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Trainerlevel: 47

Trainerpoints: 2,163/6,673

Game Records

Trainer ID: #388649916
Registration: 18/04/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1017:09 Hours
Total interactions: 561,452
Trainer Battle Stats: 2 won, 8 lost.
Money: 39,146
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

The picture riddle is going really slow haha
I added a few little hints, so those who have already guessed get another chance, no extra plushies though!

Good luck! :3

Share if you’d like :3

(this is suuuuuper hard! But I will try and solve this!!)

Yesterday, 07:270 comments
did not sleep at all so I could be up at dawn to drive my mom to work. Come back home thinking I could fiiinaally sleep. Get woken up by my dick of a dad who is complaining about something he can EASILY do himself. -.- and people wonder why I dislike my dad so much...all he ever does is complain about everything I do not even caring I just drove his wife to work at friggin dawn while he was snoring away in bed!

Sorry...I'm sleepy and annoyed and needed to vent...

1 Day ago0 comments
42 made as of right now. still gonna try and get more but I really hope i can get a vivillon and stop making these things

3 Days ago0 comments
35 Hoenn Tonics made. gonna try and get a few more made but hopefully I stay in the top 50. Does anyone know what the prizes are? If you can get other things besides the route 102 rumble area upgrade and a vivillon?

3 Days ago2 comments
Results of yesterday's Berry Battle:

You scored Rank #54 with 29 Hoenn Tonic(s). Good job!
You won 1,225 Festival Points!

didn't make it...it's so hard getting the amount of berries needed!

4 Days ago0 comments
just made it. I reaaally hope my 29 Hoenn Tonics are enough to get me in the top 50

4 Days ago2 comments
does anyone know who's currently doing shiny event hunts? There are a bunch of event pokemon I'm looking to buy

4 Days ago0 comments
ok my goal is to get 45 Hoenn Tonics made today. Currently have 12 done (they're sitting next to my cooking pot. I'll claim them when i get 45)

4 Days ago0 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Round 2 ended ^^ The answer was Banette! More than double gave it a shot but fewer people got it right (35.29% win) compared to round 1 (93.75% win)

Congratulations to the winners of this round:D
1. 3abbie3
2. WingedGolem
3. Iceysnowflake

Three people got really close, they'll get a Shuppet plushie ^^

Riddle 3 is in my About Me now, good luck again, I love this one (=

share with your friends ^^

(still happy to know I guessed correctly =3)

5 Days ago0 comments
Results of yesterday's Berry Battle:

You scored Rank #50 with 27 Hoenn Tonic(s). Good job!
You won 1,175 Festival Points!
You also won a Special Reward! Please claim it at the Berry Battle.

oh wow just barely made it x-x looks like I gotta work harder and make more today

5 Days ago0 comments
#WhoIsThisPkmn by SwampFall

Last 4 hours to guess the answer of the riddle in my About Me ^^

18 People guessed so far, would be nice if that number could get up to 25 :3
You win even if you don't get it right, so don't hesitate to try ^^

Good luck (=

share with your friends ^^

5 Days ago0 comments
By Foreveralone
Tha 20th of september is my birthday and for celebrate I decided to do a raffle!
I'll give 3 shiny slowpokes to one user,some plates to the another user and another usefoul items to random peaple!
The raffle is easy only spread this raffle (if in tghis days I can't hatch my shiny slowpoke n.3 the winner only must wait!)
The rules are easy!
1)Be pacient
2)Don't ask me "What are the random items?"
3)Be kind
4)Don't say me "Please can I win?" if do it u are sure that u don't win!
5)If many peaple join in a raffle I can add different choise to win as mega able or hig level shiny^^
Last choise! Any gift that u want gift'll make me happy

5 Days ago0 comments
I got 20 Hoenn tonics made today! hopefully this is enough to keep me in the top 50 cus I reeeeaaaally want the event pokemon

5 Days ago0 comments
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Litwick in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

I hope this doesn't take as long as my last hunt -.-

6 Days ago0 comments
"Wow, you have already cleared all tasks!
However, we will wait a bit longer before starting with the Berry Battles - so there are enough participants. Let's give all the others a chance as well, yeah?"


8 Days ago0 comments
Its me birthday
So i ma host a raffle!
Just post this hashtag and i will pick a winner at the end of the day
1st place:50 nuggets
2nd place:A Mega able gyrados
3rd place:A plushie worth 5-50 dp

8 Days ago4 comments
4166/10000 normal gems!! Almost halfway there! =D

8 Days ago0 comments
hey guys what do you think of this? should I enter it in the beauty contest?

9 Days ago1 comment
eggs in the daycare! interaction exchange please!

12 Days ago3 comments


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