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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 8,854/9,129

Game Records

Trainer ID: #137112297
Registration: 04/07/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 10/Nov/2018
Game Time: 2741:31 Hours
Total interactions: 176,944
Trainer Battle Stats: 24 won, 7 lost.
Money: 227,591
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Everyone please take the time to send Aozora_no_Ange a plushie with nice message to her ^_^

Today, 19:010 comments
To the Staff Only:Keep your eyes open and your ears alert around restart if I get either of the Vivillon from berry battle I'll be making a post about it for one of you who doesn't have either of them to claim it ^_^

Today, 11:220 comments
So for this shiny event hunt I do think I'll hit a few shiny before I hit the naughty shiny which is the one I want so I will have a waiting list of 4 max the first place already being taken by cony so that leaves 3 slots left on the waiting list keep in mind the waiting list is for because if I hatch naughty shiny the hunt ends plain and simple. Price wise high end of what Pc has it listed for [800k/+] or more depends on how long the hunt is. ^_^

Today, 10:362 comments
Thank's to everyone that helped me hatch all the non event eggs before starting on the event ones.[I'm stubborn okay XD]

The quest for a naughty shiny Frosty Kecleon has begun!?!? XD[I'm that crazy XD]

Today, 09:123 comments
[close feed]
*Points to last feed* Staff Only

Today, 08:481 comment
Shout out to the staff on site first to comment gets the shiny I just hatched for Free XP

Today, 08:3714 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Kecleon hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #82)!
XD my dear you are very promising for when I hunt the event XD

Today, 08:263 comments
By Aozora_no_Ange

If you want pokemon from my boxes, feel free to palpad me ^^

Today, 05:350 comments
Everyone please take the time to send Aozora_no_Ange a plushie with nice message to her ^_^

Today, 04:480 comments
By Emera Square - Now.
Results of yesterday's Berry Battle:

You scored Rank #73 with 10 Hoenn Tonic(s). Good job!
You won 500 Festival Points!

I was lazy today XD

Yesterday, 23:590 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Kecleon hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #70)!
Oh look another one xD

Yesterday, 23:502 comments
By Meatball

*points to previous feed*

Nugget giveaway thingy ends in a few hours

Yesterday, 23:171 comment
Interaction exchange? I got a few event eggs in daycare so I wanna hatch all the non event ones as fast as I can.

Yesterday, 21:256 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Kecleon hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #54)!
I hatched one just as I maxed the 8 egg storage I have for event eggs XD

Yesterday, 00:570 comments
If you Want a Vivillon (Poke Ball) but don't have one Go check out Kelp's last post^_^ >..< bbcode fail

2 Days ago0 comments
selenity Needs a mega stone for her newly hatched shiny mega if your selling a mega stone please contact her ^_^

2 Days ago3 comments
By Emera Square - 4 Hours and 47 Minutes ago.
Results of yesterday's Berry Battle:

You scored Rank #6 with 61 Hoenn Tonic(s). Good job!
You won 2,275 Festival Points!
You also won a Special Reward! Please claim it at the Berry Battle.

2 Days ago1 comment
Yay I got the colorful butterfly XP

2 Days ago2 comments
o-o *Rubs eyeballs and looks at GT again* I see a 2k nugget offer for one of the new pokemon unless my eyes are playing tricks on me XD

3 Days ago6 comments
By LightningGoddy

Because i hatched my shiny heatran im giving away
30 heatrans
Also 100 nuggets to a lucky user
And a megastone to another user
1 heatran per user
Just post #freeheatran
And you may get a heatran
Share this for a better chance to win

3 Days ago0 comments



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Shiny Hunt

ONIKITSUNE is currently hunting Frosty Kecleon.
Hunt started: 24/09/2017

Chain: 13
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

READ BEFORE ASKING ^_^ Shiny hunt info VVVV
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Both the Avatar and art in about me I Own. It was done by Cony So Please do not use ! ^_^

1. Trade/GT: Offer on GT trades don't message me Before/After doing so.
2. Please Do Not If something is for sale////ask me if I wanna buy things off you //// Or Give you Pd ^_^
4. Pokemon In my Vulpix Den and Trade box are up or trade/sale any other box do not ask. ^_^
5. Please do not copy my shiny hunt slot format word for word make your own please.
6. Free free to add me I won't bite.... too hard XD
Shiny's I'm waiting on from , Doopliss x26,
Shiny's owed: 125k discount to Nexanda
Art I'm waiting on x1 Cony, x1 Pein, x1 Requiem
HOLD: Shiny Frosty Kecleon for Cony


Current Shiny Hunt Info VVVV
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So ya I decided to shiny hunt Frosty Kecleon XD

Shiny slot wise it will be a waiting list of 4 max cony has first slot

1.) x1 Cony
2.) x1 strawberrie
3.) X1 GetsugaTenshou

[Keep in mind the waiting list is only if I hatch shiny's before the naughty shiny because once I get that shiny hunt is over.]
You can also pay with nugget equivalent but would like if you pay up front ( pm me first to confirm) before sending ^_^
(do not copy my format please ask before or I will ask you to change it)

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