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sin(ny) | 21yo | friendo

Pokemon Go: 2498 3832 5733
Switch: 2228-8684-7401

- produced on Jan 1st - poké fan since 2000 -
- occasionally sends random plushies -
- gifter of gems to peeps who need them uwu -

anime, youtube, books & fanfiction, writing,
blue & pink, being indoors, puppos, kitties, & birbs,
stars & constellations

frustration, ugly shiny colors, drama (depends),
spiders & bugs, fruit desserts, most food (picky)



My Eggs On Dragon Cave!


- price check post⠀//⠀ - shiny chain break?

- free avatars uwu⠀//⠀ - more free avatars

- my journal⠀//⠀ - my berry booth

- needing gems for Xerneas hunt!

deviantart - // wattpad -

toyhous.e - // gpxplus -


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Trainer ID: #198913975
Registration: 17/10/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 27/Jan/2019
Game Time: 372:21 Hours
Total interactions: 299,478
Money: 337,038
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


*finds people who are collecting certain gems*

owo what's this? *hurries to gift them gems*

Them: omg do you want something in return or?????


Yesterday, 03:403 comments
I goofed and adopted an egg I meant to scan, but luckily it's an egg I wanted XD

Yesterday, 01:578 comments
I just noticed that Ninetales and Alolan Ninetales have the same image/pose on here. I wish the Vulpix were the same since I'm not a huge fan of Alolan Vulpix's image.

3 Days ago2 comments
I started reading this manga called Enra in Hell and it’s sooooo good!

4 Days ago0 comments
I've roleplayed on Instagram for years now, but the other day, I finally announced to my friends on there that I'm done. Roleplay has always been an on-and-off thing for me. I would drift off from it because I start losing interest, then I think about it and my characters and feel like getting back into it. It has become an annoying cycle

I came to a realization, though. I may not love it as much as I used to when I was 12-ish, but I do LIKE roleplaying. Just with no strings attached. I've always been part of groups, clans and such, but those require activity (something I can't commit to these days), which doesn't help my growing disinterest. But group roleplay is the best part... I just see a clan and have a strong urge to join ;-; and I love the good pals I make. Ugh.

5 Days ago8 comments
"your pokemon left the daycare with a content smile" *awkwArd laughter*

So, yeah, I'm gonna take a break from Swinub (still not done with my set) so I can go after a shiny Solgilyph! I love it so much!! :0

Also, worship the bees in my party - cuz they have special names uwu

6 Days ago3 comments
I got into Ghost Wife on Webtoon and it's such a good series!! Creepy, but also funny and cute (-^ o^)

Judging by the comments, I think it's going to be a month before any more chapters are posted *sobs* I need my LizxDamon fix like real bad~ I really only got the app just to read this series, but I guess I can try to find something else. I Love Yoo is kinda interesting.

8 Days ago1 comment
My pup is such a clumsy dumdum. She sprained her leg after climbing on the arm of our couch to bark at whatever is outside, as usual, and slipping off the side between the couch and our Christmas tree - likely bonking her leg against something. Now she’s got a limp.

8 Days ago4 comments
My mom ignited the fuel when it comes to my passionate dislike for Christmas with the Kranks by playing the movie and saying “Why do the neighbors-“ MOM YOU HEARD MY RANT BEFORE DONT EVEN ASK XD

9 Days ago0 comments
I couldn't even-

11 Days ago7 comments
DAng it! I usually set an alarm for 10am (my time) and that happens to be before the SCE an hour ago, so I thought I would participate in that one, but my stupid body made me fall back asleep so I woke up not even a minute ago (- _-)
Hate when this happens! It's a huge time waster! ahghghg

11 Days ago2 comments
Global interaction goal:
311,299 /
140,000 interactions ✓

Your interactions:


We did pretty good on this one XD

11 Days ago1 comment
You know those "tag yourself" memes? Well, I did something like that with my Warriors characters XD

My other two faves X and X
Badger, Hinata, Stella, and Doestorm have proper biographies so you can ignore them if you choose to look at the others XD

11 Days ago4 comments
I went through a whole batch of Daycare eggs in just 10 minutes XD wowie

Unfortunately, I have nothing to hatch xD well, except for bug contest eggs

11 Days ago0 comments
I managed to snag a super cute Gothita/Stufful fusion from DA!! Can't wait to show her off once I receive the unwatermarked version!!

12 Days ago0 comments
Man, I saw this cute Torracat/Quilava/Furret(?) fusion on DA but it was sold already (/o 0o)/ aaaaAAAAAAA

15 Days ago0 comments
Hatched a shiny in time for the new year XD

Also, my brother gave me one more Christmas gift - which was delayed so now it's a birthday gift - and it's plushies of the Eeveelutions! I don't know if I have room on my bookcase lmao - my sleeping Espeon is a mom now

15 Days ago0 comments
I'm likely going to start taking caffeine pills.
Not really big on coffee, tea, whatever else, and water doesn't do me justice. I don't like it when I'm relaxing, all comfortable n stuff, and then suddenly my body is relaxed to the point where it's like "hey, you should take a nap." Naps are nice at certain times, but I fall back asleep because then I don't feel like waking up. It's just a big tease and a waste of time when I don't even wanna sleep (- _-)

15 Days ago6 comments
Just went on an adoption spree on DA (- 3-)
I wanted to expand my Warriors OCs as well as find other creatures that aren't cat, pokemon, and dog. I've got points for days XD

16 Days ago0 comments
By The_AU_Umbreon

Making another give away! All you have to do is share the hashtag #LucarioRiolu
1)Shiny Lucario and mega able riolu
2)100k pd
3)a riolu breeding pair

16 Days ago0 comments

Shiny Hunt

SINnabon is currently hunting Solgilyph.
Hunt started: 11/01/2019

Chain: 13

Hunt Slots



Prices (for each)-
- ---
- ---

Alternative Price Options (only available during the hunt)-
- Gems: 4 Dragon , 60+ Bug , 70+ Fire, and/or 60+ Ground.

- Boxes and keys equivalent to the PD price.

- Art of one of my characters
(Provide examples first! Looking for certain styles. Must be digital.)


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