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Trainerlevel: 30

Trainerpoints: 1,912/2,729

Game Records

Trainer ID: #732397273
Registration: 01/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1339:46 Hours
Total interactions: 48,519
Trainer Battle Stats: 12 won, 11 lost.
Money: 1,251,151
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Sometimes I forget to breathe and then I realize "hey dummy you need to breathe"

Today, 23:241 comment
So in French class my friend and I have this joke where, no matter what he says, there's a fifty-fifty chance I'll respond with a bird noise- usually a trill because that's the easiest

Today, 02:310 comments
Have a nice day

Yesterday, 23:351 comment
What's a good brush to use for shading while digitally painting? *medibang brushes, please*

Yesterday, 03:122 comments
You have interacted with 1064 Adopts in a row.

How do people do any more than that,
I can only do a little over 100 a minute,,

Yesterday, 00:114 comments
If you say "mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all"
You'll notice
The reflection didn't change
Because you're beautiful/handsome/perfect

3 Days ago4 comments
"I'm too lazy to sleep"

3 Days ago6 comments
Sometimes I feel like my art is just always awful and, yes, I know, I've improved a l o t. It's just hard for me to look at my art and say "Hey! This is amazing! People will love it!"
I dunno. I got better with the confidence thing? And being more confident with my art? But it kinda just plummeted again aha,

4 Days ago0 comments
Ew really close feeds,
But m about me is all pretty and green and kinda pleasing to look at,

Except the quote. The quote is red. Very red. I'm trash,,

4 Days ago0 comments
Every time I read "FLOOR CRY" I read it as if I'm yelling,


4 Days ago2 comments
Happy new year

4 Days ago0 comments
Hi, I'm jinmoth, welcome to my nest, where I pile far too much art upon myself and occassionally do commissions where I draw all/large amounts of your characters why? I don't know

5 Days ago3 comments
I'm too stupid to lucid dream
Like, whenever I realize I'm dreaming, I'm usually about to die in a nightmare, so I try to close my eyes in the dream and force open them in real life
Am I the only person who does this? I mean I know tHAT DUDE does it, but... does anybody else? Aaa

5 Days ago1 comment
I've changed the way I draw a character's hairstyle at least fifteen times, twelve of them being "intense struggles as I find out how"

5 Days ago1 comment
Some days I just wanna eat some sushi and take a nap because I got tired and I didn't drink any caffeine but that'll never happen

6 Days ago0 comments
Donnez-moi un thé, S'il vous plaît

Oof why do I speak French to do this

6 Days ago3 comments
//leg pops//

Uh, I mean,
The Lurantis adopts ended!
Ignis won the Serperior fusion, Nymphrasis won the doll and Waffle won the slugma fusion.
Nobody bid on the others.
considering getting rid of them for free as fcfs, but not right now aha

6 Days ago0 comments

7 Days ago1 comment
Oh god all the mods are offline again,

8 Days ago1 comment


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Hi there! I'm Jinmoth, but I also go by Kam. I like Eddsworld, Harry Potter, SCP, and a couple others. Not really in many fandoms anymore, even though I like a lot of things. Guess this may draw people away, oops.
Still like Pokemon, despite being told I'm too old for it-
Honestly, certain things make me a little uncomfortable. And I'm emotional I guess, though I'm not big on admitting it aha.
I talk a lot! Please tell me if I get annoying.
Moth pixel isn't mine! Credit goes to gutterface on DA
Hoarding chimchar line plushies

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