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384126,743 / 554,401
Floette (Eternal Flower)1437,651 / 61,777
Castform20341 / 1,261
297147,080 / 309,798


i don't log on often anymore, maybe once a day.
i was convinced that maybe my life could change.
but i was wrong, my head was right, no one would ever wanna see me without odd sights.

i guess that comes with breathing,
as many would say.
but i never expected that life would be so fray.

so dull, so pitless, a hole where my attention once stood.
it's only now through the silence that i miss the noise.

please cruel world, i'm begging you now
please give me a chance, i'll make it worthwhile.

(as said a month prior, but nothing ever stuck; now i'm seemingly stuck in this dark and empty rut)

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it took 9 years to realize that nothing went your way.
it took 3 to understand that no matter what, things would be the same.
so as i grasp onto my 13th year, its then i conclude that through the sorrow and solitude im my only savior in this hollow life to stew.


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its already been almost 5 months since this site got recommended to me, and yet it only seems like 2 have passed.

don't take time for granted, even if it goes so slow, you'll never know how much has passed.

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follow me/check out my twitter @yeeto10

there is sensitive content on there, so please don't go on there if you have triggers. but there are dog videos littered in between and they're cute so pls

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has anyone ever visited a website that was a huge part of your childhood/something you used to really love, and it suddenly has a darker energy like you don't belong there anymore? i get that a lot, but i know im crazy so don't be alarmed

8 Days ago1 comment
tfw you order something on amazon for the first time and you feel hella empowered

11 Days ago0 comments
folding in on myself more everyday,
it almost feels like a paper crane
fold to the side, then to the right. but you messed up so pull it out for second tries.

hope whoever stumbles upon this has a good day

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th th th th th th th thanos th th th th th th th thanosth th th th th th th thanos
ye ye ye ye yes peter ye ye ye ye ye ye yes peter
ha ha ha ha half the universe ha ha ha ha ha ha half the universe ha ha killing half the universe

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also im probably getting banned for that, worth it

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whats the difference between being lonely and killing yourself?

you don't feel the second option #deep

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i hate peppers............a hot sauce was made......and it had peppers.......it tasted good........but there was peppers..........so i put more water and different sauces in it.......and im in love................

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grief of a loss isn't something you overcome by 'manning' up. you have to find another thing that makes you just as a happy as them, and fight for their sake. you can cry for them, but don't end your life for them. thanks for coming to my tedtalk #dailyYatoFacts2018

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you can tie them to your wrist and do the hangman dance

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what's the greatest kind of knot that you can tie with ease?

its useful andf its happy and it suits your ever need

1 Month ago1 comment
i wished you the best of all this world could give,
and i told you, when you left me,
there's nothing to forgive...

but i always thought you'd come back,
tell me,
all you found was...heart break and misery.

its hard for me to say,
but im jealous of the way
you're happy without me.

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i guess its a comforting gesture that i won't be remembered once i'm gone. the people i revolve around have their own central star and im about as useful as a strand of hair on a sasquatch.

its a lot to take in when all i see around myself are the silently fading lights that once held a purpose too. if u have a talent, a passion, or a special person, please don't take it for granted. sometimes you end up a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things once all is said and done.

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gods can be lonely too #dailyYatoFacts2018

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what is it about staring out of windows that i find myself doing longer and longer everyday? maybe its the tiny hope that something in my life will change for the better, but all i see is my own reflection and i'm reminded of why im there in the first place

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im currently reading a manga,,,,and it shall not be named but it is very spicy meatbal

1 Month ago1 comment
i would tattoo yato on my heart and say this smile is precious and i will never forget it

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