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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 9,734/10,859

Game Records

Trainer ID: #429766629
Registration: 19/01/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 2073:22 Hours
Total interactions: 15,065,616
Money: 1,583,564
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


35 Summons, and no 5*... Thats 140 Orbs spent on Summons, and no 5*... At this point, I'm holding out hope that I wont draw any more 5*'s until I hit 120. That way ALL of my next 5 Summons will be 5*s

1 Year ago0 comments
It seems that, Since today is the day of Love for Humans, Its also the Day of love for pokemon.

1 Year ago0 comments
1st 5*: Crom (Red)
2nd 5*: Roy (Red)
3rd 5*: Leo (Red)
4th 5*: Camilla (Green)

Welp... Thats not a good team... Although, it was kind of funny that I got Eliwood RIGHT after Roy. Good Ol Father Son duo. And finally got my first Healer. Thank You Daily Event battles.

1 Year ago0 comments
Well, Another SCE where I didn't win anything... That makes 4 now. Makes me mildly sad. So that means, I've signed up for 16 of them so far, always choosing the ones with 2 eggs, and always getting around 2,700 Clicks on average... and still, nothing. I think I'll do one more SCE, and If I win nothing again, then I'll be done with SCEs for good. they seriously mess with my sleeping and working too much to keep doing it for nothing.

1 Year ago4 comments
1st Kyurem Egg. Last year I got 27. lets see if I can break that record.

1 Year ago0 comments
When I first started Shiny hunting my Swampert, I didnt get a single egg from daycare for 70 hours. almost 3 whole days. And then I started to get 1 or maybe 2 eggs a day. Its been 14 hours since I last checked my Day Care Center

9 eggs.....9 effing eggs in 14 hours. Im not complaining. but come on! Anyway Point I am making is, I need some help hatching please.

Ive already made 92,005 Interactions today
Received 5,304.
Can I get a little more love for my eggs please?

1 Year ago2 comments
All boxes and Keys (Really need a Black Key)
Normal, Fire, Ice, and Flying Gems

Please contact me if any of you have any of these for sell.

1 Year ago0 comments
So, I am looking to buy a Black Key, and any nuggets that anyone has for sell. Please Palpad me if you have any availible

1 Year ago0 comments
I have officially gotten more Mudkip eggs from Tall Grass than from Daycare. Not a single egg from daycare in 3 days... This hunt is going to be the killer for me.

1 Year ago4 comments
Don't forget, my Ditto Lottery is still going on. Almost 1/2 Way There!

This Lottery Right Here!

Just updated the prizes and rules of the Lottery. Check it out.

1 Year ago0 comments
decided I am gonna sell all of my 20,000 Pokeballs. If you guys want any, Ill sell em for 130 Each. Just PM me or message me.

1 Year ago2 comments
Looks like imma have to stuff some Candies down that Wailord's Gullet...

1 Year ago0 comments
Damn, its a MAD rush for spheals... just paid 50000K after being outbid 6 times

1 Year ago6 comments
In response to my previous feed, I have sent 5 gifts per day since this thing started to people on my friends list and people I talk to the most on PalPad.

I have received 1 gift in total from an actual user. Someone who I only spoke to about 20 days ago.
Thank you Kokosg9. On Christmas, I will have a very very special gift set up and made for you as a thank you. ^^. Hope you enjoy.

1 Year ago0 comments
I get asked a question a lot. "Why do you send all of your gifts as Anon?"

The answer is simple. I don't want people to feel obligated to send me a Thank You Gift. I want people to think of me out of the goodness of their hearts and send me a gift because I was on their mind and they wanted to do something nice for a friend.

With that being said, after this post, I will no longer be accepting Christmas Gifts. The gifts will not be opened or acknowledged. I do this because, I don't believe in asking for gifts. I believe that gifts are meant to be something that a person does for someone because they are special to them or they are on their mind.

If you have not sent a gift to me by this point, I'll take that as I have not done anything for you for me to be remembered by, and for next year, I must try to work harder to be more special in each and every one of your minds.

1 Year ago1 comment
There are a select few users on this site whose Ego and Self Eccentric Self love/hate just completely and utterly makes my day worse every time I read one of their feeds. Now, I have NEVER in my life blocked ANYONE on any website EVER.... until today. Congratulations you 3 horrible people. Your hubris has caused me to break my own oath. I hope you feel proud of your selves. Oh wait, you do. Because of how self centered you are... *Feeling very annoyed*

1 Year ago4 comments
My Empoleon hates me. its been almost 48 whole hours and not a single egg.

1 Year ago0 comments

To get the Special Event Pokemon for opening up 20 Doors... But that wont happen because the stupid internet company made me lose internet for 5 whole days, so I missed out on exactly 5 doors...

1 Year ago0 comments
Shout out to the dreams you'll chase
Shout out to the hearts you'll break
Nothing's gonna stop you now
I guess you better be going

You'll never be far, I'm keeping you near
Inside of my heart, you're here
Go on, it's gotta be time
You're starting to shine

'Cause what you got is
Gold, I know, you're gold
Oh, I know, I know

I don't need the stars in the night, I found my treasure
All I need is you by my side, so shine forever
Gold, I know, you're gold
Oh, I know, you're gold

On a Owl City binger....

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You currently have 118033 Golden Game Chips.

Options... Should I roll Legend Mode 1,180 times? I can get a LOT of PD from selling the tons and toms of Golden boxes I would get... Or should I roll Plus Mode 23,606 times and score TONS of Rare Candies, Gems, and Pokeballs, that I can sell.... Hmmm

1 Year ago7 comments


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