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Trainerlevel: 66

Trainerpoints: 4,175/13,133


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Darth Vader
2,70711,822,973 / 26,308,878
Jaw monster
1,4472,472,902 / 6,285,769
Ponyta281,910 / 2,437
Swablu12367 / 781
Riolu36 / 39

About Me

Finny | 23 | Professional Procrastinator

Besides being a lazy douchebag, I'm just your average derp with a soft spot for all things monstrous. I also like apples, cats, drawing, rock/metal, obsessively playing video games, evil schemes, and brief walks in the evening. My one true skill is wasting time and I'm mighty proud of it!

And that's pretty much all you need to know about me.

...Oh wait, I'm also a moron.


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #755701878
Registration: 04/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Jul/2019
Game Time: 2568:38 Hours
Total interactions: 754,942
Money: 715,107
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Oh, gosh darn it! I just realized I forgot to enter that writing contest. The whole thing just completely slipped my mind. Curse me and my traitorous memory! :,V

Yesterday, 14:032 comments
I had a dream where I was strolling through Riako's private yard/garden. In the very heart of it all, there was a giant statue of the monopoly man striking a fabulous pose.

You could borrow the statue for 600 carrots or by leaving your nose as a guarantee.

10 Days ago2 comments
Gosh darnit. I just noticed I was somehow at chain 1 with my combee hunt even though I've hatched about 20 by now and was quite perplexed by this.

...Then I remembered cosmog breaks the chain.

It truly amazes me how awesome I'm at derping and goofing up everything even when I should know so much better after all this time. :,D

17 Days ago3 comments
Oh man, I never realized how passionate PH's users are about semantics. As a language major, this truly warms my heart. :]

In other news, can you help me fatten up this whale?

19 Days ago5 comments
Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm at the impressive level of thick-headedness people can achieve. So I do both.

We humans are such delightfully stubborn creatures, it's both fascinating and frustrating. :,D

20 Days ago2 comments
Having to keep my window open almost 24/7 because of the darned heat has apparently led to a spider invasion in my box. As a result, I've turned into a serial killer.

This is what summer does to people, it turns them into murderers! Be warned.

1 Month ago3 comments
I'm curious, are the results of the multiple choice questions on that feedback thingy going to be made public after the form closes? Because I'd be very interested in knowing what the general opinion on those is among the users. :,D

1 Month ago1 comment
Okay, whoops, been quite a while since I did an event pass hunt so I might've done goofed. I assume I was probably supposed to turn my bloody pokeradar on before starting the hunt but I only just now realized I didn't do that.

I wonder, will bad things happen if I turn it on now? :,D

1 Month ago2 comments
Anyone know who got the first on site shiny retro charizard? I tried to go for it when the retros changed but mine took hours to finally show up so I assume at least someone snatched one before me. Just curious who had the favor of the fire-zard. :b

(Darned chain broke by some error at 975. Then I had two chains I foolishly broke before 100. Finally got my shiny with the fourth chain at 534. :,D)

2 Months ago2 comments
Chain 777 / 64

....I miiight not go for all the shiny retros. Or maybe it was just the sleepless night that made this such torture.

I need a nap.

2 Months ago2 comments
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 5 Years now!"

I was a member on PokeHeroes before it was cool. I've seen the birth of the first shiny and witnessed the rise and fall of the chat with my very own eyes. You young coddled whippersnappers today don't even know the pain of not having clicklists. :U

...I'm old, let me have my obnoxious fun. :,D

2 Months ago3 comments
Oh...? 8,I

3 Months ago5 comments
"You successfully bought 500x Custap Berry for 3,750,000 !"

...Whoops. I just looked that it was 25% off and didn't bother to even glance at the price, just buying my usual berry bunch. Gosh darnit, I keep forgetting some berries are expensive as heck. x,D

I can get 2,500,000 back by selling them to the item shop again, I suppose I'll have to cut my losses and take that.

Remember kids, actually take a second to check what you're buying. Don't be a Finny.

5 Months ago6 comments

Hum.... a death star? :3

9 Months ago0 comments
Thank you to everyone who participated in my raffle, I've drawn and posted the winners in my previous feed. Congratz to everyone who won! .u.

Hopefully all my fellow Finns (and everyone else as well) had a pleasant day. And may the rest of December be great as well. :]

9 Months ago2 comments
In 1917, on the 6th of December, Finland became an independent country. The 6th just rolled over here in Finland so to celebrate our 100 years of independence, I'm holding a raffle.

There's 10 prizes and 10 winners:
1. 1 million PD
2. Light rock + Griseous orb
3. 10 Star pieces
4. 2 Enigma stones
5. Shiny magikarp + Bottled message
6. Uxie voucher
7. 1000 Milk
8. Blue orb + DNA splicer (white)
9. Mega able Sala da Menci
10. Shiny Deerling (winter)

The raffle ends in 24 hours, tomorrow at 22:00 PH time.

The only thing you gotta do to enter is to comment here on this feed. Feel free to tell your friends and send them over as well. :]

9 Months ago30 comments
#IAmThankfulFor ....sleep.

9 Months ago1 comment
Have I... misbehaved? :,u

Big brother duck is watching you.

10 Months ago0 comments
It was raining the whole time I walked to the store and back.

I had an umbrella in my backbag but I didn't use it.

...I make sense, yes.

In other news, I found a big box of chicken 30% off from the store. I can feast on the chicken/frozen veggie thing I made for a couple of days and it's delicious.

As a student, cheap chicken is happiness. :,3

11 Months ago4 comments
Wait. Hold on a bloody moment. That blue haired powepuff girl I saw a picture of a while ago is actually a canon character from the new... stuff?

What the frickin' heck?

I mean, seriously, she looks like a 'cool' self-insert OC designed by a 13-year-old or something. :I

11 Months ago4 comments

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