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Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 87/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Hoothoot (Retro))
297133,151 / 265,519
12546,447 / 47,251
684506,743 / 843,373
(Mega Candaria)
275116,277 / 136,620
Nugget Jr
28980,613 / 251,431
13350,232 / 53,467

About Me

Made a custom box for my about me since I can’t find it, if there even is one.

Hello! Found this game while looking at the profile of one of my favorite fanfic writers. (Yes it means I read fanfics) I’m your average everyday girl who’s obsessed with anime(well manga since I don’t really watch anime) I’m open to new friends if you’re willing to commit to the friendship, otherwise you may leave right through that door ^^ *points to the back button*

Favorite anime/mangas would probably be Fairy Tail, Black Butler and Hetalia (with the exceptions of some others I did not lost)

For those that know Hetalia and ship male characters together, sorry to say but I’m not one of you. ^^;; I don’t hate those stuffs in general but it makes me uncomfortable. However that is just my opinion and you’re free to ignore.

Favorite character in Hetalia is Matthew(aka Canada) if you couldn’t tell by my profile pic.

Favorite color’s green, favorite animals are rabbits.

Currently on the search for event Pokémon’s in the Auction house that I don’t have.

Also you’ll probably find me sniping cheap shiny, my pride tossed into the trash, in the auction house

If you need anything, feel free to ask, I love being able to help out ^^
but please don’t try to take advantage of me




The Broken Lost Soul

Nobody cares
They’re all unaware
That I am still here
But broken
Broken beyond repair

The silence unbearable
In this room that I am held
The pain insufferable
Abandoned by those I knew so well

I once long for light
For the hope to fill my heart
But that desire is long gone
How long since I’ve fallen apart?

I once touched a dream
But it was only a dream
A manifestation
Of what I wish I’d seen

Too tired to cry for help
Too somber to dream of hope
Too forlorn to ask for friends
Too foolish to live again

And one day they’ll remember
And come back to fetch me
But by then I’ll be long gone
Only the husk left of what I used to be

Promise (WIP)

Would you let me lead you by your side
Along this road that we call life
I promise you won’t have to cry
So promise me you would try to survive

I promise you needn’t be afraid
I’ll never let you go astray
We’ll follow the paths shown in the stars
And I’ll come with you to places near and far

I’ll take you by the hand
And lead through the night
I promise you’d be fine
We’re both there under the same sky

I’ll give you all I have
For you to cherish and protect
And expect me to do the same
For all you have and all you lack

Because a human is only as strong as themselves
When the fall they would need some help
I promise to catch you before you crash
So let me be your support when your decisions are rash

Game Records

Trainer ID: #987163015
Registration: 22/09/2018 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 372:15 Hours
Total interactions: 903,350
Money: 1,078,703
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


So...... I’ve heard that doing good deeds help you get better dreams, and I want to have a dream where I’m hugging an anime character, because hugs are nice and I love hugs <3

Friend: Stop believing everything in a manga =_=

Me: Hush, let me dream uwu Soooooo..... I decided to do something that I can, and seen others do, drop one of you characters’ down here, and I’ll pick some (around 2-3) to do (the easy ones :p) Do keep in mind that they’ll take usually around 2-3 days each since my homwork and my current art project will prioritize, but I’ll stop here and there to work on them

I’ll be picking on a basis from the first one to comment to the most recent, but that doesn’t mean it’s a completely ‘first come, first serve’ style, since I’ll only be picking ones that’d be easy and take no longer than a few hours (because that’s all that I can spare)

Today, 02:498 comments
Lately, I've been, I've been thinking
I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier ❤️

Know that I’m always here if you’re feeling down or need advice, help, or anything. I want to see you smile 。◕‿◕。

Today, 01:563 comments
Anyone having trouble sending plushies? When I go to someone’s profile, select gift plushie/go to their collection and click on a plushie they don’t have, it sends you to the shop like usual but the name of the recipient isn’t there? >.>

Today, 00:316 comments
By: Zerenity
While I am running this lottery, it is for ShyreniaRose's shiny ditto hunt.
Prizes for this lottery include:
~The Full shiny evolutionary line of Ralts
~Crystal Aron Breeding Pair
~A Retro Duo (Articuno and Marill)
~A Candaria breeding pair
The goal is to get 1/10th of a ditto, one thousand normal gems. So the only thing accepted for tickets is normal gems.
[Link to the Forum Post (Get Tickets here)]

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Today, 00:200 comments
“Shiny Dedenne/Shiny Nidoran (f)/Shiny Caterpie Plushie
20/Jan to 02/Feb

Dream Points spent: 0/400

Spend more Dream Points at the Dream World Shop and get your own Event Plushie!”

Hmmm 400 huh.... should I be expecting plushies soon? XD

Today, 00:142 comments
What is the highest level that an area (in rumbling) can get to? I’ve been constantly working on these five and they’ve all gotten to level 14-16 >.>

Yesterday, 22:164 comments

Yesterday, 16:330 comments
I'm here to share another rant : D

Can I just say I love the midterms? For my english midterm, I had to write nine paragraph worth of answers and eight multiple choice in 30 minutes. That was just fantastic. Even more so when I didn't finish the test. Let's not forget the chemistry midterm. 72 on the first part? Eh I'll live, but freaking 26 questions in 35 mins. And that's not even the best part. Wanna know? The best part was that more than half the questions require me to remember the equation, find the plugins and solve using a calculator. That's not even one and a half minute for each question. Safe to say that I left 6 of them empty. It's totally not like I wanted to pass or anything. It's not like I already hate chemistry. Yeah I hate it. I hate it

2 Days ago4 comments
To save a dying egg

Not mine, but honestly wouldn’t want it to ‘die’ I tried the game about 2 months ago but couldn’t get any clicks and thus I just gave up on the game

Belongs to her ^^

3 Days ago3 comments
*hypnotizes you*

You shall now........ WARM THESE EGGS!!!

5 Days ago7 comments
IMPORTANT if you consider me a friend

Alright, I just realized that my palpad is very disorganized. Wanting to clean it up, I want all the consider me a friend (not just because I'm on your list but that we actually talk) to message me on palpad so those conversations would move to the top where I can see them. Why this is important you ask? Because as some of you know, we haven't talked a lot nowadays, and you can blame it all on your name not being on my list of palpad contacts. Of course, I'll be going around my friendlist messaging all of you too but I'll probably miss some since there's too much names on my list due to me being naive and adding everyone who added me....

5 Days ago7 comments
Just learned my chemistry midterm starts today, not tomorrow like I thought...... welp, it was nice meeting you all ;v;

5 Days ago4 comments
Eh at least got one of the auctions

Here’s my new mega able buneary that’s probably gonna sit in my storage box collecting dust...... Dust Bunny *shoe gets thrown my way* Sorry for the bad joke *runs away*

7 Days ago8 comments
Well known personifications

- Mother Nature
- Lady Luck

Uhhhh anyone know any else? Please comment uwu

7 Days ago10 comments


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Nothing to say
Not a word can describe
The friendship we have
How the bond will last

~ SWDLove