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Registration: 05/07/2013 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Jul/2018
Game Time: 6338:37 Hours
Total interactions: 6,188,700
Trainer Battle Stats: 62 won, 7 lost.
Money: 3,620,326
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


[daily complaining about shiny mega hunt because it pisses people off ♥]

Yesterday, 21:5614 comments
me whenever someone tells me they didn't know/haven't watched Free! yet

I've done a poor job of yelling over Free! lately .. gotta change that. The world must know.

Yesterday, 10:3915 comments
A month ago, I started this chain more or less on a whim. Like, I had the gems and everything but deep inside I knew I wasn't quite ready for another shiny mega hunt quite yet. I started the chain anyway. And while a month isn't that long, time-wise, I already hatched 5k+ eggs and I'm so fed up omg.

Seriously, how do people do 'early' shiny megas? Someone teach me, please. OTL

2 Days ago24 comments
Oh, I just realised today's the first day of spring. (In the Northern Hemisphere, that is.) Hello favorite season! ♥

Any fellow spring lovers around? :v

2 Days ago34 comments
I'm a very happy shark right now

And I'm not crying, stop lying.

3 Days ago15 comments
[adoptable auction] I originally planned for this one to be an addition to my own Pokémon OC collection but ehhh, I already have enough Ampharos characters, I guess. X//D So yeah, I'm putting the babe up for auction instead.

Ampharos x Togetic fusion
you may offer: PD, Water Gems, Electric Gems, Dragon Gems (underlined currency preferred)
auction ends: March 20th, 2017, 18:00 Server Time

Just a heads up that I'll most likely pick the offer I like/can make use of the best; which doesn't necessarily have to be the most valuable one.

4 Days ago9 comments
#4725 mega
#4726 shiny

can u not ):

6 Days ago7 comments
Okay. So, just so clear some things up. Just one, to be precise, but this one's rather important (to me). So, here goes.

Don't - I repeat: D O N T - call me 'bro', 'sir', or anything similar.

As it happens, there's just one person who's allowed to call me that - ever - and that's because we're idiots of fandom reasons. Apart from that, I hate people doing that. I really do.

I legitimately don't care if you misgender me (by accident) but I'd like you to respect my boundaries and wishes when it comes to not wanting to be called certain 'nicknames', ye? Ye.

(I didn't say anything during the time I went as Tetsurou as I had my gender set to male in order to 'complete' the image of the character I represented then, but now that I'm back to Liirah .. please just don't.)


8 Days ago16 comments
Third time is the charm, after all. (/^▽^)/

8 Days ago15 comments
Alright, attempt number 3 of trying to fix my internet tomorrow - let's see how that one goes down. Here's me desperately hoping.

One of the guys living next door even entrusted their spare key to me, because the main distribution box is located in their house and not in the one I live in. (Logic, what is this?)


9 Days ago12 comments
Well, I'm out of gems again.

122 eggs, two shinies. That's something at least? x'D

9 Days ago10 comments
Got my hands on some gems, which means it's time to hatch aaall them eggs. Interaction exchange? :D

9 Days ago70 comments
Tmw you hear that there's a disgustingly huge bug in your room but you can't find it. D:

Also rip mobile data. See ya again next month - you'll be missed. #slowlii

10 Days ago2 comments
Why am I not even surprised anymore.

11 Days ago10 comments
So. Today's internet guy couldn't fix whatever the hell the issue is. Knew it. He looked a little lost here and there, too, to be honest. ("What even?!", "I don't understand this, from the technical point of view it should be working.", "... That doesn't make sense. At all.")

Let's see what tomorrow's technician can do.

Sigh. Life's good.

12 Days ago5 comments
Me tbh whenever I see another "howz do i getz thiz badge" thread in Help.

I mean. Not like all of them have been revealed in, like, 500 identical threads already. Naaahhh.

13 Days ago4 comments
Sooo. My internet at home suddenly died on me on Monday and the way it seems it's not gonna get fixed until Friday .. earliest.

I kinda expect it to take longer, to be honest, because back then, when I first moved into my current flat, it took them three months and three different technicians to finally get my internet running and, in the end, no one knew what the issue was and the last technician couldn't understand why the previous two couldn't get it to run. Good times. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

15 Days ago14 comments

15 Days ago12 comments



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