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Trainerlevel: 83

Trainerpoints: 1,187/20,749

Game Records

Trainer ID: #227454095
Registration: 01/02/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 26/Feb/2018
Game Time: 3722:20 Hours
Total interactions: 289,557
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 1 lost.
Money: 260,861
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


ok so time to quit

if you want to stay in contact with me

or channel

Markus Dokku

Markus Dokku (Dokku as avatar)

and email

[email protected]

18 Days ago7 comments
Heard somewhere that first legendary event in pokemon go will happen in japan

Hope it will be in other countries as well as it would be super lame if not

18 Days ago1 comment
Tomorrow ill throw on profile contact options with me

18 Days ago0 comments
Pokémon GO

A new event has been announced for Pokémon GO. Starting from tomorrow afternoon and lasting through to May 8th, Grass-type Pokémon will have an increased amount of spawns. This is the only effect of this small event and we'll post when it begins so be sure to check back

19 Days ago7 comments
If you want any of my pokemon that isn't in giveaway box comment here or pal pad which would you like

19 Days ago21 comments
so gems sent to Leapy proof

19 Days ago3 comments
Ok nuggets out 1 less thing to do

19 Days ago1 comment

new event pokemon egg

19 Days ago2 comments
Already saw new event and its looking pretty cool

Bless ph database xD

19 Days ago4 comments
And 4th may begun in my time zone i hate star wars day but cant help it that i have birthday in same day

19 Days ago1 comment
from tomorrow starts my afk status on ph all i will do is get eggs from daycare and talk on pal pad

20 Days ago0 comments
that moment you think about shiny mega hunt without gems just to troll friend which failed on this hunt xD

20 Days ago1 comment
lol less than 24h ago shiny zorua from lab now shiny oddish from lab

21 Days ago2 comments
Check my prev feeds about shiny wish

Im waiting with decision which to hunt till x2 day

21 Days ago0 comments
to my prev feed

it can be any pokemon no need for it to be shiny from my boxes xD

21 Days ago0 comments
does anyone have shiny wish?

no shiny megas/shiny legends/shiny unown/shiny ditto/shiny events

if so pal pad me and i may help you fullfill it for free

21 Days ago1 comment

Charizard because of look

Magmortar because of possible move sets

22 Days ago0 comments
3 days to go till special day

Lodomir cant wait for this day to come

22 Days ago0 comments
bored as f so ill sleep during trip xD after all its 2am xD

22 Days ago0 comments



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Lodomir is currently hunting Elgyem.
Hunt started: 22/05/2017

Chain: 39
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