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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 9,039/10,859


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
206114,448 / 127,927
704,242 / 15,878

Things to Note...

~ Zaine || 22 || Married || Self-Taught SFW & NSFW Artist || Absolute Kingdom Hearts Trash ~

Art Stuff To Remember (Not In any particular order)
~Art is now closed, please refrain from asking for commissions for the time being, thank you.
1. JadeING: Has 7 Free Art Vouchers left {0 Vouchers Redeemed}
2. ONIKITSUNE: Has 7 Free Art Vouchers left {0 Vouchers Redeemed}

Looking For:

Old Amber Fossil: 8/500
Skull Fossil: 11/50
Sail Fossil: 25/50
Root Fossil: 17/50
Claw Fossil: 15/50
Light Stone: 4/100
Dark Stone: 2/100
Latias Egg Count: 3/200
Latios Egg Count: 1/200
Light Rock: 5/200
Hard Rock: 1/200
Cold Rock: 0/200
Frozen Lava: 11/100
Grecious Orb: 3/100

My KH3 Critical Opinion

My predictions of how KH3 ended and where it'll go from here

Shiny Hunt

RoxasNuggetsXIII is currently hunting Sentret.
Hunt started: 20/02/2019

Chain: 94

Station of Serenity Shiny Shop


~Rarity: Easy

~Payment: 100k PD/63 Nuggets/2 Dragon Gems

Slot 1: ONIKITSUNE (2x No Preference Naughty Natured)
Slot 2: Miizyu (1x Male)
Slot 3: ShadowUmbreon (2x No Preference)
Slot 4: Secret~ (2x No Preference)


~Rarity: Easy

~Payment: 100k PD/63 Nuggets/2 Dragon Gems

Slot 1: Arahkan (1x No preference)
Slot 2: ONIKITSUNE (2x Naughty No Preference)
Slot 3: Keyofdestiny (1x Male, 1x No Preference)
Slot 4: Zarkesh (2x No Preference)


~Rarity: Medium

~Payment: 150k PD/ 100 Nuggets/ 3 Dragon Gems

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #594901222
Registration: 23/02/2017 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/Oct/2019
Game Time: 2558:15 Hours
Total interactions: 2,785,033
Money: 966,838
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Even after resetting my phone Google Play keeps randomly opening up. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem recently? I dunno if there's a glitch in it's recent update or if my phone is becoming more and more stupid.
Today, 09:32
Ah~ got one of my favorite shinies of all time. Saw the GTS at the right time, thank you so much!
Today, 05:00
Me: If we get an actual house we're buying a Parakeet and you can bet your bottom I'm gonna teach it to tweet The Other Promise

Friend: I'd be surprised if you didn't.
Today, 03:49
I'm convinced that when you hatch an epic shiny like a retro or legendary that your luck just gets completely sapped for the next month or so -.-
Today, 02:20
My friend brought an important issue to me after this whole being used and having a few of my pieces posted in places I did not authorize (i.e being my own art, not commissions) that I should change my signature and infuse it with the lineart. That way it'll be a lot harder for people to crop the images just to remove the watermark. I might start to just write "zaine" right inside the side of the lineart. It'll keep me just a bit more protected from people will ill intent.
Today, 01:18
100/100 Magikarp caught

Today, 00:59
*slice to the heart*

It never gets any easier when people you thought you had a great friendship with just unfriend you out of nowhere. Makes me not want to become new friends with anyone because I hate fallout…
Yesterday, 15:01
Someone messaged me on Twitter saying they absolutely adore my human characters art style OOOF <3 ;A; I've spent years trying to get my humans to look good and receiving that was the best thing I've ever gotten. I still feel a bit insecure about how I draw humans but I know they're a hell of a lot better than they used to be. I remember just a few years ago I refused to draw humans because I was absolutely horrid at them. This only proves you can only really improve if you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Never stop drawing! You may not see the improvements right away but if you look back on your art from even a year ago you'll see massive improvements. Just keep drawing, it's the best type of practice and also study how other artists you love draw, you can subconsciously pick up on tips on how to improve your own art <3
Yesterday, 05:18

Bring back what once was mine

~A wounded heart may take years to heal~

~Who we lose can feel like they're gone forever~

~But even if they're not here anymore~

~Doesn't mean they've left our side~

~And one day we will see each other again~

♡Healing♡Hope♡Peace♡I Love You♡


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