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Trainerlevel: 90

Trainerpoints: 18,464/24,389

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Trainer ID: #227454095
Registration: 01/02/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 16/Apr/2018
Game Time: 4303:09 Hours
Total interactions: 309,301
Money: 148,999
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


if you have pokemon trading card game codes on sell feel free to contact me

10 nuggets each or
20k pd each
or shiny from my boxes per 5 of codes

1 Day ago1 comment
if you want anything that isnt shiny or legendary from my boxes feel free to ask

but there is limit 5 per player

2 Days ago8 comments
Last month on ph left till ill be off

come and give a hug V this guy

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

4 Days ago10 comments
because of Ecco just realized this year would be 5th anniversary of my marriage but welp close friends knows it wont and why

4 Days ago6 comments
slots full

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

4 Days ago0 comments
weekend will be busy since tonight till sunday

30th birthday of friend

5 Days ago1 comment
remember you can get for free Regigigas for sun or us or Heatran for moon or um

5 Days ago0 comments
want shiny from my current chain? 70 nuggets each (only 1 up for grabs)

or have specific hunt request (no nature, genderless, genderlocked, legendnds, events, sm, ditto)

i can do for nuggets xD

5 Days ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Starly hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #97)! on sell for nuggets

5 Days ago5 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Starly hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #87)! on sell for 70 nuggets

6 Days ago1 comment
Shiny Wonder Trade Report:

Gyarados => Gyarados
Houndoom => Gyarados
Bulbasaur => Gengar
Magikarp => Audino
Salandit => Pidgeot

7 Days ago0 comments
today in swt


7 Days ago1 comment
hahahaha so epic for all of you that have math problem at school

9 Days ago2 comments
Also other idea for fountain

Gems boost fountain - than throw pd we throw 1x of every type of gem to it and we can get boost to chance to find gems at rumble or in royal tunnel or from mystery boxes or from treasure hunt (no for golden slots spin as its random system is nice as it is


Sorry for close feeds and that hashtag xD

9 Days ago4 comments
Ya know what would be cool for rumble and gems?

Well add bug gem gems to forest rumble

And release 2 new rumble areas that last week

New areas called fairy garden and dragons den where you find fairy gems and dragon gems but you can send only fairy or dragon type there and your pokemon can find up to 5 gems at time of this week its in

Whats better if these rumble areas would be open to send there pokemon only during fairy or dragon weather



9 Days ago1 comment
8x event pokemon auctions

1 hour each

starting bid 1 pd each

these events

will throw next ones after they end

9 Days ago0 comments
lmao someone said that its my bad luck that i buy codes than buy cards in real life and called me broke a... xD and blocked me well if this player would know me better he would know im not broke lmao just dont see point in buy pokemon cards in real life just for codes for online version xD

9 Days ago7 comments
Well if you have pokemon trading card game online codes on sell feel free to contact me

I pay in pd, nuggets or shinies

9 Days ago0 comments
So today gotta release a lot of stuff xD

Well if you have pokemon trading card game online codes on sell feel free to contact me

I pay in pd, nuggets or shinies

10 Days ago3 comments
if you want me to breed pokemon for tall grass

i breed for 90 nuggets a week any pokemon you want

10 Days ago0 comments


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