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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 1,437/10,149

Game Records

Trainer ID: #270476247
Registration: 20/04/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1236:31 Hours
Total interactions: 1,490,062
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 3 lost.
Money: 77,581
Starter Pokémon: Marshtomp


Hello friends, Uriel is shiny mega hunting mawile but has lost his premium, he has lots of pd and is now buying nuggetsd for pd, please help him. He can't take more eggs from the daycare because if a shiny hatches, his chain will be lost. Once look at this :-
Shiny Hunt

Uriel is currently hunting Mawile.
Hunt started: 07/03/2016

Chain: 3,117
(80 Shinies hatched so far.)

Today, 19:190 comments
that moment when a tv programma about a serial killer catching FBI team is sponsored by a kids treat company (criminal minds and kinder bueno)

Today, 19:160 comments
By Fahad_Khawaja - 13 Hours and 20 Minutes ago.
Today is my best friend Princess's birthday...
So i am making this raffle to congratulate her on her birthday...
All you have to do is send a plushie/plushies to her with best wishes messages or share this hashtag with best wishes and 3 lucky user's will win...
1. A shiny Goldeen
2. A mega able absol
3. A red orb + a lugia egg voucher
Note: If you send the plushie or share the hashtag without best wishes then it wouldn't be counted, More plushies you send higher will be your chances to win but you can not share the hashtag more then once...
If you don't want to participate then just share the hashtag without greetings/best wishes but if you share it with best wishes/greetings and even if you say that you don't wanna participate, it'll be counted...

Today, 18:000 comments
Interactions made 19,029
Interactions received 14,542
Eggs hatched 138

special stuff hatched: a few events(2 or 3), yveltal, giratina and a mega able meditite.

better than yesterday guess Bishops tips helped. I did take it easy today though. I didn't click for as long periods as I did yesterday cause i was home more today so i didn't need to hurry to get the 19k clicks i needed to compare properly.

Yesterday, 00:000 comments
-squeels- YES! mega-able meditite from the lab!! somthing i didn't have yet for the first time in months!


wait... meditite?
-checks mega box-


-head desk- never mind, anyone want to buy it? I have mega-able medicham in my box waiting for a stone.

Yesterday, 18:041 comment
there, my boxes have been re-organized. I think this works a little better but we'll see

Yesterday, 17:501 comment
is listening to a random youtube list when "everything that kills me makes me feel alive" is sung (yes actual lyric) and i'm just sitting here doinga double take while saying out loud "Nani!? baka! how even? " making my mom go "what? and 1 language at a time, don't mix three together. that's bad for your grammar" (in dutch)

Yesterday, 16:152 comments
huh pulled a starter egg from the lab, nice

Yesterday, 15:423 comments
note to self
starting interacting up at 14.11 server time

Yesterday, 14:110 comments
opens a brown box: sweet! a reveal glass! (for sale)
opens a gold box: -sweatdrop- 2320 PD well okay

Yesterday, 14:100 comments
note to self:

Interactions made 4,725
Interactions received 1,818
Eggs hatched 17 (1 event, and Yveltal which was obtained a few days ago)

Yesterday, 02:360 comments
Boss Battle

Your Mismagius joined the battle bravely and fights strongly.



Unfortunately, Mismagius lost the battle and ran away.
Come back when your Pokémon got stronger!

REALLY?! come on! the one in my party was obtained by mismagius 10 lvl's ago. -glare-

Yesterday, 01:310 comments
By Rumble Report - 21 Seconds ago.
Your Mismagius challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble Overview


Yesterday, 01:300 comments
-looks at friends sharing their daily stats-

yeah... i'm just gonna go over to my corner and cry....
I amde 20k interactions and received a grand total of:..... 7432

I need more good (as in click daily a decent amount) friends on my list (or just a bigger list XD)

Yesterday, 00:0210 comments
I have a Mesprit voucher but I need the Uxie, anyone willing/able to trade? or know anyone?

1 Day ago0 comments
4 down, 4 to go now If only my mismagius would hurry up and find Giratina so I can get my 2d egg in party before X2 day that would be great and my daycare couple needs to hurry up and spit out the event egg, 8 days later and still nothing! and it's the last one to finish all my event orders too.

2 Days ago0 comments
By PokéRadar - 58 Seconds ago.
Oh no, your chain of Ralts broke! A freshly hatched Dedenne reset your PokéRadar!

-glares at computer- and pray tell me how that dedenne got in my party when i haven't lab adopted in 5 days!?

ah, -bleep- it. I'll just hatch my legendary and lab adopt while waiting on that event ralts. you don't need to radar chain for a mega-able anyways

3 Days ago0 comments
By troy3030 - 1 Minute and 53 Seconds ago.
looking for someone selling nuggets and i also am selling a ditto for 4000 nuggets

3 Days ago0 comments
Oh, well this is a surprise

I thought I wasn't done yet, apparantly I was wrong

3 Days ago2 comments


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[ ] get my berry garden to lvl 30 (at 29)
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[ ] complete Emera dex (3 left)
[ ] get my own OT Ho-Oh

notes for myself:
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16-01-2017,15-02-1017, 16-03-2017 mega stone at beach

set 180 grass gems aside for the shiny exeggcute wish at Dokku's shiny wish factory

BrianaWalters1991 is looking for: ground, rock, fighting, and dark gems.


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