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Trainerlevel: 79

Trainerpoints: 9,260/18,801

Game Records

Trainer ID: #263760992
Registration: 05/05/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/May/2018
Game Time: 5558:40 Hours
Total interactions: 3,158,023
Trainer Battle Stats: 9 won, 5 lost.
Money: 5,283,115
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By PokéRadar - 5 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Tornadus hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #44)!


Yesterday, 00:5112 comments
im so terribly exhausted and drained today lmao
and its all bc im losing my mind over a sudden spam of Conductor art and being acknowledged by a blog dedicated to him bc ive been kinda activity spamming them on tumblr with likes and reblogs lm ao,,

3 Days ago0 comments
how do people even stockpile boxes/keys tbh
i cant keep myself from checking for pairs every time i pull an item from rumble tbh

4 Days ago7 comments
By PokeRadar - 4 Minutes and 47 Seconds ago.

Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Tornadus in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

Here we go

4 Days ago5 comments
if i were to request a buncha keys what'd u ask for in return
bc i have way too many boxes for some of the colours and my rumblers keep bringing back nothing or berries =w=

10 Days ago0 comments
Safari and PH are finally back but... im still missing 4 Tornadus eggs.

12 Days ago0 comments
Okay... I found the problem.
I just captured another Tornadus, 100% definitely caught it, as my safari chain is now 30 Tornadus, and I dont have a single egg. Just... the whole collection area thing appears to be gone?

13 Days ago6 comments
also sorta close feeds but...
i seem to have somehow broke ph? because somehow im missing 5 Tornadus eggs? My chain is at 21, I have 3 Eggs in my party and my collection area in the Safari Zone is empty. But, my safari chain of Tornadus which hasnt been broken nor have any eggs been hatched prior to my hunt, reads 29? and i remember having 157 Cold Rocks as my last total but, that might've been increased by gifts and stuff so... im not sure which it is tbh. Either i'm missing 5 or the Safari Zone is somehow under the impression that ive caught 5 more than i actually have?

13 Days ago5 comments
oh damn it i was gonna adopt 3 tornadus yesterday just in case i managed to hatch at least 9 tornadus today but i forgot and now im 5 mins too late rjgsfg

also bc its x2, interaction exchange? :b

13 Days ago4 comments
Safari game: Where are you aiming at?!
Me: Tornadus if he'd just show up already ¬A¬

16 Days ago5 comments
One of your eggs hatched into a Tornadus!

and so it begins.

19 Days ago13 comments
people gettin the unova dragon items and my box/key ratio is absolutely wildly tilted on the box end rip (ive got literally one colour of key and its pink but ive got like 30 of 4 box colours)

21 Days ago6 comments
By PokéRadar - 7 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Unown D hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #113)!

[the longest yeah boi ever]

21 Days ago4 comments
blech someone motivate me to go tunneling for dragon gems thx -shot-

also interaction exchange? :v Unown D's currently at chain 102 and i wanna get my shiny soon tbh im almost out of psychic gems =w=

22 Days ago2 comments
[Negative Feed. Partial vent/rant. Ignore if you want.

two days of insane levels of stress and anxiety wow.
why is september ending so harshly?
also weird enough, both of the last two days have been birthdays. happy occassions where i've been trounced by the consistent plague of negative circumstances.
what even the hell, universe?? this def aint no karmic retribution because i dont, actively do any wrong?
is this reverse karma? is something super good gonna happen soon?
i hope so with the kinda crap ive been forced through.
they wont know here but i hope they both are okay... i hope i made a difference to rory at least.

27 Days ago3 comments
well I hatched 22 Unown today so thats decent.
no shiny tho so i still can't chain tornadus but, ive already gathered 13 eggs so maybe i should just grab em for slow interaction gain bc im gonna be hatching, grabbing and storing anyway ideally

27 Days ago0 comments
interaction exchange? :'y
i wanted to start tornadus on the x2 so i need to try to get a shiny D today and ive got like, 38 eggs worth of gems to burn through

28 Days ago1 comment
i disappeared for like 6 hours because i had an emotional breakdown ahah,,,

28 Days ago5 comments



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yo! the name's Gregg, im here to get away from the crushing boredom of the Snack Falcon and Possum Springs and entertain myself when Angus is away. feel free to drop by and say hi if youre ever in the area, i'll probably be there until i die. i like to think im a pretty friendly guy so hit me up duders!!

"Angus like, needs me. He needs a Gregg. Badly. He hasn't had the best life. His family is like, pure trash. Just like, garbage. Really stupid garbage. I just... don't ever want to lose him. Not ever. I don't know what i'd do. I... don't want to screw this up..."

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