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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 2,594/5,333

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Trainer ID: #453981844
Registration: 21/05/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1112:15 Hours
Total interactions: 897,153
Money: 166,338
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


I won't be on for a while. I'll be back at the beginning or middle of April. Bye.

17 Days ago2 comments
I put my vent on the wrong thing,sorry.

17 Days ago0 comments
I have an appointment in April for a check up with my social worker and I just want to cosplay there for absolutely no reason,AH!

18 Days ago0 comments
I see recently that I have been negative. I’m sorry,i’m Not a very happy person and Even though I try,it’s never enough. I Think I am a pessimist,but I don’t know. I may seem happy and okay,but I fake it. I don’t like wearing my mask,it’s hard to keep a happy face,knowing suffering never ends in this world. I was so happy when I was younger,what happened? What happened!? Well,we get negative things in our life! The world doesn’t want us to be happy,but miserable! That’s what happened! I need time alone now. I am just overthinking again maybe...please don’t care about me. I am just not worth anybody’s time.

19 Days ago2 comments
Took an 3 hour nap and just remembered why I’m angry right now. My psychologist decided to tell me it’s my Anixety causing this. How does she know?! I wanted to see my other psychologist,not her. She doesn’t understand that I match 2 disorders and trying to get it diagnosed but no! She blamed it all on my Anixety! That’s very nice to tell me that my Anixety causes everything! I want to cry for nothing again,ugh...

19 Days ago0 comments
My computer stopped working and I got a new tablet but my interacting is slow on my tablet. Why cruel world whyyy

22 Days ago1 comment
Interaction Exchange?

27 Days ago8 comments
Interaction Exchange?

29 Days ago3 comments
Now, I'm super scared, I saw a Snake on a TV show and I was backing up but I couldn't back up more because I am already close to the wall. I feel like there's one in my blanket and I need something to distract me please ;-;

29 Days ago5 comments
I tried to touch my phone just now but my mind is telling me that it is infected with germs or a weird smell. My dad had to clean our new van because of my phobia, OCD and I know it's clean because I went in there Just fine. Now,My OCD keep taunting me

29 Days ago0 comments
*Looks at TV schedule* wait..is that?! TweekxCraig Episode! *Fangirls so much that I ran out of breath and kind of died for a second.* (Seriously this actually happened yesterday and today.)

1 Month ago2 comments
*Looks at chocolates my dad bought me and my sisters* My beautiful darlings~

1 Month ago2 comments
By Valentine Cards - 14 Minutes and 4 Seconds ago.

Valentines Event:
You have a new Valentines Card. An anonymous one, how exciting!

Wonder who could of sent this :3

1 Month ago2 comments
I want someone to hug me and tell me that one day I'll find love,but it's not gonna be possible, no one would love the real me.

1 Month ago2 comments
My parents are fighting and screaming at each other again, great way to start my afternoon.

1 Month ago1 comment
I just freaked out over my dad touching my headphones and saying it was greasy. Ugh! I hate the way I think, I took my meds every day,but it doesn't work, I've told both of my parents that,but they didn't listen! You know what's the best part!? My dad said I have to get over that! Hahaha! You think I can get over this dad like that, It is not easy having to deal with three mental illnesses,no,I'll say 5 maybe,while you have 1 mental illness! How is that fair?! Now excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep...

1 Month ago1 comment
Trying to draw while having twitches is hard.

1 Month ago1 comment
So, I went to Austin yesterday day (because we had to get a new car there.) and freaked out in front of people. This proves that my mental health is declining more bad than usually. How am I gonna get a job or ever do anything normal again? I had to take my pills again, didn't want to but didn't have a choice, my appetite is again bad. My mind is just a very broken place right now and I can't fix myself anymore...

1 Month ago6 comments
Have to go now,wish I didn't have to take my computer and phone but school...Goodnight.

1 Month ago0 comments
Starting to panic,I really don't want to go,not now,not ever but my grandma is sick.
Kind of wished she lived in another place than New York.

1 Month ago1 comment



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About Me

~Holly/Storm/Grey/Rain~17 Yr Old~Aromantic~Tomboy~

~You spend half of your life trying to fall behind
You're using your headphones to drown out your mind
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can't remember; you try to move your feet~

Hi,I'm Holly (not my real name but I don't like to share my real name.)

I like dark stuff and I act like a boy more than a girl,so pretty much Tomboy.

I love to sing, play video games, play with my dogs,draw,and watch YouTube videos.

I am in many fandoms.

My favorite pokemon is now Rowlet! He/she is so adorable!

I like to imagine a lot,so I many stare into space sometimes.

My oc's are my children,say anything mean about them and I'll get mad!

I have many flaws...Depression,Anixety,Phobia,and OCD.

We can be friends,but please remember, before you add me,that I get nervous whenever I talk to anyone.

Please don't ask me to date you,for some odd reason,I can't fall in love anymore.



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