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Trainerlevel: 79

Trainerpoints: 5,925/18,801

Game Records

Trainer ID: #263760992
Registration: 05/05/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 08/May/2018
Game Time: 5959:34 Hours
Total interactions: 3,818,175
Money: 550,609
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


446 porygon, 3 shinies.
it would be really nice to finish this chain before 500 bc jfc im so tired of this lmao
so tired of having next to no eggs constantly and being stuck in this chain :v
the shinies were ar 107, 109 and 367 too so this is a terrible gap of another 79 normals after a gap of 258 normals ¬n¬

Yesterday, 18:263 comments
yknow what would be neat
a Treasure hunt Log, like, similar to how Emera Bank shows transactions but it shows you the results of each opened chest like
23/03/18 | 10:12 | Chest #3 - Found Nothing
23/03/18 | 10:23 | Chest #3 - Found 5x Water Gems
23/03/18 | 11:02 | Chest #1 - Found Hoopa

Yesterday, 14:392 comments
for a game chock full of sweets, Viva Pinata really knows how to draw the salt out of someone :'3

3 Days ago4 comments
wow, ive been out like all day and i come home to one single porygon egg in my daycare. amazing, premium daycare boost and a flute at their finest

7 Days ago3 comments
i forgot to name one of my hoopa so i have like 10 or 11 that are a number behind my total lmao whoops

8 Days ago2 comments
hoopa chill geez

9 Days ago2 comments
What words do you associate with me? They can be anything to personality, how you feel about me, things that remind you of me or anything really. Just curious somewhat bc im not doing great atm lmao

9 Days ago2 comments
interaction exchange? 3 porygon and 2 hoopa to hatch hah

9 Days ago4 comments
By PokéRadar - 15 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Porygon hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #367)!

omfg finally???
258 eggs later though jesus christ. 3/7

10 Days ago1 comment
as expected, shiny boost does absolutely nothing. to any of the 12 Lake Trio eggs I hatched or the 14 Porygon I got today. ¬w¬

11 Days ago7 comments
both of the azelf were normal, now its just these pairs of uxie and mesprit to try for

11 Days ago1 comment
lmao my Mesprit egg got featured, hatched, then my Uxie egg got featured and hatched, then my Azelf egg got featured and hatched
thats amazing
woulda been moreso if any were shiny but nah, still this party and 2 Uxie & Mesprit to go, here's hoping :'y

11 Days ago0 comments
interaction exchange? wanna try to get hoopa and missingno out of my party asap for more lake trio eggs heh

11 Days ago3 comments
well thats a neat way to incorporate them
too bad i cant hatch a single one until porygon stops trolling me and gives me f i v e shinies :'3

11 Days ago2 comments
wow if you lose the mewtwo contest you have to start back at the bloody pikachu one??? wtf

also i decided to go through with hatching the lake trios alongside Hoopa #75 i think bc i just got it lmao, so this is the 1st of 6 Uxie and 12 of the lake trio, heres hoping i get lucky and one of them is shiny to counteract this horrible Porygon luck :'y

12 Days ago4 comments
x2 day and I got shiny boost from the fountain.
should I redeem all the lake vouchers ive got so far?
6 Uxie, 4 Mesprit and 2 Azelf with potential shiny boost :'3

12 Days ago4 comments
tfw you use 45 rare candy on the Mewtwo so you get one level above him in the last 2 mins (7:58/7:59) then you still lose the contest when the hour rolls over??

12 Days ago4 comments
so Riako has a 'Zygarde Core Forme' in his party but
its sprite is a Zygarde Cell

13 Days ago6 comments
You have 40061 Dream Points at the moment.

almost got enough for the event in 4 months lmao :'3

17 Days ago4 comments
if ur my friend i love u

17 Days ago14 comments



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yo! the name's Gregg, im here to get away from the crushing boredom of the Snack Falcon and Possum Springs and entertain myself when Angus is away. feel free to drop by and say hi if youre ever in the area, i'll probably be there until i die. i like to think im a pretty friendly guy so hit me up duders!!

"Angus like, needs me. He needs a Gregg. Badly. He hasn't had the best life. His family is like, pure trash. Just like, garbage. Really stupid garbage. I just... don't ever want to lose him. Not ever. I don't know what i'd do. I... don't want to screw this up..."

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