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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 1,412/3,923

Game Records

Trainer ID: #999619427
Registration: 20/07/2014 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 3444:08 Hours
Total interactions: 44,640
Trainer Battle Stats: 5 won, 31 lost.
Money: 92,542
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


hmm.... how hard is a shiny Eevee hunt..? i want shiny Eevee +Evos...

Yesterday, 19:273 comments
huh... apparently the pokemon Deino is also named after one of the Greek mythologies Graeae Deino....
who knew :\

1 Day ago1 comment
god i needed to sleep..... didn't feel so well earlier...

2 Days ago0 comments
yep i fell asleep! guess i needed a nap...... *shrugs*

3 Days ago0 comments
i keep dozing off.....

3 Days ago0 comments
my hand hurts and idk why QAQ

3 Days ago0 comments
grrrrrrr......!!!!! my internet's being such a pain it's driving me insane...!

3 Days ago0 comments
whats with the birb thing, i don't get how this started.... i see most people saying bird this way and it's like... really..?

4 Days ago2 comments
Tiger lily(newest kitten born in the house) is such a little cutie, lol, and rotton to the core just like all the other furbabies

5 Days ago2 comments
powers back onnnnnnn QAQ

5 Days ago0 comments
powers out QwQ so i'm stuck on my phone.....

5 Days ago0 comments
cream cheese and ritz crackers are so good for a snack >3< and i share a tiny bit of cream cheese with my kitty, lol

6 Days ago0 comments
Normal wonder trade:
Pinsir => Toucannon
Pachirisu => Seismitoad
Vulpix => Parasect

Shiny wonder trade: Pichu => Magikarp

hmm... level 80 shiny magikarp, not bad =T

7 Days ago0 comments
i'm soooooo boooored T^T

8 Days ago1 comment
Look! A wild Budew () ( SHINY) is eating your honey!

o3o well then

10 Days ago2 comments
~-~ my whole body aches, as well as my throat and nose.......

11 Days ago0 comments
i'm home alone right now and i can sing my heart out to music from one anime~

13 Days ago0 comments
i hate my internet =-=

14 Days ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 34 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Pidove hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #94)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries

yay, hey Cupcakes_ come get your shiny, lol

15 Days ago1 comment

Day 4, fav electric type: Shinx~

Day 5, fav fighting type: Riolu

Day 6, fav normal type: Eeevee <3

Day 7, fav poison type: gonna have to go with the gloom on this one, poor baby need's love Q3Q

Day 8, fav steel type: Lucario (sorrynotsorry, rofl)

16 Days ago0 comments


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the arcanine sprite was made by CyndaquilLuvsVan_Halen.
and this arcanine is my pokesona~

(where i found the divider)

shiny hunt chain list.
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first shiny hunt: cyndaquil(Chain #97).
second shiny hunt: Oshawott(Chain #99)
third shiny hunt: zorua(Chain #136).
forth shiny hunt: houndour(chain#41).
fifth shiny hunt: Pachirisu(Chain #58)
sixth shiny hunt: growlithe(Chain #57)
seventh shiny hunt: audino(Chain #200)
eighth shiny hunt: gastly(Chain #104).
ninth shiny hunt: torchic(Chain #76), (Chain #102),(Chain #117), (Chain #123, given to ~Infinity~), (Chain #127) and (Chain #134).
tenth shiny hunt: tyrunt(Chain #93)

~Plushies i am hoarding~
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Hoarding growlithe plushies:~ 19/infinitely.

Hoarding arcanine plushies:~ 9/infinitely.

Hoarding shiny arcanine plushies:~ 1/infinitely.

Hoarding umbreon plushies:~ 0/infinitely.

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