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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 5,366/5,851

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Trainer ID: #317067728
Registration: 12/01/2017 (5 Months ago)
Premium member until 17/Jul/2017
Game Time: 717:25 Hours
Total interactions: 405,276
Trainer Battle Stats: 0 won, 0 lost.
Money: 870,097
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


yeah I really need to stop checking the site when I wake up during the night lol had an event pokemon egg but seems like I released it with the other pokemon last night haha well now back to waiting on two eggs from this pair rather then one hehe

Yesterday, 16:290 comments
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2 Days ago0 comments
sweet the super honey lasted two nights in a row XD and I woke up to this shiny Hoppip ;o that really was some super honey heh heh

3 Days ago2 comments
neat just hatched a mega-able Carvanha from the lab ;o

5 Days ago1 comment

New week! Send rowan quests to Atalina as soon as you find them so they can get the most help!


Eisenhower has an egg-hatching quest!

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5 Days ago0 comments
#AtaHelp by Atalina

I have a Community Help Thread located here dedicated to helping the community with free services!

Note: Please don’t post in the thread. PM or PP me instead!

I can currently help with
- Dex completion
- Rowan Quests
- Obtaining berries
- Evolution trades
- Safari Zone Vivillons


5 Days ago0 comments
woah just got an Articuno egg O.o sweetsss

22 Days ago0 comments

23 Days ago0 comments
yes yes yes! my first Legend from the lab!
at first I was like why the heck does that egg look so weird... then I was like OH boy that is a zapdos XD

24 Days ago0 comments
My first shiny from the lab... a cute little Starly ;o

29 Days ago0 comments
no way... just checked the lab and there was this egg at two minutes... with rarity..... Ditto O.o; I'm glad I had room in my party haha

1 Month ago6 comments
yus I got an everstone on my Bayleef just as soon as he evolved from the front page haha good job me! XD

1 Month ago0 comments
nooooo I was chatting with someone on skype and didn't notice my Chikorita got on the front page... now it is a Meganium and useless to me... since he was going to be my Bayleef... so now I need two more eggs rather then one ugh haha

1 Month ago0 comments
woah my Pignite almost evolved on me there lol I went to the washroom and came back to find him lvl 33 O.o guess he was on the first page while I was away XD glad he didn't hit 36 or I would have to do some more breeding haha

1 Month ago0 comments

It's a new week, meaning fresh Rowan quests! Please send any you receive/find to Atalina, so that they can be added to this share-it promptly


Kikimo has an egg-hatching quest.

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1 Month ago0 comments
so just playing around with the Love Test XD and testing some friends getting like anywhere from 2% to 68% until this...
Skyrose and FireWolf1117:
They are meant to be.
Yea I do think they are pretty awesome XD

1 Month ago1 comment

Owner: Princess_Politoad
Level: 25

Next Pokémon in 4 minutes.

1 Month ago1 comment
By PokéRadar - 4 Minutes and 48 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #43)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

yus thank you PokéRadar! aww it is a female ;o

Yay! I can finally breed some pokes for my dex now!

1 Month ago3 comments
Look! A wild Hoppip () ( SHINY) is eating your honey!
GOTCHA! Hoppip was caught successfully!

Woot thank you mr honey tree for giving me something before bed XD since going to bed I normally lose my super honey to something during the night haha

1 Month ago0 comments
Skyrose is currently hunting Eevee.
Hunt started: 08/05/2017

Chain: 1
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Now lets not break this chain shall we! was over 70 before I killed it XD So no more waking up in the night and checking this site! hehe

1 Month ago2 comments


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