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ooh, yay! mega stone from treasure hunt! now i just need my mega able slowyore to hatch...

7 Days ago0 comments
I need to make a cake, but my little RiverSong is asleep on my arm. She just looks so darn cute I can't possibly wake her and move her. It just wouldn't be right.

11 Days ago0 comments
*watching The Aristocats with my new little kitty.*

15 Days ago1 comment
It's Kitty Day!!!!

15 Days ago2 comments

cant sleep

picking up kitty in exactly 12 hours

whos got the fast-forward button?

16 Days ago1 comment
Shes arriving tomorrow! My little River is coming home tomorrow!!! I thought I would have to wait till Tuesday but I get to go pick her up tomorrow!!! Ahhhhhh I can't wait!!!

16 Days ago0 comments
(another kitty feed, sorrynotsorry)

I can't stop looking at Rivers photo, I wish she could have come home with me today. I have to wait until Tuesday so she has time to properly recover from being spayed. I want her nooooowwwwww.
She's just so little and cute and I just wanna give her hugs and snuggles and tell her how adorable she is.
Is it Tuesday yet?

17 Days ago0 comments
(close feeds, sorrynotsorry)

My Little RiverSong

17 Days ago3 comments
I Have A Kitten!!

She is an 8 week old, light-grey tabby and her name is River (as in River Song from Dr Who).

She only got spayed yesterday though so I have to wait a couple of days until she comes home.

I'll put a photo up soon.

17 Days ago2 comments
1 hour to go till I get to go see the kitties!

*squeals with joy and excitement*

17 Days ago2 comments
Nearly 11pm and I should be going to bed but instead I am sewing a bed for my little kitty. I had the pattern and material already, but wasn't planning on getting a kitty for another month or so, so I hadn't made it yet, and now I need it for tomorrow morning.

Also, here's my current list of names:
Male: Tennant, Gallifrey, Boe
Female: River, Sweetie, Astrid

18 Days ago0 comments
I might be getting a kitten tomorrow!!!! There's a kitten adoption event in town and they are like half the price that I was going to pay so I'm going down in the morning.
It'll just depend on whether or not any of them choose me though. I'm a strong believer in pets choosing their owners, not the other way around.
Ahhhhhh, sooo excited!!!!!

18 Days ago9 comments
I started saving my boxes and keys on Jan 1st, starting with 0. I now have 197 matched pairs, plus 103 unmatched boxes/keys. At this rate I'll have over 600 boxes to open on New Years.

I also started saving GGC from 0 on the same day, but I only have 3255 so far cause I got really slack at clicking, oopes. I'll hopefully improve during he current event though because archery.

19 Days ago1 comment
I need names of well known tv/game characters.

22 Days ago4 comments
Woohoo! Just extended my premium for another year, like the day before it was going to run out. Didn't think I'd be able to but got extra hours at work so yay!

26 Days ago0 comments
Darn it! I wish that spring sale could last just 2 more days! I'll be able to afford it this week due to extra hours at work.

Oh well, at least I'll be able to update my premium before it runs out, so that's good...

28 Days ago0 comments
My kitchen sink is currently full of rainbow coloured bubbles. I'm getting ready to run a kids art session tomorrow and I've been busy making examples.

30 Days ago0 comments
...i finished... ...the stamp orders...


30 Days ago2 comments


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