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Trainerlevel: 26

Trainerpoints: 1,524/2,053

Game Records

Trainer ID: #643069488
Registration: 27/10/2015 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 376:36 Hours
Total interactions: 42,690
Trainer Battle Stats: 28 won, 18 lost.
Money: 150,666
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


You push the green key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Sky Pillar (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

Well then.

13 Days ago0 comments
So my friend invited me to go somewhere with her in a few days I say yes then this happens.
Me: Do you know who all is going?
My Friend:Weeeell.. (My crush) is going..I forgot to tell you. (Smiles innocently)
Me:I am gonna kill you
M.F: You're welcome (walks off still smiling Innocently)

So now I have to spend a whole day with my crush (who happens to be my friends cousin I didn't learn this till after I liked him) now back to your regular notification scrolling.

17 Days ago0 comments
To a new friend!

18 Days ago0 comments

By: Bart~


All types of gems except Dragon, Normal or Fairy for 450 PD each.

Star Pieces at 50,000 PD each.

A black key? You can PalPad me if you have one.


Dragon Gems for 50,000 PD each.

Rare candies for 6,000 PD each.

It'll be really helpful if you share this ^.^

23 Days ago1 comment
You push the Red key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

5x Psychic Gem found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

-_- ..

23 Days ago0 comments
What do I get from each choice for the jirachi quest (Star pieces)???

1 Month ago2 comments
Battle anyone?

2 Months ago0 comments
By Frosch -

As i no longer play this game, i'm just going to raffle away all my stuff, so:


To participate, simply spread the hashtag and comment something on this feed.


1 - Ditto (adamant nature)

2 - Victini

3 - 3,333,333 PD (also 165 nuggets if you want lol)

4 - All my shinies (there’s like 34 where as one is a yorebro)

5 - 6 Mega pokemons (they're rumbling currently, I'll try to remember to not resend them on a new mission)

6 - Legendary bird trio

7 - 3 Mega stones

8 - All my other items (not berries or cooking though)

We are sad to see another player go but good luck with whatever you are moving into

2 Months ago0 comments
I will give a VERY special gift to whoever can guess my birthday! And another gift to the person who guesses how old I will be my next birthday. So you have the chance to win 2 GIFTS

3 Months ago4 comments
1.I once read a full book (Over 450 pages) in under 13 hours.
2.I have a bin full of teddy bears in my closet.
3.I talk to my dog more than I talk to anybody in my family.

4 Months ago1 comment
By: totodile88

So after some serious thought and consideration i have decided to have a HUGE raffle. i did very well on my taxes this year so i decided to raffle off Premium Memberships. i will be buying a significant amount of nuggets and there will be 5 prizes to win.

Prize 1: 1 year membership
Prize 2: 6 month membership
Prize 3: 1 month membership
Prize 4: 1 week membership
Prize 5: 100 nuggets

Currently working out entry and ticket information and will announce further information soon. Feel free to ask questions and feel free to share. thank you!

7 Months ago0 comments
Show Karpie29 some love and have a chance to win 100k PD!

Share #The_Fox_And_Fish If you want a chance at the 100K PD!

Sending plushies and PD to Karpie29 increases your chances

7 Months ago1 comment

By Hami - 16 Minutes and 56 Seconds ago.

Hey, Hami! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!

7 Months ago1 comment
Plushie Exchange??

7 Months ago0 comments
Ok so I need to clean out my boxes so if you guys see anything in my easy,medium,hard,or For Sale box let me know fast because in 2 days I will start releasing pokemon but I want to make sure they have a chance to have a home before I set them free.

7 Months ago1 comment

Area: Marine Cave
Mission started: 16 Hours ago
Collected money: 0
Explorer Bag: 0 Items


7 Months ago0 comments
Comment if you want to be Mass Clicked!!

7 Months ago5 comments
My inner self is fighting me for this one not to happen....but a giveaway shall happen no matter what

"With this I shall bistoy a shiny on you Zach...wait no don't you dare give it away"

Oh hey This is being given away to a random commenter

"I'm done giving you shinies and I'm gonna lock myself in the corner"

okay bye

Anyone who shares get's a second entry

7 Months ago1 comment



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