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Trainerlevel: 87

Trainerpoints: 6,754/22,793

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Trainer ID: #734959577
Registration: 13/12/2013 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Dec/2017
Game Time: 2559:00 Hours
Total interactions: 4,044,216
Trainer Battle Stats: 436 won, 75 lost.
Money: 891,417
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


This user has put you on their blocklist. We are afraid that you can no longer contact them.

Wtf? O_o And the only time we have communicated is when they asked me "are you selling a reyquaza". When I was inactive. Why? x3

Yesterday, 20:094 comments
"ah noryeoknoryeok taryeong jom geumandwo
ah ogeuradeureo nae du sonbaldo
ah noryeok noryeok ah noryeok noryeok
ah noraguna ssaksuga"

Aaaaaah why is this stuck in my head? ;-;

How to get BTS lyrics out of your head 101:
Simply Don't

2 Days ago1 comment
Tfw you're just lab hunting and you end up getting in the rally for most eggs hatched

Should I put effort into getting a Medal or just ignore it and do what I do usually?

2 Days ago2 comments
So by playing Plus Mode 2470 times, I got:

71224 GC
895 Poke Balls
558 Gems
33 Rare Candies
1201 Berries

Well that was fun

2 Days ago0 comments
Comment if you want to be massclicked :>

2 Days ago2 comments
We're caught in a huge rain with A TON of thunders ;-;

6 Days ago4 comments
Idk why but today had so many backstabbings for me

7 Days ago2 comments
So, a few months ago I did a few of these:


But I only made the ones that are (or will be put, depending on the time you're seeing this) in the comments and I'd love to make more. Could you suggest me Pokemon to do? :o I may not be able to do some Gen 7 Pokemon though ^^'

8 Days ago18 comments

Over the course of the last few years I've made many friends, all of which are really special to me. But Amyy is much more different that other people are to me.

Every time I talk to her I find out something new about myself. I cheer her up when she's having a bad day, she cheers me up when I'm sad.

One of my favorite quotes is "If this is the worst day of your life, doesn't that mean tomorrow will automatically be better?" Life can be a beach sometimes but that's what friends are for, to be by you when you're in need.

[Continued in comments due to size]

10 Days ago5 comments
Omg I already got my Shiny Event at Chain #4 *o*

1 Month ago11 comments
Omg an Articuno egg *o*

1 Month ago9 comments

You can call me Oddy, Ethan, Light, Lightning, Kono or anything you think fits me

It's me, Oddy, btw.

Dammit phone my name's Oddy not Oddly

2 Months ago5 comments
So, after watching Another I can say that:

-I won't enter an elevator again.
-I won't ever use an ombrella that has any kind of metal or anything sharp on it.
-I'll never ever ever be sane ever again.

3 Months ago11 comments

My life is complete, I can die in peace

5 Months ago0 comments

6 Months ago15 comments

6 Months ago9 comments
Name your favorite Naruto characters (5 max.)

7 Months ago9 comments
-Oddy --> Konohamaru

I'm addicted to Naruto

8 Months ago7 comments
Gallery, don't comment!

8 Months ago10 comments

10 Months ago19 comments


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