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Trainerlevel: 25

Trainerpoints: 1,324/1,899

Game Records

Trainer ID: #628187435
Registration: 18/05/2017 (11 Months ago)
Game Time: 163:10 Hours
Total interactions: 132,404
Money: 15,721
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Vulpix :3

9 Months ago2 comments
Realize your ambitions! I know you can do it!

10 Months ago0 comments
By user dreamme:

write a funny but motivating sentence here and at the end of the 3rd day the best one will get a shiny seaking for free
this is an example
{if plan "A" didnt works
there r 25 more letters
stay cool}"

Work like a Shiny Seaking is your reward for everything!

10 Months ago0 comments
I actually have pretty bad eyes, so I really have to wear my glasses at all time. Not that I mind; people often suggest I start wearing contacts (say I look better without glasses), but I've gotten so attached to them at this point, I only take them off when I shower or go to bed.

10 Months ago0 comments
Nabbed myself a beautiful Witch Vulpix at the Auction House! And at a reasonable price too! Today is just full of good news

10 Months ago2 comments
Here I thought we were liberating some kinda user, thought someone's account must have gotten locked or something, but no, apparently there's just this hashtag, #FreeShinyWolf, floating around for the sake of a competition. Share if you want to win one of two shinies!

Check the profile of user ~The_Darkling_Mod_Wolf for further details. Best of luck to y'all!

10 Months ago0 comments
What do you all think of my new profile icon? :3 I forgot how cute Shaymin was!

10 Months ago0 comments
My friend donalways is looking for normal and ice gems. He's willing to pay for them naturally, so if you're interested, send him a message and share this feed with your friends! He needs a lot of them

10 Months ago0 comments
Today user KingWaff is giving away event Pokémon (donated by user Bishop)! Make sure to spread the hashtag #KingsFreePokemon and make sure to have 40 of your buddies or your buddies' buddies or their buddies spread it too, because once we cross that threshold, there'll be three different winners!

Best of luck to all of you!

10 Months ago0 comments
Finally! I have just exchanged all the necessary Pokémon for my sweet, sweet Super Rod! Heck yes

10 Months ago2 comments
By ThatZperson - 46 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.
"Sometimes I look at a Moltres and see the fiery passion of my soul, the passion I use to give these things away, the reason I do it, seeing someone else happy is all I ask for in this world

Knowing I can make someone happy by giving them something is probably why I was put here, to help and to give

Like wow just look at this beauty

That beauty will be given away to a random person who comments, and just remember share for a second entry

Will end tomorrow at reset

Have fun <3"

10 Months ago0 comments
Another give-away organized by user KingWaff. Pretty standard one this time, just share the hashtag #KingsFreePokemon around to enter. I wish you all the best of luck!

Do note that the more this hashtag gets spread, the better the prize will be, so make it happen, guys!

10 Months ago0 comments
I have an Espurr egg finally! My sweet baby :3

10 Months ago2 comments
8 Dragon Gems from a random treasure chest!? Holt cow!

10 Months ago2 comments
So user KingWaff is hosting another give-away! This one is Hunger Games-styled. You'll be randomly picked to represent one of the 12 districts and face off against the other tributes. Winner takes home a bunch of prizes, check KingWaff's user page for the details.

Don't forget to share the hashtag #KingsFreePokemon and palpad him to enter the competition.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

10 Months ago0 comments
Sooooooo... someone just paid 9500 for my Rattata that was on auction...

Youngster Joey anyone?

10 Months ago0 comments
Try your luck at this give-away, hosted by user Thesweetestsin (check their profile page for the details). Everybody who participates, wins, so share the tag #FreestufffromSin as to not let their generous offer go to waste!

10 Months ago1 comment
Woohoo! Just got an Uxie voucher! Two more to go!

Damn you, slot machine...

10 Months ago2 comments
Spread the hashtag #KingsFreePokemon to take a shot at winning a free Pokémon.

Organized by user KingWaff

10 Months ago2 comments
By Foreveralone - 4 Minutes and 56 Seconds ago.
I really really want buy shiny mega in this time I offer: 167 Dragon gems+800k+100 nuggets+shiny ducklett retro+ shiny mothim+shiny slowpoke...
I add good item when I find...
Spread this raffle for win 3 slowpokes shiny (or slowpoke+slowbro+slowking all shiny) the raffle ends when I'll find my mega shiny or mega able shiny."

I urge everyone who can, to help her, because she really wants that shiny mega...

10 Months ago0 comments


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About Me

Avid Pokémon fan, since I was 6 years old.

Currently 18 years old, going to univ.

Into anime, favourites include Clannad, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (ironically and unironically), Golden Time, etc.

Fan of (J)RPG's, such as Final Fantasy, Etrian Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles.

Have played every main series Pokémon game (never got around to finishing Black and White 2 though...), as well as many spin-offs.

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games are the best!

I love many many many many Pokémon, but my faves incluce Vulpix, Glaceon, Mimikyu, Arcanine, Absol, Mightyena, Lucario, Manectric, Raichu, the list goes on.

Potential affiliation with headphones.

--Credit of profile icon goes to user Nymphrasis (she's a really talented artist and really good at making really cute drawings! :3)--

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