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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 317/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gastly428 / 39
Gastly719 / 78
Gastly421 / 39
Gastly61 / 57
Gastly641 / 57
Gastly715 / 78

Max - 22 - Moderator

Max here❕

Venezuela ];=pprQ2hg&)

My PalPad is always open, so if you've a question, go there❕
(Puedes escribirme en Español también!)

Don't ask for my stuff unless I stated on a Feed/Post that they were for trade.

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& Plushie collector.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #966078746
Registration: 04/07/2013 (4 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Jul/2018
Game Time: 3892:52 Hours
Total interactions: 694,604
Money: 2,023,942
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Interaction exchange please?
Daycare is full.

4 Months ago8 comments
Well, after 3 month I got a reply from the (only) internet provider here and they said that they don't have the equipment needed now to install the new cables for the phone and internet, so I had to buy one of those pendrive for internet, it isn't as fast as a normal connection but something is something.I am trying now to get more information about the satellite internet, hopefully it will work here .3.

4 Months ago5 comments
Merry Christmas everyone
Hope you all have a great holiday and get a lot of gifts!

5 Months ago4 comments
For everyone who asked when the next wiki helper hiring would be, it's your lucky day! Applications are open again!

Become wiki helper! yepyep
this was suppose to be a serious feed /shot

6 Months ago2 comments
[Shinies Giveaway]
I got a couple of extra Shiny Gastly (~50) and some mega-ables, as I don't need them, I'm going to give them to newbies!
If you want one (Either a shiny or a mega able) You must:
- Be from Trainer level 7 to level 15
- Have less than 5 shinies or mega ables (Depending on which one you want).
If you fullfill those requeriments send me a PalPad message and I'll give you the one you want!

Also, If you're asking one for a friend, tell them to ask for one directly!
You can only choose Either a shiny OR a mega able, not both~

8 Months ago1 comment
Even though today is my birthday, it doesn't feel like it, with everything happening right now here in Venezuela there isn't anything to Be happy or celebrate, and more today with that fake election for "la constituyente" as they want to change the laws in order to give them more power. Hopefully. Next year we'll have a new government and something to celebrate.

In the other hand, thanks so much to everyone who send me their wishes!

10 Months ago2 comments
New bingo round is up!
This week's prizes: Shiny Gastly + Mega able Haunter OR Griseous Orb
Max. Players: 20
Go and claim your slot, they're free!
[Go to the bingo thread]

10 Months ago1 comment
Tfw you almost delete the bingo thread trying to edit the main post

New bingo round is up!
This week's prizes: x3 Dragon Gems OR x1 Mega Stine
Max. Players: 20
Go and claim your slot, they're free!
[Go to the bingo thread]

11 Months ago1 comment
3 months and still on chain 1.7k gj me
Some day I will end this hunt and use all the gems I got xD

11 Months ago0 comments
New bingo round is up!
This week's prizes: x5 Dragon Gems OR x5 Star pieces
Max. Players: 20
Go and claim your slot, they're free!
[Go to the BINGO thread]

11 Months ago3 comments
The bingo is opening again tomorrow with a new round. Go check the last post for more information and a new update!

[Bingo thread]

11 Months ago0 comments
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 4 Years now!

woohoo 4 years! Can't believe it's already been this long o:
Also, got all 4 anniv. gifts now~!

11 Months ago6 comments
Pfft, I never thought my city would get up to this level like most of the big cities here in Venezuela.
Yesterday I went to the protests, but everything got really bad after a couple of hours. The National Guard (they're suppose to take care of us, not hurt us, I guess) came with those tanks, as it was an university, they couldn't get inside there as that's what the law states (at least they respect one law). So they were outside throwing a buch of stuff.
Luckily I got out of there before they closed all the exit of the building.

Today no one can't get out of their houses, everything on the streets right now is really bad. All the streets and avenues are closed, guards everywhere (you feel more insecure when they're around). Most shops are closed as yesterday many big markets and places were Looted.

If you don't know what's happening right now here in Venezuela, you can google it, there are many heartbreaking pictures.

1 Year ago8 comments
Interaction exchange please?
Got a lot of eggs waiting on the Daycare to be hatched before I leave for today~

1 Year ago8 comments
New poll is up!
It is related to the Bingo!
I'd like to open it again, but I'm not sure if I'd have the time to organize every round, so I'd like the help of some of you guys. You wouldn't have to donate if you don't want to. I'll still be giving out the prizes! I just need help organizing every round.
Depending on the votes I'll either open it again or not!

1 Year ago0 comments
Paying 1,200 PD per gem!
Also got some forme change items and x19 star pieces also up for ghost gems!
PalPad or PM me!

1 Year ago1 comment
woot found all the 15 eggs~
This year was easier than last year xD
The last one was on a page I visited like a million times pfft

1 Year ago5 comments
Wooot! x3~
Hopefully I'll hatch a lot of eggs today
Soo, Interaction exchange anyone?

1 Year ago1 comment
I'm about to start my shiny mega gengar hunt!
I've got enough gems for 2,100 eggs and I hope to get a lot of eggs from the Daycare and the Tall Grass to make it more!
In the mean time, I'll be buying more Ghost gems for 1,200 PD EACH (only buying 10+ per trade). PalPad me if you got some to trade.
And wish me good luck~
I hope to get something good this time.

1 Year ago9 comments
The advent calendar thingy just made me think about something... almost 100 days of this year have already passed?? But January was like... yesterday. Already wasted 98 days of this year, 268 to go

1 Year ago2 comments