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Trainerlevel: 78

Trainerpoints: 1,044/18,329

Game Records

Trainer ID: #118028868
Registration: 13/06/2014 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Sep/2018
Game Time: 3313:51 Hours
Total interactions: 1,740,450
Trainer Battle Stats: 4 won, 0 lost.
Money: 5,090,214
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Take a look if you’d like to win a Zapdos and lots of gems :3

9 Days ago0 comments
Oh god I just got that one from Rowan, could you help me please? ;w; I'll feed berries back <3

29 Days ago13 comments
Seems like I'm too dumb to use the new Tall Grass system o_ô
I either get "very close" or the next one "shouldn't be far away" jfc I'm chasing a single egg for 6 hours now

1 Month ago9 comments
By PokéRadar - 15 Minutes and 33 Seconds ago. Congratulations! A shiny Pyukumuku hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #42)! Yay <3

1 Month ago10 comments
totally not gracefully stolen from -Tobi-
Comment for a honest opinion, if I don't know you it will end up pretty random c': ♡

1 Month ago43 comments
Tfw you got the last remaining Pudding Berliner (it's kind of a french pastry) at the bakery (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

1 Month ago3 comments
Having dinner while watching the first episode of The Walking Dead season 7 maybe wasn't the best idea. But hey, at least I started it right.
Not that I haven't got stuff to do. Like wrapping gifts and writing those cards and meh, here I lie and watch those zombies c':

2 Months ago0 comments
To have more happy moments and spend time with my friends ♥️ Also I really hope they're going to like what I got them owo

2 Months ago0 comments
When you try doing the advent calendar task at work and a coworker stops at your door wondering about the loud clicking noise.

And I just stare back like "ohhey, I'm just really busy doing stuff nothing to see herewillyoujustgonowgod" :'D

2 Months ago5 comments
By PokéRadar - 33 Minutes and 54 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Vulpix (Alolan) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #71)! And it’s male ♥️

2 Months ago7 comments
Could you help me hatching it? I'll return with berries :3

5 Months ago13 comments
When all you do is vomiting your guts out since morning and Tobey asks what about having breakfast Wednesday.
Yeah, let me think about that again after I was able to not have today's breakfast saying hello again x'D

6 Months ago6 comments
Omg chain 3668...Finally I'm done, she's gorgeous ;w; ♥️

6 Months ago33 comments
So there's Shaymin again and like always I start reading messages from long long time ago
And I hatched a mega able just before a shiny, not sure if it's a good sign or a hint for endless suffering ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6 Months ago4 comments
I'll start sending plushies to friends when I have enough DP for the shiny Mew, meanwhile let me know what you'd like :3 Please just comment if we ever talked (even if ages ago, I know I rarely chat those days rip) or know each other at least a little

7 Months ago5 comments
Ohh, I hatched a shiny retro Togepi >w< ♥️

7 Months ago9 comments
By Anniversary - 4 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 3 Years now!
→ Claim your gift

It's actually tomorrow but wow, I feel old xD I miss some people from way back then, but also I'm happy about all of the friends that are still here ♥️

8 Months ago7 comments
- A lot of plushies, especially fluffy white alpacas
- Some diaries I kept myself when I was a teenager
- A weird letter I received when breaking up with a guy years ago
- Some cute framed drawings on the wall I got from close friends
- A whole drawer of gift wrap paper that I have trouble closing

10 Months ago11 comments
While I always ended up with the ENFJ/protagonist type of personality (I guess we all know that one) I came up with ISFJ/defender here xD Maybe I'm just something between, since I'm all extrovert when socialising but I wouldn't really start it or try to get to know someone when they're not in front of me, idk :'D I'm not shy at all, but I mostly just don't feel the need and keep to the ones that are already close to me, even more when real life keeps me busy enough.
That's also why I really hesitate to start new friendships/conversations, but I'm mostly pretty happy when having someone to chat every now and then.
But I always end up feeling responsible to keep the convo going or reply fast and feel bad when I can't. Oh well .w.

11 Months ago11 comments
So I reached the max chance for this chain of pain golden birds xD I'll list all the shinies and mega-ables here :3

11 Months ago139 comments



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