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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 4,965/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Glacia! :3 ❄
1,2253,974,452 / 4,505,551
Bella! :3 ❤
9411,760,184 / 2,659,267

Art Gallery!

Bella the Eevee! An energetic Eevee that was born with fur that is quite different from any kind of Eevee. She is what people call, a Shiny Pokemon! Her trainer is Salina Rose, a girl that is quite famous for making clothing and a Pokemon Trainer that travels alongside Ash, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie and Salina's little sister, Lily. Bella's mother is Glacia the Glaceon. She cares deeply for her mother and will do anything to make her happy. Glacia, the narcissistic ice type Pokemon, cares a lot about her daughter, and will do anything (even risking her own life) to protect her loving daughter.

Bella the Eevee as a human~

Both of these were made by Deino!

<--- Art made by Naoma!

<----Art made by Lemon!

Shiny Hunt

~Bella-chan~ is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 09/11/2018

Chain: 65
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Here's some useless stuff

Are you asking me to come out and play? Are you trusting me to wish away a rainy day? I look above. The sky is blue. It's a secret, but I trust you too.

Bella|16|Introvert|Likes to write fictional stories|Weeb >.<|Hate Life|Single like always lmfao I'msolonely|I HECCING LOVE PURPLE IT'S THE BEST COLOR EVER, ANYONE ELSE THAT DISAGREES FIGHT ME (ง'̀-'́)ง

Current hunt: Bounsweet
Next hunt: Goomy
Future hunt: Sandygast, Darumaka, Eevee~, and Rowlet!

7/50 Hoopa Eggs

Here's my Pokemon Ultra Sun friend code: 4614-2376-6232. I would love it if we trade Pokemon with each other or have a WiFi battle! :3

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Did I make it clear that I love you,
From the other side of the screen?
Did I try enough to convince you,
Of what I really mean?
But now I see...
You all are here...for me...

You cannot just give up yet...
Bella! Stay determined... 

We all love you, Asriel...

Just one more soul...

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And the world's most dumbest person award goes to...

person was talking about Yandere Simulator

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Seven's hair is red
Zen's hair is gray
The real question is
Does Jumin Han is gay?

Big and important Goals!

Goals that I will try my BEST at achieving!
They are way more important than my lazy goals

Trying to get 50 boxes and keys of each color (except black box and key, of course. Unless I can afford a Black Key >.>...) before December 3rd (my birthday)! Which is 800 in total! This is my progress, which I managed to complete in the matter of two months~!
Boxes: 400
Keys: 400
In total: 800 (I did not add the black box or any extra key with the amount)

What I have right now:

Thank you all for those that helped me! I couldn't have done it without you~! <3

You know what? Let's go for a shiny Meloetta! Meloetta is my favorite mythical Pokemon, so of course I'll try to get the shiny version of it!

You currently have 2,340/50,000 Festival Points.

You are at 4.68% of your goal!
You are just starting keep up the great work!

[center]Will add more 'big goals' in the future!



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Kaelishu 2 Days ago
Venom 3 Days ago
ProfessorGreenie 10 Days ago
Taragonra 14 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #633063333
Registration: 11/05/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 09/Dec/2018
Game Time: 776:40 Hours
Total interactions: 259,053
Money: 82,047
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


I don't know why but in Pokemon Let's Go, after you helped Bill turn back to a human, he says, "Yee-haw!" And that made me laugh so hard for some reason

Today, 05:461 comment
Arrived at Atlanta around 4pm, helped my aunt clean some of the things she moved into her new house for 4 hours and she gave me a samsung tablet

I love my auntie. She's so precious.

Today, 01:371 comment
My butt is sore and I have 2 more hours on this bus ;-;

Yesterday, 18:160 comments
Currently on the Grayhound Bus going to Atlanta yeet

Yesterday, 16:372 comments
Lol go look at the newest users and you might find something interesting~

Not just the name, but there are two users with two same usernames

1 Day ago4 comments

1 Day ago0 comments
<---- ❤

1 Day ago3 comments
I saw this video on Facebook where it had these two Brazilian dudes just stabbing their wives to death just because they cheated on them. Like they're just stabbing them in the neck, head, eyes, ugh. I was stupid for being curious, I watched like a few seconds of the video and I wanted to throw up. There were so much blood. Anyone wants to see that, just pp me.

1 Day ago2 comments
I have 2k ZC in PFQ and I don't know whether I should buy a shiny charm box or four 28 day hypermodes.

2 Days ago4 comments
After my current hunt, I think I should shiny hunt my 6 favorite water types.


Or maybe favorite 6 grass types (Chikorita, Bulbasaur, Boundsweet (already have that), Fomantis, Rowlet (Also have that), and Leafeon)?

2 Days ago2 comments
Can't believe Pokemon Let's Pikachu and Eevee comes out in two days >w<

2 Days ago2 comments
Oh god I want that mega Altaria plush

That is the cutest I have ever seen in my entire freaking life besides Eevee, of course

ignore that fail

3 Days ago0 comments
How much does the Ultra Saddles go by now that you can find them in mystery boxes? I'm starting to collect them for a Blacephalon shiny hunt :3 already have two eggs in the egg storage.

3 Days ago4 comments


3 Days ago4 comments
Alright! I have officially collected 50 of each colored mystery boxes and keys! I wish I would have a black key, but it seems as though no one is selling any lol.

But there is something important I have to say. Thank you all so much for helping me with this goal! I wish I made a list for everyone that sent me gifts of keys and boxes. But here are a few users that I remember sending me gifts in the past three days.

buschb (I think? But still, she has been a very nice friend to me, she deserves a thanks no matter what, along with Braixie and Arkidog.)

Ahh, I think there are more that I forgotten? If I forgot you, please comment below! Hell, I'll even thank the user that called me selfish just because I didn't thank them because I forgot they even sent me a gift. Thank You, Everyone!

3 Days ago2 comments
Currently need 3 light blue keys! Comment if you're selling any :3

4 Days ago0 comments
Time to change my phone wallpaper into a picture of Levi Ackerman smiling.

4 Days ago0 comments

Eeveelutions Family! <3

Adorable wet fish, Arkidog <3

Electro doggo, Cofagrigus!

Fire puppy, alolanraichu~

Dark and edgy moon cutie, Ursaring~!

Sassy magic baby, ~Aurum~ <3

Leafy adorable bab, SwampFall!

Dorky and adorable cuz, buschb~ <3

Beautiful pink, fairy kitty Kat, KatDaddy!


And we're all a one big happy family! ❤

To show you my love for Eevee~!

Eevee has been my favorite Pokemon ever since I first laid eyes on it way back when I first started playing Pokemon. I really love the cuteness game freak given the Eevee and how it can evolve into eight different typings. My two favorite Eeveelutions are Glaceon and Sylveon, although I love every single Eeveelution and cannot wait until a new Eeveelution will be revealed.

I also love that Game Freak kinda made Eevee the rival of Pikachu. Especially since it's a main starter in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. I'm definitely getting Let's Go Eevee!

Anyway, I love Eevee to bits and always have it on my team on whatever Pokemon game I play. If any of you make amazing art and are willing to draw for someone, please contact me! I will definitely pay you if you are willing to draw my Pokesona. Thank you :3c


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