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Trainerlevel: 76

Trainerpoints: 12,264/17,403

Game Records

Trainer ID: #342589551
Registration: 23/09/2013 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Dec/2017
Game Time: 3241:08 Hours
Total interactions: 409,968
Trainer Battle Stats: 75 won, 17 lost.
Money: 575,620
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


I'm going to save up PD for more Egg storage space to eventually hunt Latias.

I am selling Shiny Mr. Bagon spots for 250k PD each to friends, and 400k for people I don't have added.

Yesterday, 03:582 comments
You should all go click Ruby*Mewtwo and help her hatch those Spring Mareep eggs!

5 Days ago0 comments
The PS4 claims I have 51.1 MBPS as a download speed, but this download says otherwise with it's 200 KBPS.

6 Days ago1 comment
Did anyone else notice that Mewton M. Meowth has a shiny sprite now?

11 Days ago4 comments
If you send me 5 Fairy and 5 Steel gems throughDelibird you can win up to 3 pokemon from this box!

If 10 people enter I'll give away 2, if 20 people enter I'll give away 3. No limit on entries! If you enter you need to comment every time you enter with the amount of entries.

12 Days ago3 comments
I have been giving away the shinies for #Shiniesforbeginners and I'm going to keep doing it for awhile as I hatch them. I said I would give away the Mega-Powered Mawile to people who share it as they hatch as well, but with the way this chain is going I'm probably going to give 1-2 out and keep the rest for future raffles.

16 Days ago0 comments
Maybe I should give up on trying to get a Shiny Mesprit and just go for Azelf. Azelf seems more common.

16 Days ago7 comments
You know you have bad lag when it pushes you to the ground and starts beating you up causing you to die when there is no enemy anywhere near you.

24 Days ago4 comments
I keep finding random people I've never talked too that have me blocked. Did I do something wrong or something?

1 Month ago6 comments
If you do not have a Shiny Mawile yet and have under 20 shinies comment here for a free Shiny Mawile from this hunt. I will give away every shiny hatched AFTER I hatch the first shiny because I owe one to someone.

You can also share this with the hashtag #ShiniesforBeginners for a chance to win a Mega powered Mawile if I hatch one. I will give away every one I hatch as long as I hatch them before the Shiny mega.

If I hatch the shiny mega before I get to everyone who comments I will not keep the chain going. The earlier you comment the higher chance you have to get one.

1 Month ago47 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Popplio hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #141)! This bad chain suddenly got very good. I've had 4 shinies in like 20 eggs.

1 Month ago2 comments
Trading Shiny Popplio spots for 2 Uxie or Mesprit vouchers! I would also take one of each~

1 Month ago4 comments

I never did click the people back like I said I would in that last feed though. I got busy so I'll do it shortly.

1 Month ago3 comments
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Popplio in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!

1 Month ago2 comments
If any of you want a challenge go to route 3 on Sun/Moon and find a level 9 Salamence with moxie.

1% chance for Bagon with a normal encounter, another 1% chance for Salamence with SOS and then finding one with moxie at level 9 and not level 10-12.

Have fun~

1 Month ago5 comments
XYORAS Second Chance Arceus codes:

NA: Arceus20
EU: Arceus2016

1 Month ago2 comments
I've been hunting celebi for nearly 2 weeks now on PFQ, and I'm only at chain 20. I really need help hatching these eggs.

Can any of you advertise my PFQ profile? I don't really have much I can offer for a raffle but I can give something away from my giveaway hoard box if you share and comment?

1 Month ago1 comment
To celebrate Pizza Reaching level 4,000, I am giving away 4,000 PD! Comment here to win this amazing prize! and a male or female mega powered Ralts.

1 Month ago13 comments
I think I lost the ability to spell correctly.

Maybe I type too fast?

1 Month ago2 comments



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