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Trainerlevel: 83

Trainerpoints: 8,156/20,749


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Rapidash525,938 / 8,269
Lucario413,650 / 5,055
Altaria591,461 / 7,506
Buneary444,969 / 5,941

About Me

I WILL be your shield
Pokemon Go FC: 5148 5296 1407

23 years old, Canadian, gay. Call me Jessie
Past Usernames- Glaceonboy> Airbendinggamer> Jessiegames95> Primarina> AlolanVulpix> Jessiegames95> BrigitteLindholm

Next hunts
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- Pikachu
- Totodile
- Turtwig
- Piplup
- Zubat
- Buizel
- Rotom
- Pachirisu
- Oddish
- Ekans
- Aipom

Mega hunts will start once i have enough gems. Contact me with gem prices. (gem donations would be appreciated)

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- Shiny mega Mareep (Electric 823/30,000)
- x2 Shiny Mega Snorunt (Ice 18/120,000)
- Shiny mega Swablu (Flying 154/15000 & Normal ???/15000)

Do NOT message me about buying one of my Pokemon and/or item (that includes nuggets!) unless i've stated that i'm selling it. you WILL be blocked AND reported if you constantly do it.

Collecting these plushies so feel free to send some thanks


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Trainer ID: #158918295
Registration: 16/05/2014 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 09/Apr/2020
Game Time: 1909:28 Hours
Total interactions: 4,214,850
Money: 649,008
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


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i'll try again tomorrow

Today, 02:520 comments
gonna try and hope to get all 3 pokemon needed before going to bed

Today, 01:071 comment
Area: Alola

Collected money: 70
Explorer Bag: 0 Items
Recruits: Marowak (Alolan)


4 Days ago1 comment
if you offer on my trades on GTS, dont palpad me saying you offered when i dont accept a couple mins later. i keep my comp on all the time so when im working or sleeping, it probably shows me online when im not. if you've offered on my trade I WILL SEE IT. I get these sort of messages almost every day and its annoying.

4 Days ago1 comment
if you dislike this event because its about LGBTQ pride then unfriend me. as someone who is gay, someone who was bullied for being gay by peers, family, and former employers, i don't want anything to do with you. anyone who spouts hate about this event will be blocked. thank you

22 Days ago13 comments
BrigitteLindholm is currently hunting Buneary.
Hunt started: 11/05/2018

Chain: 4,013
(122 Shinies hatched so far.)

please before 5k... please

22 Days ago0 comments
BrigitteLindholm is currently hunting Buneary.
Hunt started: 11/05/2018

Chain: 3,000
(81 Shinies hatched so far.)
And we made it to 3k eggs. Oh boy

1 Month ago0 comments
i was lucky and got a zapdos and i sold it for 10k PD... well someone convinced me that it was worth that much

5 Months ago4 comments
It’s tough but we need to learn to let go of toxic people we consider friends. If they constantly put you down to talk down to you, they aren’t a friend. To them you’re just an ‘object’ that makes them feel better about themselves by putting you down. I’m can assure you by cutting those toxic people out of your life you’ll be a happier person.

6 Months ago3 comments
#PokeRadar2017 shinies hatched 173. That’s almost 100 more then last year. It’s been a good year for hunts

8 Months ago0 comments
i find it funny that every time a new pokemon or item comes to the site people start complaining about the prices. of course its gonna be more expensive at first. just like electronics and video games, everyone wants it right away so it'll be priced higher. after a few months when most people have it the price goes down. a mega magikarp used to go for 200k PD easily when it came out. now a days you're lucky to get 50k PD. complaining about it is pointless. you don't want to pay *insert amount of nuggs/Pd* then don't. either get it yourself like others, or wait till the price drops. its that simple. Rant done.

11 Months ago6 comments
if you don't like how a user sells shiny slots, don't go complaining to them. go find someone else who follows your rules. i have ALWAYS done payment first before shiny, to insure the user doesn't back out and i wasted my time on getting an extra shiny when i could have started another hunt. until now, nobody has had a problem with it.

11 Months ago1 comment
Shiny Cyndaquil (Retro)

11 Months ago7 comments
Can people on here be happy for people's success for once without being so negative. This site can be so toxic sometimes

1 Year ago6 comments

1 Year ago24 comments
blueberry is back home <3

1 Year ago1 comment
gonna have PH rule 1.3 ready to copy and paste from now on. its annoying getting a few messages a day asking to buy this pokemon, that isn't in my selling box, or to borrow that pokemon. its annoying especially after you say no and a few weeks later they're messaging you again. like stop. i'm done being nice and i'm gonna start reporting people

1 Year ago5 comments

Shiny Hunt

BrigitteLindholm is currently hunting Buneary.
Hunt started: 11/05/2018

Chain: 4,688
(143 Shinies hatched so far.)



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