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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 2,315/4,143

Game Records

Trainer ID: #189834091
Registration: 11/02/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 291:42 Hours
Total interactions: 306,446
Money: 451,595
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Just spent 1700 gold chips on 17 spins of the Legendary slots

My Results:
1 gold box and 1,393 game chips. (1 x Relic Gold from box)

Would you say this a good or bad haul ?

1 Month ago0 comments
YAY Found another 1 which was blended in with a picture so didn't pick up I seen an egg lol

1 Month ago0 comments
17 / 20 eggs and stumped like last year lol. Looks like need to re-go over everything again

1 Month ago1 comment
finally hatched an alola Pokemon and got my map after 7 normal egg hatches lol

5 Months ago0 comments
Its the battle of the Professors again please help us win

5 Months ago0 comments
Please help to hatch my eggs as got a lot in daycare. Will return with berrys

7 Months ago4 comments
Congratz! Resolute-Egg found! You took the egg and placed it in your Party. =)

7 Months ago0 comments

You fed Audrey a Haban Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 969 Exp. Points.

8 Months ago0 comments
YAY completed set 1 of my badges and got an explorer bag now to try and get last 1 on set 2

8 Months ago0 comments
We lost.

Well that contest was kind of a disappointment. I was really looking forward to finish building the portal.
But it's alright, we'll just have to delay it. I've already talked to Professor Oak and we've agreed on another challenge sometime soon. A second chance, I guess.
Thanks for trying to help, though. *sigh*

Ah well thank you for everyone who helped me try to beat him

8 Months ago2 comments

Trying something new to get more help to those who need it. Along with quests I am now also taking requests to add you Legendary and MissingNo eggs to a click list.

If you see or receive a Rowan quest, please let Princess_Politoad know so it can be added to the list for this week. \ (•◡•) /

Rowan Quest Click List
Legends Click List

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8 Months ago0 comments
Think I need to learn how many steps to hatch eggs lol. I get the types and pokedex entries right but keep failing the royal tunnel with steps

9 Months ago0 comments
is Satichu breed able?

9 Months ago1 comment
I need to practice the gem cauldron more as thats 2nd time failed to put all gems in time with incense

9 Months ago1 comment
Anyone help. I set up a trade in GTS with a pokemon holding a voucher but when you look it says no item. This a bug as if you click details it has the voucher as item?

9 Months ago0 comments
Selling Mesprit Egg Voucher or exchanging for Azlef Egg Voucher

9 Months ago0 comments
Can you get multiple Shaymin eggs or it 1 per person

9 Months ago2 comments


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About Me

The contest of the Profs (Part 3)

I'm a Pokémon Trainer who loves Fire types.

I'm a always on the lookout for special traits in Pokémon. Each new Pokémon you find comes with new challenges to overcome and I go into this with a positive attitude.

If you need an evolution trade but want to keep your Pokémon that you've worked hard on then just let me know and I'll be happy to evolve trade and return with no charge.

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