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Trainerlevel: 83

Trainerpoints: 19,673/20,749

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Trainer ID: #227454095
Registration: 01/02/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 26/Feb/2018
Game Time: 3775:11 Hours
Total interactions: 292,158
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 1 lost.
Money: 810,235
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


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335 nuggets still on sell so far top bid 519k

outbids 1k+

Today, 13:480 comments
so july for me will be so busy

first 10 days trip with son to Phuket later 3 days trip to chicago and later 3 weeks pokemon go camp i make with friends for 500 people fun fact we pay than make others pay to go on camp

Today, 13:440 comments
Wow premium raid pass seems to be so cheap on serebii it show that its worth only 10 pokecoins

Today, 08:524 comments
Raids in pokemon go for now are only for players with higher lvl than 35 such a bs...

Today, 08:291 comment
335 nuggets on sell for pd

throw me offers on pal pad

Yesterday, 13:271 comment
Soon in pokemon go legendary hunts (codes are ready in current pokemon go version but not active yet)

You will need legendary raid pass to go for legendary raid

2 Days ago0 comments
Its 5am so time for summary how creative last night was

Had to work a bit at programming and sleep

But nothing of that was done xD spent night on...

Play into light and dark, watch funny videos with friends on skype and stream and eat xD

2 Days ago0 comments
thinking about get dog as my friend have few little puppies but im almost all day in work so no one could take care about it

2 Days ago1 comment
after get back from work will play into light and dark cbt so will be pretty busy at evenings and nights of coming days xD

2 Days ago0 comments
who plays into master x master? its moba style game but its pretty cool (for me much better than lol or dota xD)

2 Days ago0 comments
I wish that pokemon go could be more like ordinal scale from sao it could be epic ar universe xD

3 Days ago1 comment
need to remember that i should download today MasterxMaster as tomorrow starts open beta xD

3 Days ago0 comments
Congratulations! A shiny Farfetch'd hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #65)!

finally hunt done xD now 1k buneary to hatch because of friend

3 Days ago2 comments
pokemon go
The next big update has been announced for Pokémon GO. This update alters Gym Battles and adds new Raid Battle features. First Gyms will now give items, just like PokéStops and now have six different slots for each Gym. Each Pokémon has to be a unique species. Each Pokémon has motivation and as it wins or loses, its CP will temporarily decrease. If all motivation is lost, it returns to the trainer. There are now also GO Badges which get levelled up by battling, spinning the Gym disc and giving berries to Pokémon in the gym.

more in comments

4 Days ago9 comments
Lmao in friday is fathers day in poland it will be 3rd year since its holiday for me as father xD

5 Days ago0 comments
Wow that ah with hylian cubone... 100k 200k 500k o.O during event i wouldnt pay more than 10k for one xD

5 Days ago2 comments
Answer to quiz is 1.5 year old when tried first time a beer no one guessed but were close to

5 Days ago5 comments
Im waiting for the day when we get shelter instead of tall grass or both xD

5 Days ago0 comments
So tomorrow when ill get back to home ill need to fix my vr googles xD

5 Days ago0 comments
what if route 53 will get upgrade when oricorios come out and you will be able to throw to hives cutiefly to make necatars for oricirio form change xD

5 Days ago3 comments



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