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My kid just graduated 5th grade >.<

'Congrats again Super_Blake!!

Today, 14:354 comments

Yesterday, 22:013 comments
By techno314 -


Alright, lets get this raffle started. I am giving 800 nuggets. All you have to do to enter is share this feed and that is it. Everyone who enters only gets 1 ticket and cannot get more. Good luck.

Yesterday, 11:270 comments
Glad I got the special map... but trying to increase my stash of these berries is a slow death. I know I wont make it on the board today, so going to shoot for tomorrow and spend today growing my stash.

Yesterday, 01:550 comments
Interaction Exchange?

2 Days ago2 comments
Your Party is currently under the effect of the harmonic sound of a flute.
This sound will stop in 7 Hours and 21 Minutes.

You are currently wearing a Mega Cuff.
Its effect will stop in 1 Day and 5 Hours.

My Daycare Flute already stopped 2 days ago(could have been 3?). I'm still trying to save up for a ditto so I don't wanna spend a bunch of pd, and not sure if I have anything to sell for nuggets

2 Days ago0 comments
Just put more FREE Hoopa in GTS ^.^

3 Days ago1 comment
My 50th Egg! Please warm ^.^

5 Days ago4 comments
Ahhhh. 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why is on Netflix~!

I gotta find time to watch it. *Looks at current 'Need to Watch' list* ... It'll take some time.

5 Days ago5 comments

OMG. They have a FRIENDS version of CAH! I neeeeeeeed it!

5 Days ago3 comments
So, a quick question about Event Passes...

If you fill your egg storage before you hatch your shiny- do those eggs disappear?

11 Days ago7 comments
Lannister is on the lookout for Dark Stones or Light Stones.
Offering: 200 nuggets or 300K PD each.

If interested just set up private ^^.
Also, share this feed everyday to stand a chance to win Riolu sets(2×Shiny Riolu+1 Mega-able Riolu) and many more awesome prizes to be added soon......
More Prizes have been added.
For every 10 Dark Stones I buy. A random user who shares the feed wins:
Riolu Set+200 Nuggets+300K PD. So a bit of everything <3

|Share The Feed|
PS: Lannister would totally take donations for these noble cause.

Found you trades in GTS ^.^ offered 1 of each.

11 Days ago0 comments
~*Happy Mother's Day*~
To all the PH Mom's out there whether your kids have 2 legs, or 4 furry ones!

11 Days ago2 comments
I think my next SM hunt will be Steelix. I can't find a mega-able anywhere and still need a 2nd shiny, so why not? I'm still looking for a mega-able Kangaskhan too, those are the last two non-event mega-ables I need.

I'm soo close! It will take awhile to collect all the Mega Stones I still need to evolve them all, but I'm getting there ^.^

14 Days ago2 comments

I'm so fortunate to have wonderful friends like you all ;_; <3

19 Days ago0 comments
*Nervous laugh*

So, about that post at the beginning of the month to keep me accountable... I guess I'm supposed to officially start my sequel tomorrow. I held off re-reading the last chapter of my book for like a week, and instead read a different book and got like 4 more from the library, so it's not like I can't start it.

Ok guys!

What should my daily writing goal be? 1,000 words? 2 pages(Ill be using Word)? You guys decide- Please be reasonable!

24 Days ago4 comments

-I really wish there was an option to add an Auction to a "Watch List". I don't visit AH alot, but there are times I go an see something I want but it doesn't end for like 17hrs-4 Days, by that time I've usually forgotten about it. Maybe even be able to set Notifications for it (to remind you 24 hrs/1 hour/15 mins before it ends):

By Auction House -

This is a reminder that one of the Auctions you have on your WatchList is ending soon! This Auction will end at: 18:25:00 on 30/Apr/2018.

View Auction

-I would love to see the Event Shop have a Discount day. A single Uncommon Event egg cost 200 nuggets- So say like a LoveMeter thing; so many event eggs need to be hatched on site to earn a Discount Day where those Uncommon eggs would be dropped to 150/100 Nuggets. I think the Event Shop would see alot more action.

28 Days ago3 comments
Random Thoughts of The Day

-I still have never caught a shiny on the Honey Tree; even though I've been using it (yes with super honey), every day.

-I wish you could click on the images in your Pokeradar History and it would take you TO the shiny pokemon itself.

-We still really need some sort of tracker for Mega-Able hatches like the shiny radar; or even a simple Notification: By PokéRadar - Congratulations! A mega-able '????' hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #86)!

-Why do Event Eggs cost SO much!?

-I may post these every so often, just for fun.

29 Days ago4 comments
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 5 (Rating: 8.15)
Photo #2 - Rank 8 (Rating: 7.95)
Photo #3 - Rank 15 (Rating: 7.75)
Photo #4 - Rank 45 (Rating: 7.46)
Photo #5 - Rank 133 (Rating: 6.50)

Woah!! 3 in the Top 20! And guess no one wanted the Easter one XD

1 Month ago2 comments



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