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About Me

Name: I dont mention it (i dont like my name), so just call me Monna/ThePesk
Gender: Female

Birthday: 9-22-08

age: 10

Personality: i have been more quiet due to depression and social anxiety, i do have a little bit of stage fright, im very sensitive, but i can be very loud and weird (or obnoxious -w-)

Fave anime: Pokemon (i dont watch that much anime oof)

fave yt series: Inanimate Insanity (Honorable Mention: BFB/battle for b.f.d.i), u can pm me for details off it, i know alot about it :3

fave games: Pokemon, Animal crossing, smash bro's, Prodigy

fave Pokemon: Sylveon

fave inanimate insanity characters: Lightbulb, Paintbrush, Baxter (ye s)

Fave ship: Lightbrush (Inanimate insanity)

weird thing(s): i rant about to myself and Irl friends: why paintbrush was eliminated off inanimate insanity (i actually cried ;-;)

~Thats it for now :>~


my top 10 pokemon

from ten ---> one:

Mismagius (nickname: mystery/destiny bond)
it looks cool tbh

Aromatisse (nickname: aurora)
i think its very pretty, and i can see how it can be hated

mew (nickname: misa)
its adorable

alolan vulpix (name: snowy)
its very cute and pure

masquirain (nickname: monna)
its cool and its a beast

meloetta (nickname: meloetta)
its pretty

shaymin (nickname: flowey)
very cute

shiny mega gardevoir (nickname: moral)
the prettiest pokemon in my opinion

drifloon (nickname: popples)
very cute but evil. its perfect

Sylveon (nickname: Nymphia)
the cutest pokemon. its precious and i have used it almost every time in battle

good yt series:
bfb and inanimate insanity are beautiful, pm/pp me for more details!

oc : Monna
gender: female
personallity: same as me: depperesed, kind, pure and innocent
hair: long and blonde (optinal pink fade)
eyes: one blue one white
cloths: anything pink and white (a coat reccomended)
accsesories: light pink bow (needed), scarf

shiny hunts

name: Icia.
chain 46
tall grass eggs

broke chain

just started

the boi's

this is all i have ;;



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Shiny Hunt

ThePesk is currently hunting Gastly.
Hunt started: 24/12/2018

Chain: 80
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Trainer ID: #905969800
Registration: 20/03/2018 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 413:30 Hours
Total interactions: 56,121
Money: 264,433
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


who wants to battle?

Today, 02:421 comment
By ThePesk - 2 Seconds ago.
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Today, 00:090 comments
first person to reply to this will get a shiny magikarp plush
i wanna get a golden cheese caterpie

Today, 00:071 comment
i wasnt kidding

what the hecc did i just bring upon this cursed world

2 Days ago1 comment
im gonna change my icon
to lightbulb
but get this
she's big chungus
g o d h e l p m e

2 Days ago1 comment
Searching for: Gastly.
There are currently 2 Pokémon eggs of this species in the Tall Grass.
Come back in 2 minutes and 53 seconds.

only 2 eggs
y a y

6 Days ago3 comments
i just got 1000 lottery tickets
i have 10,268 game chips left
h e l p

8 Days ago2 comments
who wants to battle? :3

12 Days ago4 comments
I had a mini heart attack.

Im at stop and shop and
They didnt have dino chicken nuggets
I didnt think they did
They did
I can sleep tonight ;w;

13 Days ago0 comments
heres a noice story

i just checked on my school account and my friend changed it to one of the yellow animal jam raid penguins. i checked to see if she did it to my entire class (she did this once with barry B. benson), but she did it with on of my friends

the friend she ships me with
im dyING

14 Days ago3 comments
the game is commiting die

14 Days ago0 comments

SCS (in 34 seconds)

also i updated my "about me" on my profile

14 Days ago0 comments
so i changed my icon to sum lightbrush
because yes

15 Days ago1 comment

SCS (in 2 minutes)

ah hecc.
my hands are ready :>

15 Days ago5 comments

18 Days ago1 comment

ProfessorGreenie maybe?

18 Days ago0 comments


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