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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 224/2,053


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
~Myself~ Anthony
(Mega Charizard X)
263172,155 / 242,151
~My Gaurdian~
(Mega Steelix)
258154,085 / 200,467
~Secret Buddy~ (#48)
17238,202 / 111,586
~My Feelings~
(Mega Aggron)
1673,571 / 105,211
~My Unknown Side~
(Unown E)
12141,493 / 44,287
~My Undead Soul~
11622,266 / 50,896


Current Shiny Hunt Info

I am currently hunting for a shiny aron and a shiny mega able aron.
I am a steel type fan and it seems for me a perfect idea to start off with a Shiny Mega Aggron + a Shiny Aggron

I will sell other normall mega able /shiny aron's though auction house or this shop.
So do not forgot to keep looking back here!

[Click this and see our shop ^-^]

Ty for stepping by!


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Sharktibolt 5 Days ago
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*~Steel_Leader~* hasn't collected any medals so far.

About Me (N/A)

Might use some stuff for this.
But i changed quite much, Besides i became a adult by now.

This was back in 2015.

About me: I don't scam. So please dont say it. Every 21 december its my bday, Im a male. (Ohh yeah born data: 2000. U gues how old i am C: )
Im Single At the moment.. (In the game, and in real life )
And Also. I am must of times a nice person, i wants to help as much i can, just ask.


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Help the starters. From Lolsheila and mine.
The girlfriend of mine starter: And some others;

Good friends, Or locked/left friends...
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Others Are Good friends, or just friends
friends that left, at the moment: Sure i will miss all the friends if i left, or they left; InBurned

MY diary


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Just click on iamge, if you want to join Any of clubs ,

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I love Poliwag's They are so cute

Game Records

Trainer ID: #271713291
Registration: 18/05/2014 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 276:00 Hours
Total interactions: 113,988
Money: 58,859
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


"You push the gold key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

15x Nugget found!

The key breaks and becomes useless."

Hell yea.
Every nugget counts.
:Insert Gangsta Music:
2 Days ago
How are you?
2 Days ago
So i decided to waste all my dream points.
And spam Eclips98.
4 of the new plushies, and 2 poliwag's.
7 Days ago
"You push the pink key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Relic Silver found!

The key breaks and becomes useless."

Oh yes dadi
8 Days ago
" By Auction House - 16 Hours and 37 Minutes ago.
You won an auction.

Auction: Shinx (Your bid: 5,432 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.


Mega-Able shinx.
Didn't expect to win it.
Ah well, Love it.
10 Days ago
Anyone like the names of my party?
19 Days ago
"Your interactions:

Atleast something..? ;-;
21 Days ago
"The Pokémon raised by 522 x 3 = 1,566 Exp. Points.
You have interacted with 1000 Adopts in a row.
+ 10 "

How does the speed click event work?
Can anyone please explain it.
How much i interact, There doesn't fall a single coin out.
And this isn't the first time i tryed to click either...

Am i crazy..?
21 Days ago
How does the speed click event work??
21 Days ago
My first unown egg!
21 Days ago
"Oh no, the treasure box was empty! I bet you've missed something really rare!
Well, better luck next time."

Just curious, Since i always miss it.
What contains the "Something really rare"?
like a mega stone?
If yes, then dang i am bad luck...

Someone have advice for this tho?
23 Days ago
23 Days ago
After 5 great balls.
And 3 ultra balls.
Never even had a ultra ball.
Yet its hard for me to get great balls.

"GOTCHA! Aipom was caught successfully!"
Great ball. ..Sometimes i see them in the shop.
I am so bad lucky
24 Days ago
Anyone want to trade a shiny combee for 23k pd.
And the black + white dna splicer?? (Got both of them)
24 Days ago
What is the price of a shiny combee?
24 Days ago
A like system??
27 Days ago
The peeps are so kind here! uwu

They make me laugh sometimes with their response.
Love you all <3

Good morning btw, Even tho i stood all the night up xD
29 Days ago
Dude did you just jinx? xDD
I just got back with my ex ^-^

I made a mistake but i got her back uwu <3
I was so low at mood but i had a epic mood thanks to it she make me so happy..

Some words.. tryna create text.

"Light shines once again.
While i suffer, while i die.
That darkness, better say bye."

Got better text at my roblox main though.
29 Days ago
I do not really know what to do.
I feel so empty...
30 Days ago
I got lazy and i decided to buy a crystal aron. Now i got my set done.

*Puts on glasses*
(Insert thug life meme)
1 Month ago

Steel types! Yeah!

I really love steel types.
I used to not know which type i love.
But here is a story how i found it.

I was hunting for a shiny on a roblox game called
"Pokemon brick bronze"
It took me a year.
But i finally found a shiny, it was a skarmory.
I was low at stock, and it appeared in exact the last
10 sec of the 1 hour boost i used (Cost me robux).
~Robux is the roblox currency~
I lucky caught it, and i was really happy.
I already prepared to start a steel type team, gym and more.
It was a good nature and had good stuff.
It was the best pokemon / buddy i ever found..

Without this special pokemon, I would not have found that cool type.
Steel type is a beast.
Can survive sandstorms, they look epic.
They can survive cold well. (I love the cold)
Steel types are trully the best.

Pokemon brick bronze died.
Nitendo sued it.
#RipPBB #RipPokemonBrickBronze

Update Account 13/9/18

I am at random times online. Always curious to some old stuff i used to play randomly, Asfar i am now 17 years, Close to 18.
I changed a lot, Like i am a transgender and demisexual person.
I love dark collors, And well, Nitendo sued some roblox pokemon games that were really epic which made mine like in pokemon little less and x and y doesn't feel really comforable to me.
I am more into the classic pokemon games, x and y were alright.
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, It felt like they were lazy if you ask me.

Born in 2000, Actually 21/12/2000.
A proud robloxian since 2011 tho.
I still like to see the stuff, But the days are rough and busy for me.
(Trying to aid people 24/7 and talk to them at roblox. Doesn't own school, Serious about the 24/7 no life stuff.)

Oh and if you would like. Please train mines pokes, and warm the eggs of course if you got some spare time! I would Appriciate it ^-^

If you play roblox? Feel free to follow me!
Btw i am a big fan of steel types and a proud trainer of mine beloved charizard X.
I might focus a lot at steel type pokemons because i really love them.
Thanks to a pokemon game called Pokemon Brick Bronze at roblox (Which sadly is gone now) I found mine favorite type after catching mine Shiny Skarmory, Thanks to that awesome partner i finally found mine favorite pokemon type, The steel type. In 2017 i found it, Around 10 years of unknown favorite type, yet i am really glad with this decide.
Steel types own much power, could deal with sandstorms and most of the steel types looks like real beast. Lovely if you ask me.

Might be random inactive.
So see you at future if i am!
Have a nice day! ^-^


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The Epic Shop

Shiny hunting shop of Absol-girl

Look at this shop!
People are hunting and taking slots <3

[Click this and see]

Do not forgot to read the rules and have patience!

Love you all