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Registration: 07/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Sep/2019
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Money: 65,901
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Good thing: I didn't die at school today!
No anxiety attacks. I was too out of it lol. Seriously though, I pretty much just slept through my last two classes of the day.
Bonus considering I had.. 3? On Friday.

Today, 01:480 comments
Egg 1,000 was a shiny. Woohoo. I'll get this pretty girl out to her owner in the morning.
I saw it in my party and my chest built up with hope but no shiny mega yet ;( oh well!

Yesterday, 05:071 comment
To those who get periods ---
What is one of the most ignorant comments you've gotten due to it? <Such as "Why can't you just hold the blood in">Or maybe some stupid/silly situation you've found yourself in due to it?
I'm curious. Obviously a more personal question, you don't gotta answer--

4 Days ago53 comments
Tmw you confuse a dusclops for a pinsir.
//facedesk// lol

9 Days ago2 comments
You obtained a new badge (Cooking Mama)!

9 Days ago6 comments
close ish feeds
I gotta go to the movies! BAI!

9 Days ago0 comments
Emera Mall has restocked on berries.
Go buy as many as you want!

9 Days ago0 comments
//shivers in excitement//
hi? :3

9 Days ago3 comments
Cries b/c friend forgot to ask parents for movie money for tomorrow
Friend doesn't work and so they don't have their own money
They would've shown up at the theatre and been like "Well poop I don't have money" and then gone home--

9 Days ago0 comments
Thank you for those who helped ^^" <3
if I come across any extra berries I'll try to pass them along to others who need them :>

9 Days ago4 comments
(I just got home from the clinic AGAIN. Sorry for being slow lol)

11 Days ago4 comments
Person: Thanks!
Me: No.
I love typos

11 Days ago1 comment
Three of us are going to see either mother! or Annabelle: Creation.

12 Days ago1 comment
Good news:
I finished all my homework.
I have a super easy semester.
My friends still like me.
I'm still the co-head of my GSA and we're actually going to do stuff this year!
I started a college course and it is fun as h e ck
Bad news:
I have an irritatingly terrible sinus infection (that may or may not be an actual sinus infection according to the doctor - they said they weren't sure...)
My school's Stratford trip was cancelled because not enough interest.
I dropped Drama for math... and I'm enjoying math more.

12 Days ago1 comment
What's it called when there are letters down the left, and you make words with them that stick out of the right?
Like.... uh,

12 Days ago6 comments
I'm going to the clinic cause I'm sick as all heck and there are 6 eggs in daycare ;w;
I'd appreciate eggo hugs so I can swap my party out later? <3

14 Days ago3 comments
Can someone entertain palpad me? I need something to talk about so I don't fall asleep--

14 Days ago2 comments
When someone calls me innocent I just chuckle because they wouldn't if they've seen a list of fanfictions I've read xP

15 Days ago4 comments
Whenever I see myself listed on someone's profile as yknow, a best friend/a good person/etc
I always wonder what I did to deserve being listed-
Like was it just one major event? Or did it build over time--
and just.. Why?

15 Days ago3 comments
Alright so
Both -Shuckle and CassofDelphi have won a dragon gem each, while Hamburger has won the shiny larvitar ^^"
Thank you everyone for hugging my eggs.
Shuckle and Cass, check your gifts momentarily. Hamburger, check your private trades momentarily.

16 Days ago3 comments



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