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Trainerlevel: 19

Trainerpoints: 1,038/1,101


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
21525,198 / 174,151
341406,316 / 409,695
38270,935 / 438,919
373261,444 / 418,507

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About Meh

- Katie X3 - Add me on Pokémon Go! 5604 2412 9049 - Fave food: SPAGGETTI - Fave Pokémon: Sparky, Kiera, Cutie and Shadow - Fave colour: Yellow - h a s a s e v e r e c r u s h o n a s h k e t c h u m - Fave game: Pokémon - Fave country: Japan - English

As you can see, I like Yokai Watch and the band NextHarMEOWny!

My Goals:

Catch a Shiny! ~Incomplete~
Hatch a Shiny! ~Complete~
Have a Shiny! ~Complete~
Hatch a Mega! ~Complete~
Hatch a Shiny Mega! ~Incomplete~
Fish a Shiny! ~Incomplete~

Sprites made and owned by BulbaForLife

Made by MetalHeadKendra

Made by TheRealMew

My Special Babies

Shiny Mareep

Mega-able Gyarados

Mega-able Feebas

Ducklett Retro

Chikorita Retro

Pikachu Retro


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #437870152
Registration: 21/08/2018 (5 Months ago)
Game Time: 81:46 Hours
Total interactions: 69,778
Money: 17,961
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


100? Nah what about 500? No wait I know 8k!

Wait no that's what people expect, how about 9k?

Okay so 9k it is

Hey just comment and share hatch my party and enter this givesway

It's only 9k nuggets for one winner ends at reset Tomorrow

Have fun
Yesterday, 17:53
Soooooooo... I was catching a Whismur on Pokémon Go, when it turned into a Ditto!
Yesterday, 09:25
By pokeblaster123

About 2500 army soldiers were coming to the border of India. A car with 350kg of explosives crashed the vans which took them to the border. According to the government intelligence report 40 soldiers were killed. But this is not true. 350Kgs of explosives cover about 950m which means at least 1500-2000 soldiers would have been killed. The government did not tell the exact number because it would cause a very big Commotio in the country and would bring fear among the people living in Jammu and Kashmir. Many of our soldiers are in a serious condition. So I beg of you guys to pray for them. Plz guys I beg u.

I’m so sorry for you pokeblaster123 and Sparky. I’m in England so I don’t know what is happening, hope you’re ok ;3
Yesterday, 09:17
By Kidkalamity - 37 Minutes and 34 Seconds ago.
I'm doing a valentines giveaway.
1st prize will be a mega absol
2nd prize will be 200k
3rd prize a random shiny of mine

To enter just share #kalamitysgiveaway and best of luck!
Its morning here so it will end tonight~♡

I'll add a 4th prize if more people than expected share~♡
3 Days ago
I had a scary dream last night where I sold my shiny, kikuo, for only 1000 pd! I was so scared when I woke up ;w;
3 Days ago
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Here’s a little something for yall XD
3 Days ago
Yay I keep getting loads of events from my pair XD
5 Days ago
R.I.P Boo, the world’s cutest dog. We’ll miss ya friend :’). Hope you have a nice time up there with your friend Buddy.
6 Days ago
By Blush
Welp because I so happened to get a Articuno in the spur of the moment this giveaway will also be in the spur of the moment
Ill be giving 250 nuggets to a random person and all you need to do to enter is share the hashtag #Articuno (the dead line will be on Feb the 20th )

Wiki said: "Articuno /ˌɑːrtɪˈkuːnoʊ/, known as Freezer (フリーザー, Furīzā) in Japan."
Hmm... Im not good with nicknames. So the name I will put for him/her is... Ao Tori (Blue Bird)!
6 Days ago
Click the ❤️ for an interaction exchange! ❤️
7 Days ago
My event Pokémon are two really good breeders! 5 eggs!
7 Days ago
By Sparky - 1 Hour and 10 Minutes ago.
I thought to make a giveaway
So I made this #GiveAwayAreBest
Random person will be selected who shared this hastag and will get the prize
10k pd
To do:
Just share this hashtag!
next time I will increase rate of prize. I.e. 50nuggets
8 Days ago
y MetalHeadKendra - 8 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.
#AmaaazingGrace #BeatingOak

Interact with Grace AND share this hashtag for a chance to win a Shiny Woobat + 100,000 PD!
8 Days ago
By Sparky - 7 Seconds ago.
Share this hashtag....
I not telling that herochat is dead and make it dead
I am saying you that some people told to make hero chat alive but when group chat came in palpad all forgot about herochat
Just go and check that is anyone is in herochat...
if you not found anyone except you in herochat...
then share this hashtag...
this proves the #herochatisstilldead
8 Days ago
I saw that more people are here...
Thank you!

Time for a little update


1- 200 nuggets
2- 125k (you know later will be more xd)
3- 4DG
4- 1star piece
5- some boxes and keys
6- hollow space/marine cave map ( to change)
7-enigma stone/nebula stone (to change) (or you want nebula stone for 8 place?)

Have a nice day! ^^

Sent Pidgeotto plush
9 Days ago
9 Days ago
Plz hatch my egg so I can get the event!
10 Days ago
Plz interact to hatch the egg!
10 Days ago
I have a weird feeling that everybody in the class has started to hate me ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚ probably cause I don’t play fortnite and PLUS cause I play Pokémon instead :’(
11 Days ago
By ProudWeeb - 5 Minutes and 58 Seconds ago.
Well hello! Welcome to #WeebsBirthdayBash ! So its my birthday next week on a Friday (Yes the day right after valentines day) And I have no clue what else to say other then the prizes and when this ends so...

1st Prize! 750k
2nd Prize! 500k
3rd Prize! 250k

This will end on the 15th of February umm Birthday wishes would be nice! Also its IccyWolf's birthday on the 15th too so ya know what to do

Anyway just share the # for a chance to win! Byeeee :3
12 Days ago



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Selling Ralts and Evolutions

Selling the beautiful fairy Pokémon!

100 PD each!

In stock: 8
(PM me for more information and order)

MaH fAvOrItE sOnGs

ThE bEsT sOnG oF aLl TiMe
Flamingo - Kero Kero Bonito

How many shrimps do you have to eat
Before you make your skin turn pink?
Eat too much and you'll get sick
Shrimps are pretty rich!

Nande aitsura wa pinku?
Doubutsu-en de omou to pinku
Tabemono de, sou nanda!
Jitsu wa watashi wa tarako ga daisuki
Purasu ebi kani tabeyo
Pinku iro ni naru no
Dakara minna chigau iro
Ningen-de kanchigai
Shiteru yo ne!

Black, white, green, or blue
Show off your natural hue
If you're multicolored that's cool too
You don't need to change
It's boring being the same
You're pretty either way

Baby Shark - Unknown
Baby I’m Yours - Breakbot
Dance Till You’re Dead - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Meow - 0R3O