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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 3,874/10,859

Game Records

Trainer ID: #270476247
Registration: 20/04/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1378:34 Hours
Total interactions: 1,706,784
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 3 lost.
Money: 45,000
Starter Pokémon: Marshtomp


buying 100 nuggets

Today, 14:490 comments
By Foreveralone - 2 Seconds ago.
Tha 20th of september is my birthday and for celebrate I decided to do a raffle!
I'll give 3 shiny slowpokes to one user,some plates to the another user and another usefoul items to random peaple!
The raffle is easy only spread this raffle (if in tghis days I can't hatch my shiny slowpoke n.3 the winner only must wait!)
The rules are easy!
1)Be pacient
2)Don't ask me "What are the random items?"
3)Be kind
4)Don't say me "Please can I win?" if do it u are sure that u don't win!
5)If many peaple join in a raffle I can add different choise to win as mega able or hig level shiny^^
Last choise! Any gift that u want gift'll make me happy

Yesterday, 16:110 comments
#newpoll please vote don't mind the typo Xd

Yesterday, 14:310 comments
pfff 5 days later and still no egg

Yesterday, 13:300 comments
By ~Fresh~ - 10 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.
Its me birthday
So i ma host a raffle!
Just post this hashtag and i will pick a winner at the end of the day
1st place:50 nuggets
2nd place:A Mega able gyrados
3rd place:A plushie worth 5-50 dp

1 Day ago0 comments
-goes fishing cus gorebyss-

what do I get? 3! yes 3! bottled messages -head desk-

5 Days ago0 comments
Yay! a new badge as well!

10 Days ago0 comments
New Recipes

Congratulations, articuno13!
Your Gardening Skill Level has increased and you unlocked the following recipes:

→ Burn Heal
→ Cobalt
→ Terracotta
→ Viridian
→ Silver Powder
→ Brown Powder
→ Green Powder

Keep up the good work!

10 Days ago0 comments
and another goal bites teh dust berry garden lvl 30 reached now to work on the berry garden legy's

10 Days ago0 comments
Gardener Level: 29
7607 / 7770

soooo close XD

11 Days ago0 comments
how on earth did i manage this?!

i have at daycare:
ditto - unown G

my egg (which came after only 1 hour!) Unown Q

how on earth does G = Q?!

11 Days ago6 comments
who was it that had the mew plushie event point calculation? i'm saving up for next year but I can't find the amount needed for 10 mew plushies anymore.

12 Days ago1 comment
By PokéRadar - 24 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Squirtle hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #56)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

13 Days ago1 comment
look what I caught at the beach

14 Days ago2 comments
am i the only one disappointed that Japan gets all these goodies (a magnet in original cassette form, a poster and stickers) with their download code if they buy the boxed edition of gold or silver and we (europe NL specific) get the code and nothing else?

25 Days ago3 comments

We're currently looking for Gems!

Bug: Nexanda
Dark: -Shuckle
Electric: Meatball,articuno13
Fire: GetsugaTenshou
Flying: ~Soren~,articuno13
Ghost: Therru,Sansica & Asuramaru
Grass: Honoka
Ground: Rhoo
Ice: GetsugaTenshou
Normal: Mystic
Poison: Nexanda
Rock: Rhoo
Water: Bart~, Mysterio & -Shuckle
Psychic: Accident
Fairy: Accident

Purrlease and Thank you kindly~

(✿´ ꒳ ` )/) .:・゚✧・゚:.

Want to be added to the list? PP Erida or Therru!

Share It!

1 Month ago0 comments
soooo how are we supposed to sell vouchers now? I have 2, a lguia and a retro and I wanted to put them up at the GTS for pd/nuggets but I can't find them to select them. does this mean they've become untrade-able?

1 Month ago4 comments

weren't you just in the kitchen?

-must've been mistaken, it's not like you can clone yourself and you can't be in two places at once-

*thunk thunk thunk*

now he's on the couch... he's fast. *turns around* -from corner of eye- wait what!?

"MOM!! why are there suddenly 2 and what on earth do they have my limited edition 15th anniversary disney land paris marie doll for!!! give that BACK you -bliep-"

2 Months ago0 comments



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About Me

26, Autistic,got a mini zoo at home (7 cats, 3 dogs, a bearded dragon + fishtank), love to read & game.

Do read my rules below before contacting me.
I'm getting harassed but I enjoy helping out other players so I don't want to block my palpad off.

[X] get my berry garden to lvl 30
[X] Buy berry garden 3
[ ] get all retro's ( 1 left: mew)
[ ] complete Emera dex (4 left)
[X] 10 EGG boxes

[X] get own OT ditto
[X] get own OT articuno
[ ] get own OT zapdos
[ ] get own OT moltres
[X] get own OT Ho-Oh
[X] get own OT zygarde
[X] get own OT xerneas
[X] get own OT yveltal

notes for myself:
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Getsugatenshou is always buying legendary summon items.
Bk-201 = bottled messages

My long term Goals ( for now):

Fire gems: 294/2500

Electric gems: 695/2500

Flying gems: 598/5000

Nuggets: 3623/8000

White powder: 1/15

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