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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 1,965/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Eevee599,150 / 10,621
Eevee595,399 / 10,621
Eevee595,061 / 10,621

About Me

If you PalPad me I’ll answer when I’m on and if you would like to get to know me better you can PalPad me whenever you want and I’ll not be negative and mean to anyone!

Most people know me by my other username: DaBossWolf0945

I will accept all friend requests and I won't block anyone...

Quotes from Me!

QuoteLife can be horrible to anyone but it can be more horrible if you try to face life by yourself...

QuoteLife is short so live life to the fullest and keep those that you love and the things that you love close to you and be thankful for the things that you have even if it's not much...

QuoteLife is a mirage of hope and belief but when that’s all taken away there’s only pain, suffering, and despair...

Info (Why would you read this?)

-I'm male
-I live in the U.S.
-I live in New England
-I'm younger than I seem (People tell me this *You know who you are*)
-Apparently I'm funny

Work in progress...

-I'm about 5 feet and 5 inches tall
-I like watching anime and reading manga

Awesome Friends!

Some of my greatest friends on pokeheroes!


People I would like to thank for all of their support:


People I appreciate for all the things they’ve done for me: (Even if we’re not friends)



Art not made by me!

Trustworthy Artist: JadeING (Art made by JadeING)

JadING’s art shop! Awesome service and she’s nice!

~*Rosie~Eevee*~ Is an amazing friend who helped paid and these all belong to her and me!

One of my greatest friends in the world who showed me and gave me kindness: ~*Rosie~Eevee*~

(Couldn’t figure out which one was the best...)


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Shiny Hunt

*Wolf~Boy* is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 18/08/2018

Chain: 159
(2 Shinies hatched so far.)

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*Wolf~Boy* hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #887015812
Registration: 25/12/2017 (8 Months ago)
Premium member until 20/Feb/2019
Game Time: 254:28 Hours
Total interactions: 123,845
Money: 965,908
Starter Pokémon: Blastoise


So sorry everyone!!! I kind forgot about the giveaway ;w; please don’t be mad... I will announce the winners by latest at the end of this week (LATEST)

7 Days ago10 comments
Okay here’s a decision do you want my giveaway to end right now or at reset? I hoesbtly do not care but I can’t show you proof or tell you the rewards yet so bear with me (I’ll do that tomorrow with another post) So comment ur opinion today or tomorrow #NotLonelyAnymore also please share this post for people who joined my contest but can’t see this post please and thanks! Have a good rest of ur day everyone!

9 Days ago11 comments
#ImLonely ends tomorrow at reset! (Saturday)

11 Days ago0 comments
Why are so many people #Lonely?

12 Days ago5 comments
Close feeds sorry >->

Does anyone have a link to me discord server? Can you PP me it or comment it here? Please and thanks :v

12 Days ago0 comments
I might just choose 5 winners and everyone’s else gets a participation award cause why not? #StillLonelyXD

12 Days ago0 comments
Hi friends!!! (Even if u hate me) I want to do a giveaway! Idk why (maybe cause I’m a very lonely person with no “friends” whatever :v so share this hashtag and comment below to get a chance to win “stuff” (it’s a surprise and I promise it’s not like 100 Pd :v) #ImLonely

12 Days ago39 comments
New user

13 Days ago0 comments
;w; I’m so stressed about school... I need help (I have problems with time management and I tend to get distracted often) any suggestions to what I should do? I mean partially it’s not my fault (I’m a bit stressed about all the homework I’m gonna get in the future) ;w; (Also I decided not to make any new friends >->)

14 Days ago16 comments
By Fluorine-Silver - 12 Minutes and 10 Seconds ago.
"Oof giveaways are fun right?

Yeah ik but what about those really obscene ones?"

Oooh like this one rn? Yeah this bab is being given away to a random commenter/sharer

So ahhhh yeet comment and share

15 Days ago0 comments
Today was the first day of a new school and I was so NERVOUS!!! 1. Only a few of my friends are going: less than 10 2. I don’t know what to do XD 3. I usually (my opinion) 65% of the time fail at making good friends XD (Another Problem: I might not make friends and I don’t care if I do XD well the real problem is how I should appear to be: Lonely, bully, selfish, popular, talkative etc.)

19 Days ago1 comment
Wonder Trade Report:

Weedle* => Meditite*
Magikarp* => Gyarados*
Riolu* => Gengar*
Gyarados* => Altaria*
Masquerain => Ledian
Dugtrio (Alolan) => Golbat
Golem (Alolan) => Scyther
Golem => Drifblim
Raticate (Alolan) => Ampharos

I guess this is goo? At least I only got 1 gyrodos

19 Days ago0 comments
Ugh it’s the first day of school... I don’t wanna go and also I’m so TIRED! Maybe I won’t make friends Idk

19 Days ago2 comments
#HappyLateBirthdayToMe XD (Birthday was like 2 days ago) totally forgot to mention it XD

21 Days ago11 comments
By PokéRadar - 18 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #57)!


29 Days ago6 comments
Talking to an old man

Hey, *Wolf~Boy*! (Hey! Why does this headline say "old man"?! I'm not that old!!)

How are you today?

Leave me alone | I’m fine thanks. How are you? | I’m fine thanks

Uhhh... what should I say? And how come I never saw this until I revisited the Ancient Cave cause I already saw the quest...?

29 Days ago4 comments
Mega Yorebro Sprite
Owner: *Wolf~Boy*
Level: 666

Next Pokémon in 4 minutes.

Feed please? Wait why the forbidden number!?

1 Month ago3 comments
Wasn’t pokeheroes like way more uhhh... like it was better a few months ago (I can’t think what I was about to say >-> (bad memory) T-T) Like I feel like something happened and now I sense a gloom (my senses are wrong sometimes >-> but I feel like it’s only temporary that gloom like it can go away or be blocked off from... (I know this is long and I’m not known to do stuff like this >->)

1 Month ago2 comments



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