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Trainer ID: #732397273
Registration: 01/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1212:21 Hours
Total interactions: 21,604
Trainer Battle Stats: 12 won, 11 lost.
Money: 348,814
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Got my hair chopped today instead of yesterday, oof
The stylist made it look like her hair (she said hers looked similar to the style I was trying to get)
Fun fact, it really didnt. Ended up screwing up my hair due to the way it curls, and because of the way it parted.
But hey, it's short, aaa

Yesterday, 23:170 comments
gonna be less active again.
no digital art will be made.
got grounded for my face settling into a slight frown in the direction of my sister, and because mom thinks i'm a jerk

3 Days ago1 comment
sometimes I wanna tell my mom the truth about my sister, but I'm also scared I'm gonna tell her everything about my underconfidence and the fact that I'm pan-

I mean I probably already hinted at my underconfidence. My dad called me stupid and I replied with "Yeah, I am stupid"
mom just scoffed. she's probably gonna talk trash about my cousin "influencing" me and "making me emo"
but, I found a good time to come out to my parents since they probably won't support me- according to my grandmother my dad won't, and from what I've seen, what with how my mom reacts to the LGBT+ community, she won't. ever.
oof why am I like this

3 Days ago0 comments
I remember that one time I stayed late, determined to complete every overdue YCH, and then complete the rest of my promises (at the time it was only to draw the rest of the Future!Eddsworld crew)
I stayed up until around three or four in the morning. oof, I tried, but in the end I passed out and slept in until 2:00 in the afternoon because my cousin didn't want to wake me up. I was t i r e d

I wonder if this'll happen again someday

4 Days ago0 comments
I just wanna be productive and get stuff done but instead my freaking tablet won't work, hhgreat

4 Days ago1 comment
since I got onto my laptop (and got a pillow on my back)
please kindly yell at me to get all my owed art done so I don't forget

4 Days ago2 comments
Fourth egg aaaaa

4 Days ago0 comments
You received an Alolan Pokémon Egg and placed it in your party.
Second egg. I have a feeling the first one is supposed to be non alola. Aaa idk. I may be wrong, I just saw it happen a moment ago to another user so

6 Days ago3 comments
"You received an Alolan Pokémon Egg and placed it in your party."
Mind clicking this?
I'll click back. Thank you!

6 Days ago11 comments
So, uh
What is this "Riverdale" show?
I literally have no clue what it is or what it's about, other than the occasional post about it that shows up in my Instagram feed.
I'm extremely confused

6 Days ago4 comments
The venipede hunt has officially started!
"Jinmoth is currently hunting Venipede.
Hunt started: 16/11/2017

Chain: 1
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)"

6 Days ago0 comments
I closed the Amazon Music app so I could listen to floor cry on soundcloud while I write my story again,
And sixteen seconds into the first song, one of the cabinet battle songs from Hamilton starts blasting
I got mildly spooked, but the weirdest thing was that 1) I closed the app, which stops the music instantly, and it never starts up until you return to the app and play it again. I don't mean simply exiting out into another, I mean completely closing it.
And 2) I was playing music on soundcloud, which should have kept Hamilton from playing? I mean-
Heh. Spooky things are happening today I guess. Not haunted-corn-maze levels spooky, but more like a lil' ghost spooky.

7 Days ago2 comments
So my cousin and I almost drew the exact same thing. Same character, same concept, same position, it even had the little flowers along the bottom of the character. We didn't discuss the idea, we never even mentioned it to eachother. I got the idea while she was away, I have no clue when she got it.
When I sent it to her she pointed out that she was drawing almost the exact same thing, other than a couple markings and the words "I miss you" below the flowers. It's funny, because as I said we didn't talk about the ideas at all, and she's also miles away from me, since she still lives in Cali, I live in Oregon.
This has happened on some other occasions, but never has it been so similar (sometimes it'll have different characters, etc.)

7 Days ago1 comment
I found out that my mother basically telling me I can't cry at all makes it a lot harder not to.
I'm overly emotional already (not to emo levels? I'm just foolishly emotional I guess) and thinking about how I'm laying on the floor crying because I'm overthinking and my mom will yell at me for it doesn't exactly help with the situation.
Oof. Sorry for the overly emotional posts. I just need to get this out and I can't talk to my mom about it of course, and I'm scared to make my cousin feel worse,

8 Days ago1 comment
Found a ton of old ocs, quite a few of them being a one and done, I guess you could say? I literally only used some of them once.
A lot of them are pokemon and MLP, and others are non-fandom ocs of course.
Might do an oc purge and give them all away if anybody is interested, but it will involve redesigning a couple that were really bad oof.

8 Days ago3 comments
Autocorrect proved it sucks-
So my level was barely affected. I rarely ever interact. Oops.

9 Days ago1 comment
Either Shiny Mega Mawile or Shiny Mega Gallade. I love the knight-ly look of Gallade and it just got better with the mega, and I personally really like the pallete.
As for shiny mega mawile- oh boy. I can't help but love this guy. It's?? Beautiful? I've fallen in love with mawile recently and the shiny mega is a mixture of beauty and... a bit of a horror vibe, in a way, and I love that kind of stuff.
Oof I can go on but I'll be annoying

10 Days ago0 comments
I told myself I'd stay away for another day because drama with my mother happened but I'm in a SUPER GOOD MOOD today and I'm blasting novo amor and for once I'm actually smiling for longer than five seconds and smiling at anything other than texts from my cousin, even though I still smile at those oof

10 Days ago0 comments
Gonna stay off almost everything on PH for a while. When I do come back It'll mostly be to talk to others on palpad, check my rumblers and maybe collect dp. That's it.
This may only last a few hours, it may last a few days.
No, this isn't because of any of you, this isn't because of drama.
It's because something that happened with somebody my cousin and I trusted to believe we were giving a second chance? That we were actually her friends again, that we put aside what She did to us and started on a new page.

11 Days ago0 comments
Woah more drama
Honestly the daily salt intake we all get from this site is gonna cause severe problems for us all some day

11 Days ago2 comments


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I am also a sociable person when it comes to here, so
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oh hey. heard you wanted to be here. who brought you.
I'm a nerd. obviously. I am sERIOUS Until Dawn trash, probably one of the best games I've seen in a while-
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If matching colors is an aesthetic then I kindof have one.
I have my rights and opinions, and will not change them just for you,
eddsworld is slowly taking over my life and I don't know what to do
I really like blue butterflies, and I guess that's about it.
oh, more info in my diary, even though it sucks-

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