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Trainer ID: #246270888
Registration: 10/05/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 26/Jul/2019
Game Time: 4204:27 Hours
Total interactions: 25,511,945
Money: 5,102,474
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Sure, I'll steal jump on this bandwagon ^^

I'll check responses, if any, when I wake up~

Today, 10:051 comment
Axel-Valentine is currently hunting Mr. Bagon.
Hunt started: 27/04/2018

Chain: 193
(1 Shiny hatched so far.)

Send help

On another note, if you haven't already could you take a moment to vote on my new poll? Much appreciated

1 Day ago3 comments
When I hatch, perhaps, 2-3 more shiny Mr. Bagon, I'd like to be part of a shiny breeding team. If you know if any are needing an extra breeder, especially one who has a Ditto for genderless hunts, please contact me, I'd like to help!~

4 Days ago0 comments
Okay but

Who remembers Neopets???

5 Days ago11 comments
Just a quick PSA since I still see this argument used by people selling Ditto's:

It has been proven by looking through the coding of all Pokémon games to date that having a "Naughty" natured Ditto does NOT affect breeding efficiency. At all. None whatsoever. End of story. Stop trying to make an extra quick buck off of gullible people.

Riako specifically makes sure that all details about Pokémon (breeding stats, types, how to evolve Pokémon, etc.) are as accurate to the official games as possible! That includes this tidbit.

That is all~

6 Days ago7 comments
Jumping on the bandwagon

If you want me to roast give you my honest opinion of you, leave a comment down below! If I don't know you I'll take a look at your profile and build a makeshift opinion from that ^^

8 Days ago14 comments
Selling Shiny Mr. Bagon and evolutions of it at 250 nuggets (or 400k PD) apiece! First come first serve as they hatch, and I currently have a Shiny Sir Shelgon (about to be Shiny Lord Salamence) currently available for sale! Please Palpad or PM me if you are interested!~

8 Days ago0 comments
O.o oh my....

I think someone released their Shiny Mega Absol, I checked like last week and there were 14 on site. Now the Pokédex says there's only 13 on site...

13 Days ago4 comments
Decided to change the name of my SM Absol from Fenrir to Casimir. A friend once told me that the name Fenrir seems a bit out of place since my particular Absol is of "Gentle" Nature. For context, read below, if you are interested~

Fenrir: Nordic, means "fen-dweller" or "wolf" and refers to a savage wolf under Loki's command in Norse mythology.

Casimir: Polish, means "proclamation of peace".

Since my particular Absol is Gentle, and Absol, although made out to be the harbinger of bad luck, is actually a peaceful Pokémon who tries to warn people of impending misfortune, it makes more sense that it would be named something meaning peacekeeper, instead of savage wolf.

16 Days ago1 comment
I have a sudden interest in Ditto pricing because I'm contemplating taking on Jackal's old Pokéheroes goal, before he quit.

For those who don't know, Jackal was mass collecting Normal Gems for a Ditto hunt so he could be the first and only person with a shiny Ditto. He actually got really far along into collecting, I think he had enough at least for 10 eggs.

Anyway, he has quit and has since returned all "donated" gems to respective users (he had this lottery set up, as well as a system for people who donated the gems to be able to get a hatched Ditto once the hunt started.)

I'm seriously considering starting up a campaign like that myself, since my interest in the game was dwindling before, and a couple of friends suggested I work on a huge goal. Well, maybe this is it. Thoughts? Want to brainstorm ideas on how to go about it...

19 Days ago2 comments
Mind checking this out? And potentially supporting? ^^

1 Month ago0 comments
Want to reiterate for some people who might be confused...

My idea regarding Price Check would not make me in charge of the prices, by any means, whatsoever. It would be a community driven effort to find fair average prices on the site. The only thing I would be doing is writing it down for people to see.

The only reason why I'm suggesting it is because I intend on being active in this site for a very long time. Even if I'm not "playing" the game, I'm still on it, talking to people, checking in and such. Currently the 2 people who were in charge of the Price Check have been inactive, and it has been almost a year now since it was last updated, which has affected users negatively. I just want to change that.

If I get enough community support to do this, I will write up a template, BBCode and all, and submit it to the mods while asking for permission to go through with it.

1 Month ago8 comments
Got a question for you guys.

Since Toothie and Max have both either quit or have become really inactive for PH, the Price Check thread now remains stagnant and outdated. Should I make my own Price Check Thread, using the original one as a basis for the new one? Prices would not be determined by me, but rather, by the community as a whole, so that shouldn't be a problem. I just want people to be able to have an accurate and regularly updated Price Check, and I don't mind updating it myself in that case, since I plan to be around for quite a long time still.

Let me know what you think by voting on my new poll~

1 Month ago5 comments
Doo u kno de wey?

4 Months ago3 comments
Taking a break from the Pidgey hunt, would really like to do some other shiny hunts that aren't Mega, as well as some lab hunts. So note to self: chain ended at: 3,464 hatches.

4 Months ago0 comments

4 Months ago2 comments

I have changed my name from "-Axel-" to "Axel-Valentine"! Please make sure this name change is accounted for, and Commit it to memory~

4 Months ago1 comment
uNdErStAnDaBlE hAvE a GrEaT dAy

11 Months ago2 comments
Note to self: Ending current chain at 1,547. Will continue at a later date.

So yeah, I'm ending my Riolu hunt, but not permanently, just want to do some other hunts and lab stuff. I'll be back on the Riolu hunt in a few months at most ^^

1 Year ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 24 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Magikarp hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2254)!

Shiny Mega!!! YES!

1 Year ago13 comments



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Shiny Hunt

Axel-Valentine is currently hunting Mr. Bagon.
Hunt started: 27/04/2018

Chain: 210
(1 Shiny hatched so far.)

About Me

The name's Axel. Commit it to memory.

A man of no consequence~

Name Transitions: AxelsEnvy -> Flamesilocks -> -Axel- -> ArdynIzunia -> -Axel- -> Axel-Valentine. Please make sure that these changes are accounted for! Thanks ^^

My real name is Axel Nick Valentine.

Got it Memorized?

I hail from The World That Never Was. I am Number VIII in the group of Nobodies, dubbed Organization XIII.

I figured I would take a break from my task involving the Keyblade and its chosen one, and start taking care of some Pokemon.

Let me know if you guys need anything

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Random Facts about me:

- I've lived in many places. Currently I'm in California, USA.
- I am a video game and book nerd.
- I can solve a Rubik's Cube.
- I owned a Husky/Wolf Support Dog by the name of Sirius for 4 years, but he passed away.
- I love playing piano. I've been playing for 12 years now.
- I am 19 years old, my favorite color is Burgundy, and I'm left-handed.
- I'm Russian, German and Roman.
- My favorite Pokemon is Absol.

Thanks Guys!


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