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Trainerlevel: 72

Trainerpoints: 10,937/15,623


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Trusted Partner
8116,959 / 19,927
311,618 / 2,977
Gian Light
(Lycanroc (Midday))
1481,842 / 66,157
(Lycanroc (Dusk))
15975,518 / 76,321
Mal Night
(Lycanroc (Midnight))
14913,645 / 67,051

About Me

Christian Canadian
23 y.o. | Bilingual (Eng/Chi) | INTJ

Warning: I am judgmental.
If you don't respect yourself
How can you expect others to respect you?
Have integrity and own your responsibilities.


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* Online =/= Wishing to engage in conversation.
* I am blunt, sarcastic, and hold opinions.
* Do not rush me.
* Limit 1 question daily, unless otherwise noted.

If I'm ever on your list or vice versa: you will be banned from my raffles/giveaways, and I will not trade with you, for the duration of said blocklisting.

Buying/Trading/Selling Policy
* I'm not buying anything from anyone unless I make a "Looking For" feed.
* If I DO NOT make a post about selling/trading, then it is NOT for sale/trade.

Comment with the hashtag above and I will return during a plushie event, if I have DP.

Shiny Hunt

Judgement is currently hunting Raylóng.
Hunt started: 12/03/2018

Chain: 84
(1 Shiny hatched so far.)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #140814225
Registration: 04/01/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 18/Feb/2019
Game Time: 4654:25 Hours
Total interactions: 4,066,140
Money: 112,971
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By By Fluorine-Silver
"Ight you won't do it


"Will it be lit?"

Really lit fam
Ight so how about I do a 2 winner giveaway then? It'll be real lit fam, and I know people will love it

One winner will get (Shiny Primal Dialga), and the other winner will get 8mil PD

So yeah, just comment and share for entries, will end tomorrow at reset

just remember that I love y'all

[An outrageous giveaway hosted by Fluorine-Silver]

Today, 02:091 comment
By Nymphrasis - 1 Hour and 6 Minutes ago.
Oh! And is anyone selling Pokemon characters / adopts? No Legendaries, tracing, and bases uvu.
[[ Wiggles 9.2k nuggets ]] I got some nuggies that I'm willing to spend eue. Oh! And PD too ;v

Also not looking to buy customs at the moment. I have nothing left in mind and already waiting on the other customs I've requested qvq

4 Days ago1 comment
Trusted Partner number who even knows anymore

7 Days ago3 comments
I am scared of ignorant people.

If I cannot return to sleep (given that it’s about 2am in Shanghai), might just dig out my art set-up and pixel some flags. If there an official list of flags somewhere, please palpad.

20 Days ago2 comments
Put up a bunch of gems. Will check on them in, oof, I want to say 48 hrs ish, maybe a bit earlier? Timezones are going to be messy.

[So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu] for now

23 Days ago2 comments
@Ayase, my love.

30 Days ago5 comments
I heard you like numbers. Or so I gathered from Liirah's post about it.

Total boils: 400

Mega Stones: 59.8% (239/400)
"Fails": 40.3% (161/400)

Boxes: 49.7% (80)
Keys: 47.8% (77)
Carbink Eggs: 2.5% (4)

1 Month ago3 comments
H and J are too close together.

1 Month ago3 comments
Has anyone gotten more than 6 Primal Dialgas? Wondering what the next AP tier is after 212,500.

1 Month ago4 comments
[ Curious ]

Person A has blocked Person B for reasons unknown. Person A proceeds to offer on a trade that Person B has up on GTS (not the Auction House).

You are Person B and are aware of Person A blocling you. Do you accept Person A’s offer?

1 Month ago26 comments
Is there some sort of special prize for being the most blocked user on PH?

I (personally) don’t see how other people not wanting messages or contact from you is a noteworthy feat. Respect people’s choices.

1 Month ago9 comments

I accidentally clicked on an ad on FaceBook. Figured I didn't have anything to lose by joining, and I made some great friends since then.

1 Month ago0 comments
I cannot recall why I’m hunting a second shiny Raylong (aside from the obvious “to continue the chain” rationale of sunk costs fallacy).

Comment ideas on how I should raffle out the 2nd one out to the general public.

1 Month ago12 comments
Round 3 because I still have prizes worth giving out whoops


Prizes: x50 Dragon gems, shiny Regis, a Ho-Oh, shinies, mega-ables! Daily share prize is 10k PD [links must be included in share post].

How to join:
1, Fill out the form in the [thread].
2, Send gems to Judgement's Gifts in GTS.
3, Wait for a response from Judgement in the forum thread.

Deadline: August 21st, minute before reset

Disclaimer: Gems sent without an accompanying form will be accepted as donations 24 hrs after they are sent, and are NOT ticket-payment!

[Share It] | [Lottery Thread]

1 Month ago1 comment
I never thought the day would come where I'd be friends with Achievement and Disappointed. What a world.

1 Month ago20 comments

Egg Storage Summaries

Everyone go and thank Riako with plushies!

1 Month ago0 comments
#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest
Who should be blamed when a Leaf falls from the tree;
Is it the wind that blew it away, Or the tree that let it go,
Or the leaf itself who grew tired holding on?
Life unfolds SO MANY misunderstandings & trials each day,
It is up to us to - Solve it, Leave it or Live With It.
Share the love
Let Princess_Politoad know via PP if you see any quests so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Click List for the week.
Share It

2 Months ago0 comments
Got curious, so I plotted the suggested D&D aligntment comments here.

Want to plot your own? [Blank version].

For those curious, I re-used a switch-meme template I had for this.

2 Months ago0 comments

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