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Trainerlevel: 50

Trainerpoints: 3,174/7,549

Game Records

Trainer ID: #926058766
Registration: 03/08/2013 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 2137:23 Hours
Total interactions: 590,133
Trainer Battle Stats: 587 won, 462 lost.
Money: 301,098
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Okay, does somebody know what are the odds to get a Black Mystery Key or a Waiter Dress? I'm going crazy with those @.@

16 Days ago6 comments
Would you mind checking this suggestion, please ^^?

2 Months ago0 comments

For everyone who reads this, you have to know that I'm not a Moderator of the site since last year xD

There's still people asking me questions regarding the site (I don't have any problems about this ^^) with them not knowing I'm not a Moderator. If you have any questions, obviously you can ask me, but remember that you can find the actual Moderators on this link

Btw, Pokemon Sun/Moon questions related, go directly to the Mods, I've not played them yet >.<

6 Months ago10 comments
Happy New Year, PokeHeroes ^_^!

6 Months ago1 comment
Congratulations! A shiny Fiesta Larvesta hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #86)!

I swear, I almost spit my coffee xD!

6 Months ago13 comments
To all the people who has final exams soon:

I'm not a good student and I don't know how I passed, but I did. Even when it was the most stressful year of my life and I couldn't stand anymore, if I could, you can do it a lot of times better than me. Just take your time studying, be patient and have hope. I know it's hard, but I don't think there's another way.

You all have my most sincere support ^^

7 Months ago2 comments

Probably that laptop I had for almost 8 years. It's been the most useful thing I've got ever xD

A pity it broke, but well, I didn't expect it to last that amount of time

7 Months ago0 comments
Interactions made: 10,459

Got the Mimikyu. I'm done

*falls to the floor*

8 Months ago4 comments
Yesterday I finally could obtain the Griseous Pearl, now I just need 3200 candies for a Mimikyiu ignore how I wrote it, but I'm only able to interact at night, so I don't know how many hours I need/will be left for me to click xD

8 Months ago3 comments
Which username did I have when we first started talking?

- KevinXDE
- KevinXDE
- KevinXDE
- KevinXDE
- KevinXDE


8 Months ago5 comments
Doing nothing else than clicking because the Halloween event is ending >.<

8 Months ago0 comments
One of my photos got into rank 29 o.O

8 Months ago2 comments
After a few days, I finally was able to restore all the files and stuff I lost when my laptop broke

It has been a headache though xD

8 Months ago1 comment
Is that Mega Giratina oficial? It looks SO cool!

9 Months ago2 comments
"Help!! A little kid! Please have mercy!"

I knew they were evil >.<

9 Months ago0 comments
I'm really scared of little kids, no joking

9 Months ago0 comments
Trying my best in order not to get spoiled anything about Sun and Moon. Really, I think I haven't done such a difficult thing in my life xD

9 Months ago2 comments
Pal pad is open for everyone again

9 Months ago0 comments
First Shiny on Route 53 :3

1 Year ago11 comments
4th day learning German and I already love it xD

1 Year ago6 comments


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