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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 14,125/14,351

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Trainer ID: #964212889
Registration: 07/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Sep/2019
Game Time: 2042:57 Hours
Total interactions: 1,106,010
Trainer Battle Stats: 10 won, 4 lost.
Money: 446,704
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


By *AnarchyMadScientist*
Ooh. Two hashtags are competing for trending? Well I will throw my hat into the ring.


If we can get this to reach number one on the most trending hashtag I will raffle a Mega Houndoom.

Ends a minute before reset (23:59) on February 22nd (since everyone else is ending at this time)

Good luck.

Yesterday, 23:231 comment
By Argentis

If this hashtag reaches #1 for most trending hashtag, I'll raffle out 200 Nuggets to one person who shares it.

Ends at a minute before reset (23:59) of 22nd of February.

Yesterday, 22:530 comments
9 eggs in daycare.
I would appreciate some help with this party while I go to the clinic today.
(Ugh, doctors.)

Yesterday, 22:203 comments
Sitting here raiding in World of Warcraft...
while also listening to sea shanties.
Because, well... //shrug//

Yesterday, 03:411 comment
>>Steals but changes oops<<
Do y'all think I'm intimidating / one of those users you're scared to approach due to... whatever?
(e.g. trainer level or being "cool")

Yesterday, 01:575 comments
Screw going to the clinic
I am tired of transport. I will go tomorrow.
I caught the wrong bus (not my fault, the driver said he went where i had to go and then he didnt..) and i ended out a half hour bus ride away from the station i had to be at, and a 45 minute bus ride away from home. Unfortunately i went to the station i had to but 3 busses i had to catch (all the same exact route i needed) just somehow FAILED to show up -.- and the next one came 5 minutes late.
Once I got off the bus near home it was a choice of wade through above-ankle deep water or walk through ankle deep snow. I chose the snow.
And now im here.

1 Day ago1 comment
Alright guys so im going to the clinic tomorrow but any advice or anything?
Basically i have two (i think lymph nodes?) one on each side of my neck but different spots on those sides
Theyre swollen as h e c k and feel like rocks ;w;
Not in any pain but it feels almost like two bone growths (but i know it isnt) so.. Agh

2 Days ago7 comments
I don't wanna hit level 70...
//keeps petting chest floof//
lol I'm close to having my trainer level go up D:

3 Days ago2 comments
C'mon eggos.. hatch ;w;

3 Days ago1 comment
New Avi,
(It's super late ahh, that's my bad cause I just loved the valentines one)
but it's a Chinese New Year one made by Argentis ;D

3 Days ago3 comments
Hey ;D
I'm looking for non-legendary, non-mega missing dex entries xx
Mind giving me a hand? ^^"

3 Days ago3 comments
I've had the weirdest "celebrity" crush growing up, lol.
Ever since I was a child I've really liked Dog and Beth (From Dog the Bounty Hunter).
I wouldn't call it a crush but i've liked those two from before i even knew what a crush was, psssh
(It started airing about a month or so after my 4th birthday, and my parents would watch it from time to time)

5 Days ago1 comment
You know what would be interesting (although rather pointless)?
If your pokemon/eggs had a little section on their page that informed you how much PD/GGC/etc people got from it.
A little sentence like
"People have gotten xxxx amount of Pokedollars and xxxx GGC from interacting with this pokemon today!"
It would be a total of the day (so, if 5 people all got 700 PD, the number would be 3,500 PD)
Not gonna make a suggestion or anything but just something that's been floating around for a while

7 Days ago3 comments
By HauntedXXDreams - 1 Hour and 8 Minutes ago.
So many people have joined my giveaway that I've decided to do something crazy. Not only am I going to give away 800 nuggets even if I DO hatch a shiny before 200 but I will be selecting 3 winners! So when my chain hits 200 I will select 3 random users to win 800 nuggets!!! So share this news so not only new, but current entries can see this.

9 Days ago0 comments
Hives between my toeeeeeeeeeees so itchy ack

11 Days ago0 comments
#FoS4Au by Argentis
Aiming for gold again, and I'm mighty appreciative of all the help I can get!

How to Join:
* Train or Feed a berry to One Ring; training earns 1 ticket and berry-feeding 2 tickets.
* Comment proof of berry-feeding/training on Argentis' feed of the day!
* Share the whole hashtag post, with the links for an extra ticket daily!
* Send Rare Candies, 10 tickets per Candy donated! [Max. 100 per user]

* Grand prize of 5M PD to the lowest set
* 250 Nuggets, two Event Pokemon Packages, and shiny Regis! [current tier]

[Send Rare Candy] | [Share + Details]

14 Days ago0 comments
Pirate role is fun in ToS~~

14 Days ago0 comments
Anyone up for Town of Salem? o_O

14 Days ago1 comment
I wanna play ToS with some peeps :x

14 Days ago0 comments
The first thing imma do when I move out
is get my hair cut >:L

15 Days ago3 comments



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