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Trainerlevel: 61

Trainerpoints: 1,498/11,223

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Trainer ID: #61827091
Registration: 13/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/Aug/2018
Game Time: 1342:26 Hours
Total interactions: 2,899,496
Trainer Battle Stats: 29 won, 10 lost.
Money: 215,915
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


has anyone seen or got an oricorio yet?

Yesterday, 04:252 comments
thanks to Carnet who has been able to help me finish dex four for both male and female, on to dex five and the 29 i am missing from there....this may take a couple of days.

4 Days ago1 comment
please folks desperate to finish dex 4, only missing the male cherubi has anyone got one for trade or sale?

4 Days ago3 comments
anyone noticed how the event eggs have the name of someone who sent you a card.....wondering if any are named annoymous, or if it gives away who sent it to you?

4 Days ago4 comments
HELP please can anyone trade me a female monsoon vivilian and male ocean, tundra ones to finish off my set. anything in my trade boxes are up for grabs on the trade.

9 Days ago5 comments
i have a FEMALE infernape starter for trade in GTS will look at offers and except one by before refresh tonight.

11 Days ago0 comments
ok i guessing there is a way to get all the minor plushies but how can anyone explin please

12 Days ago2 comments
Please help am after twomore castforms, will give you 2 weather balloons for each one need specifically a female metorite and a male earthquake, also paying 1000 for each one. want to finiah my 3rd dex of both sexes.

18 Days ago0 comments
ok beginging to think there is something wrong with hoopa quest ihave been to every page and not found one ring

18 Days ago5 comments
BIRTHDAY - hi folks most of you know that nexanda is my daughter well she recently changed her name on here to -Gladiolus- and today is her birthday. unfortunatly shes had to be at work allday so can we cheer her up with lots of happy birthdays for when she gets home.

27 Days ago1 comment
You currently have 10510 Festival Points. this is what i have after 2 years, so looks like another 8 years for the shiny meloetta. . . . . . .

1 Month ago0 comments
so has anyone who taken a long time to find hoopa, done different boxes every time or just stuck with same one till it has hoopa in it.

1 Month ago3 comments

wynaut for trade either a male version or anything from my trades boxes please take a look.

1 Month ago1 comment
ok here goes with the mewtoo challenge please feed berry and i will return for whole party lets see if i can do this as i got no candies to help me.

1 Month ago3 comments
how do you get the anniversary cakes please

1 Month ago1 comment
ok so i got all the eggs for kanto and johto where do i get the eggs for regice and registeel for hoenn dex please

1 Month ago4 comments
Still needing these few pokemon to finish the dex so if anyone got them for trade/sale please let me know.

Female chimecho
Male Wynaut
Male Snorunt
Male glalie
Male sealeo
Female Gorbyss
Female Relicanth
Male Salamence

1 Month ago3 comments
updated list.
ok folks am looking for very specific pokemon if anyone can help to finish this dex of breeding pairs. anything in my common trades, rare trades or retro/event trades are up for grabs so do you have the following:-

Female Makuhita
Male Barboach
Female Corphish
Female Lileep
Female Anorith
Female Kecleon
Male Duskull
Female chimecho
Male Wynaut
Male Snorunt
Male glalie
Male sealeo
Female Huntail
Female Gorbyss
Female Relicanth
Male Salamence

1 Month ago0 comments
Hey, MeepTheMareep02 here with my last raffle! This time, tell me about your favourite vegetable or fruit! (it's optional, too lazy to check)

My favourite vegatable is carrot and suede mixed together mashed up. favourite fruit ia granny smith apples and i nominate Nexanda for the money raffle

- This Shiny Ferrerocoal (Do. Not. Sell. It.)
- Mega Stone
- 355 random non-Dragon Gems
- 3 Bottled Messages + 1 Star Piece
- 3 Dragon Gems

How to enter (each person can only get one entry)
- Share the hashtag and include your answer and that it's by me, MeepTheMareep02 (preferably share the whole post)


- Comment on the original post with your answer!

Bonus raffle! (separate from above raffle)
You can nominate a friend for this raffle! The prize for this one is 150k PD!

This ends on 1 January, 6am server time!

Share it!

1 Month ago0 comments
ok folks am looking for very specific pokemon if anyone can help. anything in my common trades or rare trades are up for grabs so do you have the following:-

Female Makuhita
Male Wailmer
Male Barboach
Female Corphish
Female Lileep
Female Anorith

1 Month ago0 comments



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ONIKITSUNE looking for naughty nature pokes. Two naughty shiny Blitzle's are owed for the nebula stone i have already recieved from ONI.


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