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Registration: 23/11/2017 (5 Months ago)
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Just Started Watching High School DxD...I'm Enjoying It...Don't Judge Me.
PS:If You're Going To Watch It Just Remember,This Anime Will Always Find A Way To Show You Some...Naughty Scenes.

Yesterday, 11:350 comments
Me:Do You Watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

8 Days ago2 comments
Want To Hear A Joke?My Life.
What's Darker Than A Black Hole?My Future.
What's Worse Than A Tsunami?A Tsunamidere.
You Want Me To Go Talk To My Dad?Jokes On You I Have No Dad.

These Are All Of The Crappy Jokes I Always Wanted To Say But Had No Opurtunity To.Enjoy.

15 Days ago0 comments
God,I Love Italian Food.

18 Days ago0 comments
By Lannister

OK guys! Today was the result for one of the most important exam of my life. My hands are shivering as I write this. For I am the only one in my school to have cleared the exam. I am over the moon right now! Elated would be a lesser word. I am almost mad! Thus in the honour my exam results here is a giveaway for you guys. Just comment below.

3 users get 200 nuggets
One user gets a grand prize of Mega Easter Lopunny.
Sharing the feed would be appreciated so it reaches many people but is not a necessity
Good Luck

19 Days ago0 comments
If It Breathes,It's Because It Is A Jojo Reference.

21 Days ago0 comments
By MrJerkWad - 29 Minutes and 44 Seconds ago.


Okay gonna be selling all my shinies then giving all the money to a random player

Share this so everyone has the chance to buy from me

22 Days ago0 comments
By Bart~ - 1 Hour and 14 Minutes ago.

Hello guys, I require some help from you. So I am a part of a school debate which is going to be held on next week's Thursday. I am representing the negative team which needs to prove that knowing about other's struggle isn't really that important. Despite being a hard topic to support, we have done extremely well to cover up most of the points but we still think it's not enough.

So to gather more intel, I want to know what you think about it. So with a PH twist, the few to come up with the most logical point that we haven't included yet will get awarded. There will be 4 winners and the prizes will include 100 Nuggets, 100,000 PD, Shiny Treecko and a Shiny Larvitar. Surprise me with your thoughts.

If you don’t feel like helping me, you can share this message to others. A random person to share this hashtag will win 50,000 PD.

I will check this feed after few days...

22 Days ago0 comments
Have a great day!
(Nothing happened)

Kill Me.

27 Days ago0 comments
If You Don't Know What A Isekai Anime Is,Just Google It.

27 Days ago0 comments
How To Make Someone Like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:
4.5Anime(This Is Different From The Other Version)

29 Days ago0 comments
I Want To Make An Animation,Idk Why,And I Don't Know How I'll Do That,Is Windows Movie Maker Good For Crappy Animations?

1 Month ago1 comment

Dragon Ball Z
Full Metal Alchemist(OVA/The Original One)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(OVA As Well : P)

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Favorite Games:Smash(64,Melee,Brawl,Project M,SSF2,Wii U,3DS It Doesn't Matter!I Love The Smash Series!),Pokémon(Don't You Say?!),Super Mario Odyssey(A Masterpiece),Sonic Mania(Another Masterpiece),Kid Icarus Uprising(My Favorite Game Of ALL Time!) And Jojo's Bizarre Adventure:Heritage For The Future(Jojo's Venture Is Cool Too!).
Favorite Color(s):What Do You Think?
My Age:None Of Your Business,Pal!
Alive:I Don't Know.
Main Objective:Fill My Dedenne Box With Dedennes,Tendennes,Shiny Dedennes Or Shiny Tendennes.[Progress:DONE!]
Let's Just Say That My English Is... Not The Best(Yare Yare...I'm Not a Native English Speaker).
My Favorite Types Are Rock,Fairy and Dragon.
My Favorite Pokés Are All Of The Canine Pokémon(But Mainly Lycanroc Midday Form),Gardevoir,Noivern,Tyranitar,Suicune,Yveltal,Lunala(And A Metric Crap Ton Of Other Legendaries) And The Eeveelutions(Mainly Sylveon And Umbreon).

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