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Trainerlevel: 18

Trainerpoints: 153/989


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Regirock542 / 114
Bidoof8115 / 217
Eevee612 / 127
Fletchling421 / 39
Shuckle315 / 39
Rokkyu25762 / 1,676

About Me

Hello there.
My name is Jill. (:


Favorite pokemon:

[By Yoru.]
Always stalking the Spriting forums to see if I can snatch a special Shinx!


I haven't been on here in forever. I might not even stay! But please, if anyone wants to talk, I wouldn't mind.

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Fate hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #897653126
Registration: 27/07/2013 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 146:19 Hours
Total interactions: 25,216
Money: 234,264
Starter Pokémon: Piplup


I really need to get back on here... I just feel so left behind. It's been over a year, and I'm just so lost... ;-; Gosh, I'll see. It feels like everyone I knew here is dead. >.<

3 Years ago1 comment
Ok... getting back to this! :3 I don't like my chances with Mystery Boxes but I opened 2 just now. Aaaand... x1 Dragon Gems found! Plus x1 Dragon Gems... o.e

4 Years ago0 comments
Tang (Pangoro) and Salt (Dedenne) are both in Daycare with 1,000PD deposited. I have 5 Dedennes currently, but only that 1 Pangoro and 0 Panchams. o;

5 Years ago0 comments
After maybe 7 Bunnelbys and over 20 Growlithe eggs, I have finally achieved my 2nd Cuddlithe egg, soon to be evolved into a Arcaddly. Yesyesyes!~

5 Years ago0 comments
Ooooooooooh.... my. One of my babies hatched just over 45 minutes ago, and they're level 12. ;; another hatched 28 minutes ago, and is still level 1. o.e

5 Years ago0 comments
Cuddlithe and Bunnelby in Daycare, 4,000PD paid. No eggs yet, I'm really hoping I'll finally recieve my second Cuddlithe to evolve!

5 Years ago0 comments
Litleo and Espurr pair set up a few hours ago, so far 1 Litleo was born. (:

5 Years ago0 comments
Hope the Flame orb I bought for 50k is worth it. :]

5 Years ago0 comments
Bunnelby won from auction last night, she shall be named Sheila. Accieved Skiddo before that, bred him to get my baby girl, Moss. I'm currently breeding Daddy Pumpkaboo, 3 babies so far <3

5 Years ago2 comments
And.... Oh my gosh. Harvest Sprite obtained... I quit that quest a week ago... what luck!!! And almost done with this Skiddo event, Flaaffy just became level 29/30. <333333

5 Years ago0 comments
Aww, thanks guys. Super Famous badge obtained, :3 And just obtained... a Pokeradar~

5 Years ago0 comments
Mom clicked around 3000 pokemon for me today. Holy cow, in 36th place for the you-know-what contest. Obtained 37,000PD and nearly 500 Gold Chips, over 2,000GC obtained along with a Mesprint egg. Holy.

5 Years ago0 comments
Jumper(Cuddlithe) & Camila(Catercream): Produced 4 Caterpies, 5 Growlithes, and just now: a Catercream egg. <3333 Yeeeess!

5 Years ago0 comments
Holy f**k. I got my first shiny. I wasn't even trying. I just wanted a Spinarak from the lab. Then he hatches all blue and pink and has a SHINY sign when I got home, after he hatched while I was away.

5 Years ago0 comments
Got my Slowyore for 14,002, thank the lord. <3 She's beautiful. I also got a handsome little Tepig, only have one more starter to go (Snivy) ^^

5 Years ago0 comments
I named *her* Sabia; the sweet one. I also just recieved my first Daycare egg, a tiny bulbasaur. [I promised popo one of the babies.]

5 Years ago0 comments
Oh my. I just won a cute little shaymin for 9k. I was having a pal. night, and hoped up in the middle of the movie Kiki's Delievery Service to make popcorn. o:

5 Years ago0 comments
Omg just got a Cuddlithe 8D -dies over and over again- I've been clicking and clicking since yesterday morning, this is my first eventpet<3

5 Years ago0 comments
Omg! Just got a Mudkip! :33333 So excited, bidded 6,002P with 2 sec to spare

5 Years ago0 comments
Yay, my fifth egg was the Finneon. ^^ I gave her an everstone since Finneon is one of my favourit pokemon <3 Oh, and I'm calling Spinda Spinda I loved that character in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games (:

5 Years ago0 comments


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