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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 2,287/3,299

Game Records

Trainer ID: #901792673
Registration: 27/07/2016 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1104:18 Hours
Total interactions: 55,835
Trainer Battle Stats: 7 won, 6 lost.
Money: 372,272
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Someone don outbidded me *noms on my cookies panicking*

Today, 20:102 comments
Initiate me and u get mary's famous and delicious double chocolate chip marshmellow popcorn strawberry tomato carrot apple banana cookies!

Today, 17:576 comments
Tonight,we go to hero chat and feast!Remeber to visit!
I got tons of food ready for chomping!

Today, 17:293 comments
new prizes
50x Dark Gem
20x Flying Gem
100x Grass Gem
2x Helix Fosails from peridot
Shiny swablu from Ropets123
thankfulthanksgiving stops at reset so stop posting at reset
Have a awesome thanksgiving!

Today, 17:220 comments
Also Macy's thanksgiving parade is on!

Today, 15:000 comments
Happy thanksgiving peps!Last day to share #Thankfulthanksgiving

Today, 14:471 comment
o o f
i say it will end on thurday's reset?
new prizes
a blue orb,a green orb and 5 sail fossils from Atavan
have a great thanksgiving everyone!

Yesterday, 23:540 comments
Also it sucks that I have no friends near me that plays pokeheroes (these kids already have a phone which I barely have)
I don't even have friends in real life so yeh
Anyway,Ima about to head to bed so eh

Yesterday, 07:041 comment
Please warm!

Yesterday, 06:592 comments
Hey, Humbloom! How's it going?
I see you've already registered more than 300 different Pokémon in your PokéDex! Wow, I'm totally impressed - thanks for your hard work!

Actually I wanted to talk to you about something different. Recently I found this egg in the Tall Grass and I somehow felt that this egg contains a very special Pokémon.

I wanted to hatch it myself, but I became very busy in the past few days. And... you know that I really trust you, right?
Would you mind hatching this egg for me? I'm really excited to see what will hatch from it!

[Sure, I'll hatch it!]
Also a flipping Rowan quest *sighs*

Yesterday, 06:550 comments
new prize
Marine map and 50k pd by Lemon!
Since the list is very long
It will be listed
I credit Atavan for making this list

Yesterday, 01:560 comments
We just received a huge donation from Punktress and a donation from Mandalorian
The donation from Punktress is 1x Bottled Message
100x Fighting Gem
45x Ground Gem
500x Honey
5x Leaf Stone
100x Lemonade
150x Moomoo Milk
100x Poison Gem
7x Thunderstone and the donation from Mandalorian is 2 rare candies,1 reveal glass and 1 star piece
I won't be able to list all the prizes but look at my previous feeds and Atavan feed

Yesterday, 01:360 comments
new prize
We have just received two ice stones from Lemon
Prizes are now shiny snover,95 ground gems,two dragons gems,100 grass gems,1 hollow space map,resolute stone,a shiny sharpedo,a shiny Carvanha,100 fighting gems,10000 pd,nebula stone,50 bug gems,mega able magikarp,and two ice stones!

Yesterday, 00:590 comments
Also chicken smootheinpound!

Yesterday, 00:210 comments
It's now Wednesday!
Tomorrow (or Friday) I'll be announcing the winner!

Yesterday, 00:122 comments



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Furfrou (Kabuki)43700/5,677
Furfrou (La Reine)35443/3,781


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Humbloom is currently hunting Furfrou.
Hunt started: 12/11/2017

Chain: 61
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

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