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Trainerlevel: 63

Trainerpoints: 1,969/11,969


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5,15311,980,455 / 79,675,687
(Mega Manectric)
3,05524,749,132 / 35,010,301
592503,384 / 1,316,461
1304,769 / 63,864
~Midnight Blossom~
(Flabébé (Eternal Flower))
13549,323 / 55,081
Darkrai24139,158 / 218,709

About Me

•°ONIKITSUNE | 23 | Curious Fox

•°Naughty Shiny Collector°•


• ~Winter~
• ~Spicy Dark Chocolate~
• ~Anime~
• ~Fox / Ninetails Art~
• ~Sleep~
• ~Free Naughty Shiny's XP~


• ~Beggars / Guilt Trippers~
• ~People asking to buy Things NFT
• ~Humid Weather~
~Karp Plushies= Block~

Avi By Katakuri & About me art By Cony

My lovely Art Hoard XP


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #137112297
Registration: 04/07/2015 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Dec/2018
Game Time: 4238:30 Hours
Total interactions: 246,653
Money: 728,670
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Please go Flood Coleki with Fluffy Snow Fox Plushie's for their hard work on this event!

Yesterday, 23:200 comments
~T-T~ My hand went numb from that click show down XD

Yesterday, 12:160 comments
Yay I got a red eggy!

Yesterday, 12:071 comment
Liirah Has two Adoptable Auctions going at the moment!

[Zeraora/Mega Lucario]

[Yin & Yang - Umbreon & Espeon]

Both Auctions End Tonight at 18:00 Server Time!!

Yesterday, 09:170 comments
Liirah Has two Adoptable Auctions going at the moment!

[Zeraora/Mega Lucario]

[Yin & Yang - Umbreon & Espeon]

2 Days ago0 comments
By Liirah

[character auction] this fusion of Zeraora/Mega Lucario. Check the thread for details~

3 Days ago1 comment
Thought I'd let my shiny star shiny's take a breather in my party for once XP

4 Days ago2 comments
The Curious kit is Gonna Jump in.

You know that's the best thing about art? Every artist has their own style and rate of progression in the form of media in which they choose to do art. I myself enjoy watching it being made and watching how one artists style differs from another's. You know what I do when I find art I like I try to get a piece done by them to support them give them encouraging words about their art. Am I slightly jealous of some artists talents and wish I could draw better myself sure but I'm not gonna stew over it. It's all in the growing factor of finding your own way and style.

Kit's Words Of Wisdom: Think before you put down a artist, the world would but be a blank canvas if not for the colors The artist's put on their Palette's to bring color to our world!

5 Days ago4 comments
Current Listing of hunts at The Midnight Shiny Garden Shop


Current Hunt: [Gloweon / Lumiday / Cosmoneon]: Fully Slotted!
VVV Planned Hunts: VVV
[Kabuto / Kabutops] Fully slotted till hunt starts
[Pineco / Forretress] 4 Slots

Hunts by Kimie

Current Hunt: [Rufflet & Braviary] 3 Slots
VVV Planned Hunts: VVV
[Gothita & Gothorita & Gothitelle] 4 Slots
[Oricorio (Baile)] 6 Slots

Kimie Also also has some other Shiny's Retro's / Events / Even a Mew! ready to sell on their hunt section in The Midnight Shiny Garden Shop

5 Days ago0 comments
"Ooooooh Oooooooh bad biscuits XP"

I'm never gonna be able to listen to that song the same now XD

5 Days ago2 comments
Trading for Dome Fossils

Ratio 1:1

1x Jaw Fossil
1x Claw Fossil
5x Root Fossil
4x Helix Fossil
1x Skull Fossil

5 Days ago0 comments
Katakuri Is doing a [Icon Commission Auction!] If you'd like Icon art by them go check out their last post!

If you'd like a piece of the Ninja's Art got check out Judgement [ Adoptables ] Post!

6 Days ago1 comment
Katakuri Is doing a [Icon Commission Auction!] If you'd like Icon art by them go check out their last post!

6 Days ago0 comments
69th on most shiny's I'm dying XD

7 Days ago5 comments
Yay my new art piece done By JadeING is Done!

7 Days ago1 comment
If you got 10 dragon gems check ~Nightmarewolf~'s Last Post.

If You'd like some Chibi Art check Arahkan's Last Post.

Also if you'd like Sketch art go look at the Ninja's Last Post XP

8 Days ago1 comment
If you'd Like a chance at getting Chibi art go check out Arahkan's Art Alert! Chibi's Inbound! Post!

8 Days ago0 comments
Shout out or should I said Bark out? Which ever you choose, if your an artist on here and like drawing doggo based art ImperialHound Is looking for art of a specific character / OC of their's!

Brought to you by the Curious Kit XD

8 Days ago1 comment
Note to self: Give JadeING a break after this crazy art piece is done XD

8 Days ago0 comments
If you got any spare rare candies -Treecko- Could use some to be able to beat their professor quest!

Also what's the current selling point of a Victini at the moment?[Asking out of curiosity.]

9 Days ago3 comments

Shiny Hunt

ONIKITSUNE is currently hunting Gloweon.
Hunt started: 06/08/2018

Chain: 32
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

Hunt Info!

My Current hunt!

[Gloweon / Lumiday / Cosmoneon]: Fully Slotted!
For more hunts by Me or Kimie

Check out >>>The Midnight Shiny Garden Shop
^^^All artists who have done a art commission for me will get a discount of 10 or 20% off / Future art commissions with count towards the discount as well!

Shiny's I'm waiting on from Doopliss x26, x3N M/R Nexanda,
Shiny's discounts owed: 50k discount to Nexanda

^^^ By Cony

Art on this Page
I own all the art viewed on my page, all the art is done is by the respected users who each piece has been labeled with underneath their name with each lovely piece of art they've have done.

So Please Do not use any of my art in my art whether it be my avatar/signature/Art Hoard/Hunt Info/About me/Anywhere on my page XP
Thank you ~From The Curious Kit XP

By Cony

Friend's Shiny-Shops