total interactions: 95,076
Trainer Battle Stats: 2 won, 13 lost.
Money: 161,279
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


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Hiya! Have you heard about the #AuroraLottery ?
Recently Amilee added new prizes!
You can now win a light stone and a cosmog, a moltres, megas, shinys and much more.
There are also weekly and milestone prizes.
Next Weekly Prize: 21.10. reset
Next Milestone in: 150 nuggets - prize: Poochyena (Retro) + shiny cleffa + 50 random gems
There are many ways to enter so check it out!
you can get 1 ticket a day if you share the hashtag with working links!!

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Also sorry for close feeds but I really need to be serious for a second.

I have anorexia and though I'm recovering (I'm eating more) my mind beats me up constantly, and I'm still at a 'dangerously' low weight.

- On one side, I have my mind telling me I'm ugly and gross and unlovable because I'm fat.
- On the other side, I have my "friends" calling me pathetic and scrawny and ugly because I'm skinny.

Please don't put people down because of their body no matter what. Even though my friends make fun of how skinny I am, it makes me want to eat less because I start looking at myself and feel even uglier. It's incredibly unhelpful and hurtful and detrimental to my recovery, in this case. For people who are naturally skinny or fat, it has to do with their metabolism that they don't really have control over anyway.

Please, please just love yourselves, and spread that love wherever you go~

11 Days ago2 comments
Your Breeding Couple is currently under the effect of the harmonic sound of a flute.
This sound will stop in 44 Minutes and 25 Seconds.

Woah a month flew by holy-

11 Days ago0 comments

I can feel my anxiety spike uppppp

14 Days ago1 comment
Your Gem Cauldron is currently boiling the gems!
It will be finished in 1 day and 23 hours.


15 Days ago1 comment
#AutumnWishes by Clorox

I wish for Fairy gems,,,
To brew up into a mega stone >~<
Going to send -Hau some fire gems hehe

16 Days ago0 comments
So! Sorry for the self-promo, but here are some updates on my Shiny Shop!

- My Mawile hunt is finished. I have some shiny Mawiles I am willing to sell just contact me and strike a deal However, this means the Mawile slots are no longer for sale and have been removed from my shop.

- I have moved onto Combee! Still using the flute combo and a breeding couple that match perfectly~

- Castform has been added to the list of future hunts and you can now purchase slots! Three free slots left!

- ALL SHINY SLOT PRICES HAVE BEEN LOWERED BY AROUND 100K! I didn't have much business so I decided to make it a bit more affordable

If you want to ask me any questions, feel free to PalPad or Private Message me and thank you for your time

18 Days ago0 comments
Can't wait to be done with this Mawile hunt and imma hunt combee~

21 Days ago0 comments
#InteractionExchange pretty please~

23 Days ago1 comment
Tha 20th of september is my birthday and for celebrate I decided to do a raffle!
I'll give 3 shiny slowpokes to one user,some plates to the another user and another usefoul items to random peaple!
The raffle is easy only spread this raffle (if in tghis days I can't hatch my shiny slowpoke n.3 the winner only must wait!)
The rules are easy!
1)Be pacient
2)Don't ask me "What are the random items?"
3)Be kind
4)Don't say me "Please can I win?" if do it u are sure that u don't win!
5)If many peaple join in a raffle I can add different choise to win as mega able or hig level shiny^^
Last choise! Any gift that u want gift'll make me happy

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#ShinySummonRaffle - arvind and Eclips98
Collecting: Maps, Summon Items, Enigma Stone, Resolute Stone, Star Pieces, Gems, Mystery Items, ...
Prizes: Shiny Legends, Ditto, nuggets, ...

New Minigoal [193/1000]
One lucky user will win a Shiny Venusaur

||Share It|| ||More info||

1 Month ago0 comments
By Cyanna

#PDPalooza I counted roughly 200!! (that or I'm really tired rn) so without further ado~
Prizes are now boosted to 1,200,000 PD & 125 nuggets!! If we can get most people who shared the original post to reshare THIS post and keep the hashtag alive I'll boost the PD prize up to 1,300,000 PD!!

1 Month ago0 comments
Just gonna drop my Nintendo 2DS friend code: 3712-2709-9075 add me and drop yours below if you want ^-^

1 Month ago0 comments
New username because ametrine is the prettiest kind of gem~
unlike me

2 Months ago0 comments
Sorry for the close feeds and self promo but I'm still selling slots from my shiny shop!

Current hunt:


Max slots per person: 2 for shiny, 2 for mega-able
Taking gender preferences for an extra 50k
Shiny Price: 300k PD
Mega-able Price: 230k PD
Alternative payment:
• Mega Stones
• Nuggets
• Gems
• Weather balloons

Future hunts you can buy slots for:
- Combee (300k PD)
- Eevee (350k PD)
- Togepi (230k PD)

2 Months ago0 comments
Please click I'm sorry but I'm really struggling with this tutorial :"c

2 Months ago4 comments
(Sorry for close feeds)

Hello friends, my friend Laafest is planing to do a volcanion hunt.
He is going to hold a contest and is buying submarine volcano maps.
Share the hashtag, #shinyvolhunt

1st: Ditto
2nd: Mega frosslass+mega blastoise
3rd: Mega garchomp+mega altaria

Buy Tickets | Share it | For more information

2 Months ago0 comments
#InteractionExchange anyone?

2 Months ago2 comments
"Does his love make your head spin?"

2 Months ago0 comments
Gonna go draw and then regret my life decisions and burn my art book~

I'll be right back~

2 Months ago2 comments



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