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Trainer ID: #111126939
Registration: 23/11/2017 (2 Months ago)
Game Time: 133:06 Hours
Total interactions: 85,977
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Money: 12
Starter Pokémon: Sceptile



Ayy sup guys,This is a pretty random idea ye?
Just bringing back the dead ol' mighty Hero chat back?

Some of us have memories still locked in Hero chat and some of us just want to see that magic of talking in Hero chat!

So why not bring the dead back?If we share this enough we could get Riako to make a new thing called a "Disk Jockey rank" which could be a rank which can select any [[appropriate]] song which they like or be requested to play~

Share this feed or Hashtag to bring back Hero chat and make it better that ever~
We need a lot of help to get this thing going~

And I might hold up some Hero nights/mornings for you folks ~
(To be informed of these nights I will simply put the hashtag and say "There is a Hero night/morning going on now~)

Today, 15:520 comments
That Moment When You Remember That You Can only Store Eggs In Egg Boxes .-.

Today, 13:121 comment
By SaraPaulsgirl - 12 Hours and 18 Minutes ago.
#HappyValentineDay #ValentineCat
Its the day of the lovers so lets share some love ^^ i will make a small give away share the hastag to have the chance to win a secret prize ends at 00:00

3 Days ago0 comments
By LOLZGAMER113 - 1 Hour and 39 Minutes ago.

Hey guys it's LOLZGAMER113 I'm doing a giveaway because on the 15th it is my birthday so I wanna give back to ya'll

The rules:

1.Share this post
2.Use the hashtag and a random number between 1-50
3.The number will be generated by randomizer

The prizes:

1.100 Nuggets
2.150,000 PokeCoins
3.A mega able Ampharos

This will end on the 15th of Feb
25 FTW.

5 Days ago0 comments
By HauntedXXDreams - 5 Hours and 51 Minutes ago.
If I hit chain 200 with no shiny I will give away 800 nuggets to a random commenter so post username and spread the word.

Please comment on her original post and share to your feed.

5 Days ago0 comments
By J_O_K_E_R
Giving away mega garchomp...comment here..u can spread it if u want..

It'll end tomorrow

By J_O_K_E_R
Giving away 9 dragon gems..comment and spread...ends tomorrow

By J_O_K_E_R
Giving away all my boxes and keys..ends tomorrow..comment and spread

13 Days ago0 comments
Have a great day!
(Nothing happened)
You Had One Job,One Job.

16 Days ago0 comments
By umbreon721 - 2 Hours and 41 Minutes ago. whoops, that hashtag already existed, new one:
just hatched a shiny combee, and i'm so happy i could do a raffle!
share the hashtag to win:
1.shiny plush (buizel or arcanine, your choice!)
2.monthly supply if super honey(1 per 2 days)
3.15 random gems
everyone else gets 10 random berries
also, i have decided to change my name to FieryFeraligatr, so expect that soon.
ends tomorrow, 13:00 server time.
have fun!

19 Days ago0 comments
This Will Probably TRIGGER a Lot Of DB Fans In General,But I Think That Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Is a Better Anime Than Dragon Ball.BOOM,I Said It,Now Please Don't Kill Me.

23 Days ago0 comments
Pls Interact With My Suicune Egg.

29 Days ago0 comments
Your coin is shining much brighter than all the other coins!
(Increased shiny chance)
*Explodes In Happiness*

1 Month ago0 comments

hi guys, I'm gonna be leaving pokeheroes, It's been fun but I feel like I'm not enjoying the game.

so i'm gonna be giving away EVERYTHING I own, I have 794,491 pokedollars, 101 nuggets and alot of items and pokemon, it might not be much but hey, it's free stuff.

so if you're interested in a chance of winning all this free stuff then share this hashtag and this message.

if nobody enters the raffle by some time in the future I'll just give all my stuff to a friend

1 Month ago0 comments
Pls Interact With My Regirock Egg.

1 Month ago3 comments
The Royal Tunnel Is Officially My Favorite Thing In This Site.

1 Month ago0 comments
#UnderappreciatedPokemon Chariza- I Meant Aerodactyl!

1 Month ago0 comments
#RubysGiveaway Everyone who posts this will be given a chance to win a shiny Houndour at reset. The winner will be chosen, at random, tonight.

1 Month ago0 comments



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