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Registration: 05/07/2013 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 03/Aug/2018
Game Time: 6875:03 Hours
Total interactions: 6,620,441
Trainer Battle Stats: 63 won, 7 lost.
Money: 3,547,805
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


When you're trying your hardest not to cry over just having finished reading the follow-up book to what is probably your most favorite book ever because you are in a room full of people who not only happen to be your co-workers but your parents also .. and you just fail. And then you have to explain yourself because your Mum is looking at you in horror, and then simply laughs at you once you're finished explaining just why you started crying out of the blue there.

I'm happy ok?! D: Yes, I'm one of those horribly annoying happy criers. :'v And sad. Because ahh, favorite book(s), and (a well deserved) happy ending, but also it's over now and ughhh.

Just. Don't mind me. :'v

Yesterday, 11:3816 comments

MY Darkrai summons:
10x Red Lunar Wings
1x New Moon Map

for YOUR Cresselia summons:
Yellow Lunar Wings and Full Moon Maps

Trades will be done 1:1, and you'll receive 80,000 PD in addition. In other words, you give a Cresselia summon item and get a Darkrai summon item + 80k PD in return.

And no, I'm not trading my Darkrai summons for anything else, nor am I otherwise buying your Cresselia summons. Ain't nobody got the funds for that.

Interested? Comment here or shoot me a PP message~

4 Days ago0 comments
HONESTLY. I'm about to seriously lose it.

Why is it SO HARD to understand that when someone tells you no THAT YOU FRIGGING STOP!?

There is nothing funny about ignoring someone's wishes. You don't just keep doing what you were asked to stop doing and laugh it off. YOU STOP.


Y'all learn that, for Christ's sake.

5 Days ago9 comments
When turning this into this takes you 5-6 hours already and you then realize you're anything but close to finish the piece.

My body just hurts, in all kinds of places really. But. I want to finish the thing today. Ugh.

Also, what is food?

Questioning my life choices right now. Real hard.

9 Days ago10 comments
Royal Tunnel: Which of these is considered as a Woodpecker-Pokémon?
me: :v

Anyone else old enough to know him?

10 Days ago25 comments
Nintendo Direct spoilers in the comments.

17 Days ago38 comments
Shiny Mega Gyarados is a lie. Yep. Those 21 the Pokédex claims do exist must be fake.

On a related note, though, me and my stubborn chain made it #1 Longest Pokéradar-Chain, so yaaay. \°^°/

23 Days ago25 comments
300 shinies later ...

does this work now? XD

26 Days ago10 comments
I wear my sunglasses at night
so I can, so I can
watch you weave
then breathe your story lines


1 Month ago12 comments
Friendly reminder that ...

... you are good enough.
... it's okay to ask for help.
... people care about you.
... you deserve happiness.

(。´ ‿`♡)

1 Month ago10 comments
notes to self

1 Month ago17 comments
Liirah is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 20/02/2017

Chain: 10,000
(268 Shinies hatched so far.)

#1 longest chain shall be mine again soon! ` A´)9

1 Month ago4 comments
(つWω ̄)つ ᵖᶦˣᵉᶫˢ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ

1 Month ago22 comments
@ you

1 Month ago14 comments
Liirah is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 20/02/2017

Salt Level: 9,011
(243 Shinies hatched so far.)

1 Month ago24 comments
Okay. So. According to my notifications, I just released a shiny karp without even realizing? ಠ益ಠ)

Now the thought of it possibly being shiny mega will haunt me forever. Good job me.

1 Month ago27 comments
Well, that was unexpected.

Your Pokémon has been rated!

Rarity: +90
Talent: +83
Beauty: +45
Shiny Bonus: x1.5
Mega Bonus: x1
TOTAL: 327

That, though, not so much. I honestly expected it to be even less haha.

1 Month ago11 comments

1 Month ago25 comments



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Liirah is currently hunting Magikarp.
Hunt started: 20/02/2017

Chain: 13,582
(367 Shinies hatched so far.)

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