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(Mega Rayquaza)
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-Ike- is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 30/07/2018

Chain: 147

About Me

I just kinda exist | The king of all trash(and idiots) |A self proclaimed good Fire Emblem player. Among other things.

Figured I'd put this up here.
By far the best friend I could ask for.

big ol' WIP for now


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Oh right I have an Amazon account now.
Welp.. if my impulse buying wasn't bad enough before. Remember me as neither hero nor villain

17 Days ago1 comment
Fun times at like 2 am
my sleep deprived brain decides to hit me with "do animals think in our language or is it just whatever noise they end up making?" which then became "how do they translate our commands in order to do the thing?" which is now debating the intelligence of a cat.
help? naaah

25 Days ago0 comments
oh hey i totally didnt forget to check in here for close to a month
soo uh
kept you waiting huh

1 Month ago0 comments
Well. Stan Lee, huh.
He lived a good life, gave a lot to nerds everywhere. He will be missed.
I'm not crying, you're crying!

2 Months ago0 comments
so what have i done today
> nothing productive
> beat the main story of MH:Stories
> drink cola

this is my quota now. if i don't match 4 of those above statements i will have had a bad day

2 Months ago0 comments
So deltarune's a thing.
Yeah that's cool I just..
Monster Hunter Stories tho
where's that hype train huh
also other things i guess.

freaks this is the first massive interest in a toby fox game since earthbound's halloween hack. mostly for one cutscene

2 Months ago5 comments
Okay, serious(kind of) post time because some things are weighing on me. This is gonna be a really long one and it's probably the most open i've been - through feeds - since I joined. There won't be a tl;dr, i don't expect people to read this, but i just need to get this out of my head so i can sleep. so uh...here is that place. thought(s) will be in comments so..yeeah. and for those who do decide to read this; thanks, i guess.

2 Months ago18 comments
and redone an old poll of mine
go vote. or not. freedom of choice, yo.

2 Months ago0 comments
are lobsters just mermaid scorpions

this is the question that keeps me up at night

2 Months ago0 comments
my mind is one weird place
one part wants to be productive
another needs coffee
two parts keep telling me to get back into job searching
and the rest scream at different tones and cause me to mis-press buttons which ehhhhh
its fun hearing voices 24/7

2 Months ago3 comments
So I suppose this is a note to self, but it's an anime I need to watch list, so feel free to leave your own suggestions.
Note; due to spoilers, I won't be watching MHA. blame people I went to college with.

3 Months ago4 comments
Well, this has been a "fun" day and a bit.
Sit down kids, it's time for: A Pessimist's Life, Volume I-can't-make-titles.
So around yesterday afternoon my mother and myself hear a dripping. The taps are off and we aren't in rain, so we find the source to be leaking in our kitchen, front room and a wet patch in my room. The source? Upstairs had an issue that slightly flooded their kitchen. So what ensued(after panicing) was a call to our housing company and a 4 hour wait for an electrician. That didn't show up. So with our afternoon wasted and now at night, another call and 4 hour wait. Nada.
Fastforward to today at midday, we FINALLY got the issue fixed and later on in the week we should have replaced lights.
So the message of the story? I dunno, someone can find some cryptic stuff about life I guess.

3 Months ago0 comments
Welp. It's october.
Time to bust out The Darkness and prepare the spook memes.
Warning: If you have me on discord, expect spook memes.

3 Months ago1 comment
It's the return of "Borderlands 2 shenanighans!" also the "I'm a filthy cheater but if it hurts it works" show.
Fot a giant boss with specific pain points? well you have 2 options!
The intended way: learn when you can hurt it, do some trial and error and maybe have some friends to help.
Or my way: abuse a sniper and piercing shots to break every weak point you can see then time your shots to pierce armor and kill it that way.
Either way, the DLC leviathan boss sucks and I now have a cheese method.
Also internet issues blah blah i have no social life.

3 Months ago0 comments
Today on "Borderlands Misadventures";
Playing pistol sniper with a meelee based character. Why? Because arena rules, you die, you don't go back in. So while my sniper pal is in there, I gotta support as good as I can.

3 Months ago0 comments
Well after sorting through some of my old stuff, my nerd shelf(tm) looks more alive.
Which leads to this tangent; does ANYBODY remember when UB Funkeys existed? Or was it something that obscure? 'cause I do. I loved it.

4 Months ago0 comments
I'm a simple dude.
I see a rathalos? I stabs it.
New dragon quest game? hype.
Go outside? lolno
and now for something i wont regret ever; multiple shiny hunts in a chain. just gotta get a list going for what order and then get enough painkillers for the headaches these will bring.

4 Months ago0 comments
4 years on this site. Man I feel old..
Well, obligatory "very depressed/nihilistic/pessimistic dude expresses gratitude" thing..
Huge thanks to my friends here for another decent year. Even if I'm more or less mute at this point. Your cookies for putting up with my crap will arrive never. Instead I'll sort out another kinda gift I guess.

4 Months ago4 comments
So apparently there's pride drama? Ironic that there's this stuff involving a time of acceptance for all.
Keeping my personal views personal because raisins, but to any of you who are in the LGBTQ community (i think that's the full name? my apologies otherwise), here's a little thing for you;
Regardless of your preference, own it. Mad respect to you, you aren't any less human because of it.

4 Months ago0 comments
I swear it's a tradition to be a phantom here.
Well over the course of the month..did nothing productive, wasted even more money on sugar and spent most of august in a headache.
So happy september or whatever, I'mma go back to my coffinless grave.

4 Months ago3 comments

Important thing I guess

So, went from an edgy cat to this. Why? eh, I'm an FE nerd.
For those who still dont know: CatTheDeviledge --> -Ike-. voila

You can also get hold of me on
Steam -> Kaiser Madlad
Discord -> Kaiser Madness#6909
^ i highly reccomend one or both of these if you wanna keep in contact as i'm using PH less and less these days

I didn't know what to put here because I'm not interesting or funny much.
Uh. Chromgrats if you read this.

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